Arrow: Blast Radius (2×10)

Synopsis: Oliver tries to stop an Anti-government protestor who’s been carrying out a series of bombings.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Here we are at the second half of Arrow season two. The midseason finale left us on an excruciating cliff-hanger (well those who had to wait all those weeks, luckily for me I didn’t watch the episode 9 for ages so I didn’t have to wait, ahahah.)Roy was injected with Mirakuru, we found out that Slade is alive and after the Star Labs explosion Roy was struck by lightning.

Now, 5 weeks on from those events Oliver has been scouring the streets for anyone who knows something about the man in the skull masks who has the Mirakuru. And he’s becoming highly volatile with the lack of progress. As viewers this is frustrating for us too because while we know that it’s Sebastian Blood he doesn’t and watching him search for the man while he’s so close to him is painful. In other news Felicity has gone to Central City to be with Barry, who’s been in a coma all this while.

Another person who really should be watched over is Laurel as she’s still popping pills, even at work. But despite this fact she’s still sharp as ever and has become suspicious of Sebastian. After finding out that he has some relationship to Cyrus Gold she has investigated into him.

At Verdant Thea arranges a political rally for Sebastian and Laurel attends it with him as his date. Oliver notices and he mentions to her that she’s been spending a lot of time with Sebastian. He doesn’t act jealous when he brings it up, which for me is some much needed character development.

Blast Radius

Meanwhile an anti- government protestor blows up a building. The Hood swoops in to help out and inside the burning building he rescues a man trapped under fallen debris. The next day Felicity returns to Starling City after hearing about the bombing and is on hand to reach out to Quentin to ask for pieces of the bomb so that Team Arrow can try and find the bomber.

Laurel visits Sebastian at his office to ask about his relationship with Cyrus and he explains to her that he was a preacher at his orphanage. He also tells her about how when he was younger his mom killed his dad, which resulted in Sebastian becoming an orphan. When he leaves his office Laurel steals a glance at a letter on his desk with the name Maya Resik written on the top.

Thea tries to get Roy to talk to her as she feels that he’s been acting different. Though he refuses to open up about what’s been going on with him he does make sure she knows how important she is to him. Soon they’re making out against a crate against a rack and a box of glass falls down on top of Roy and a shard of glass gets pierced in his arm.

Quentin meets with The Hood and gives him the bomb pieces, then he asks for a favour of his own as he’s trying to find the mole inside the police department who let Cyrus know about the police raid. Suddenly another bomb goes off close by and Felicity tracks the mobile bomber and gives Oliver instructions so he can follow the guy on his bike. The plan doesn’t work out, however, and Oliver loses him. Back at HQ Oliver gets angry at Felicity and accuses her of not having her head in the game. Furious she storms off. Diggle tells him that he only started having a problem with Felicity’s work after she met Barry Allen. And finally we get someone close to Oliver bringing up his (possibly romantic?) feelings for Felicity.

At Laurel’s request Quentin investigates into Maya Resik, after she couldn’t find any record of Maya’s existence. He tells her that Maya is Sebastian’s aunt, and only living relative, and that he’s paying her bills for her stay in a psychiatric hospital.

Blast Radius

After the series of bombings in Starling City Sebastian organises a rally to bring the city together. The Hood pays him a visit to persuade him to call it off as it could be dangerous for the citizens who show up but Sebastian declines.

Felicity manages to track the bomber’s computer and Oliver goes to locate it while Diggle goes to the rally to scope things out. Oliver runs into some trouble with motion detectors and a bomb but comes out unharmed. He tells Felicity to go to the rally and help Diggle diffuse the bombs. Diggle finds the bomb’s trigger, and when Felicity is about to try and disarm it, the Bomber shoots at them and the bullet hits Diggle. At the sound of the gunshot the entire rally dissolves into chaos. During the confusion Moira is almost crushed by a steel bema but Roy manages to hold it up with his superhuman strength, much to Thea’s amazement, and save her.

arrow blast radius

Eventually Oliver stops the bomber with a single arrow and everyone is safe once again.

In Verdant Thea confronts Roy about his unbelievable feat of strength and he makes up an excuse about adrenaline. Then Thea notices that he doesn’t have a cut on his arm from before he says he heals fast (everyone on this show really needs to work on their excuses. Heals fast? You’re not on teen wolf anymore).

At Arrow HQ, after Diggle goes home to rest, Oliver finally apologises to Felicity for his behaviour. He also tells her how much he needs her and Diggle’s help and that rather than being a simple employee she’s his partner. The frosty tension between them subsides and they’re friends again. Oliver tells her that she should be there when Barry wakes up and when she bemoans the fact that the one guy interested in her is in a coma he suggests that he might be dreaming about her (Oliver you cheeseball).

During the flashbacks to the island Slade buries Shado. Oliver feels guilty about not telling him the truth but what actually happened but Sara stops him before he can say anything. She warns him against it since now the Mirakuru is in Slade’s system he’s have changed. Her warning isn’t unfounded as after a disagreement between her and Slade, he attacks Oliver when he gets in his way and is surprised by his own actions. Later at night Ivo contacts Sara and tells her that he’d trade her freedom as well as Oliver’s and Slade’s for the Mirakuru but Slade’s disappeared with it.

The last few moments show Laurel visiting Maya and she finds out that Blood is actually her son. As Maya warns Laurel about Sebastian The Hood is paying him a visit and agrees to work alongside Sebastian to save the city.


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