UPDATE: The Fancy pattern Vivillon will be available as a mystery gift until July 31st to anyone who signs in online and gets it. So get it while you can!


I have miraculously completed my Vivillon collection. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. Despite the odds I managed to track down all eighteen international patterns. It took a grueling effort on my part and over 110 hours of game play – an ungodly amount of which was spent stalking the Vivillon section of the GTS. But eventually it all paid off.

My obsession – which has consumed my life for basically the last two weeks entirely – can now taper away. Though I am only like four or five patterns away from having a second full set so… No, Sam. Stop. Having accomplished the impossible, I know how hard the process can be so I decided that I wanted to do what I could to help. I know that a lot of people are still having some problems completing their own collections.

To give you all a better idea of how you can complete your collection, I’ve written up a few tips on how you, too, can accomplish this incredible feat. Some of them are common sense, some of them you may have thought of before, but by following the first four tips you can definitely get all the patterns you need. It’s how I did it!

1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time on GTS and Wonder Trade – But Don’t Discount Them Either!

The first place most people are inclined to check for their missing Vivillon patterns is the online GTS or Global Trading Station. There, people with spare Vivillons can post their Pokemon in exchange for others.

Unfortunately, the Vivillon trade on the GTS has become a very inaccessible place. There is no way for anyone to differentiate between the patterns when posting a Pokemon for trade so people with one rare pattern looking for another rare pattern can’t post an Ocean Vivillon and get only trades for a Savanna Pokemon. According to the Pokedex they are all the same. So someone who puts up a rare Sandstorm asking for Monsoon pattern in return will probably just wind up with an Elegant Vivillon in return. Which is kind of sad because they get shafted in that deal.

Really, the only way to get those rare ones is to snipe one – and be the person sending them that Elegant Vivillon – or to give into the requests that people post asking for legendaries or other equally difficult to attain Pokemon. Scatterbugs are even worse because at least with Vivillon trades you know the pattern you are going to get.

Several times I have traded Scatterbugs with people who put up Scatterbugs from regions other than their own and been duped out of a Lvl. 1 starter I’ve had for trade only to get an Elegant or High Plains pattern from someone from Hokkaido (which should be Tundra) or Okinawa (which should be Monsoon)!


There are some benefits to using the GTS. You can pick up a lot of common patterns for straight Vivillon for Vivillon trades. If you need High Plains, Elegant, Modern, or Polar Vivillons those will be easy to get. Even Garden, Ocean, and Continental patterns show up fairly often.

Wonder Trade is a terrible way to get Vivillons (I rarely ever see them on there), but a fantastic way to get Scatterbugs. You never know what pattern your Scatterbug will evolve into and with the new Exp. Share it’s super easy to level them up and find out. I think it’s a pretty fun game. And with people on Tumblr trying to initiate ‘Scatterbug Saturdays’ where people flood the WT with their local Scatterbugs there’s the opportunity to pick up a large number of patterns you may not have or some extras for trade very easily.

Vivillons Aquired This Way: Continental, Marine, Garden, Modern, Polar, Elegant, Meadow (GTS)

2. Trade With Random Passersby

One of my favorite ways to collect Vivillons has been to initiate random trades with the ‘Passersby’ on my online feed. These are random players from random countries that just happen across your game. I get a lot of people from all over the place – including Aruba, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. If those places aren’t somewhat significant to you then you  haven’t been in the Vivillon game for very long. Basically, they are some of the places you can get some of the rarer Vivillon patterns. So what do you do when these people show up?

Ask them to trade!

I got THREE of my rare patterns this way – Sun, Savanna, and Sandstorm. Now, it’s sometimes hard to let people know what you want from them. I usually start off by offering a Vivillon (a rarer one than my Native High Plains) and then if they make a non-Vivillon offer I’ll switch to another Vivillon to show that I have several patterns. Some people get the hint. Some people don’t. It just depends on the person.

I randomly traded a girl in Saudi Arabia named Johara for a Sandstorm pattern and it took us two goes to really understand one another. I traded her a Vivillon for a starter she had (because I wanted to give her one of my local ones anyway) and ended the trade. But then she immediately asked me for a trade and gave me an awesome Lvl. 30 Sandstorm. The guy in Brazil who gave me his local pattern also took a couple tries to get across that I was interested in a Vivillon.

It’s a much easier way to get rare patterns than spending hours trying to snipe them from the GTS! (Which, let’s just all agree, is pretty bad form when people are specifically asking for one pattern or another.)

Vivillons Acquired This Way: Sun, Savanna, my second Sandstorm, my Lvl. 67 Icy Snow

3. Check Websites and Pokemon Forums Regularly

It may seem super nerdy but you really should join different Pokemon Fansite Forums or just Video Game site forms in general. People post trades up all the time and they are really receptive to trading Friend Codes and working out deals.

Reddit is also another great source with their /r/PokemonTrades or the much more specific /r/Vivillon and /r/VivillonExchange subreddits. I’ve had a lot of success setting up trades on Bulbapedia and Serebii as well as NeoSeeker.

There are a lot of people out there who are also trying to complete their collections and some people with super rare patterns are missing the simplest of Vivillon. I saw someone with native Monsoon Vivillons trading for River and Marine which – while not super common – aren’t nearly as rare. Occasionally I even find people willing to just give away rarer patterns like Icy Snow, Sandstorm, and Monsoon!

Honestly, this will be the easiest way to bulk up your collection. The vast majority of my Vivillon trades were arranged this way. There’s no guess work, no surprises, and no random chance like there is on the GTS. You know what you are getting and you see it before you trade. And people are often willing to work out other trades, too!

Sometimes you’ll even find some really awesome people out there who are just willing to give away rare patterns. There have been people on Tumblr catching or breeding Archipelago and Ocean pattern Scatterbugs to give away en masse and I’ve see people giving away Icy Snow, Jungle, and Monsoon patterns as well. It’s all about finding the right forum post and getting in on it while the going is good!

Vivillons Acquired This Way: Icy Snow, Tundra, Jungle, Ocean (fansites); Monsoon (Reddit)

4. Make Friends With Other Vivillon Collectors

When it comes to collecting Vivillon everyone is in more or less the same boat. Everyone has only one native pattern and, while their pattern may be rarer than some, they still have to go through the effort of setting up trades. It takes time. It takes patience. It also requires that you reach out to people in some way or another. Whether it’s anonymously via GTS/Wonder Trade or directly on forums, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. you have to have some sort of contact with other people to make sure you get the Vivillons you need.

So why not take the opportunity to make friends?

Sure, you can post up offers on the various Pokemon websites or you can make posts on Tumblr or Twitter and just sort of get what you need and go but why? Take a chance to get to know people. Start up conversations. Fangirl/Fanboy the shit out of things.

Not just Pokemon, either! Get all excited about the things you like. You’ll meet people with similar interests and maybe make some new friends. And it’s a lot easier to go it together, you know? If you find someone willing to trade for a rare pattern from their native locale you can always ask them for a second for a friend. Then if your new found friend manages to find another rare pattern they can do the same. Even if you can’t get a second pattern you can always point others in the right direction.

Basically, you can divide and conquer the Internet! But you have to make those connections first! I’ve met some pretty great people on different Pokemon boards and on Tumblr who have been more than willing to help me out with things, not only Vivillon trades but other trades as well. There are really great people out there. You just need to take the time to get to know them.

Vivillons Acquired This Way: My first Sandstorm, Archipelago, River, some spare Oceans for friends

5. Cheat

If all else fails, I guess you could cheat. In theory you can restart your game or – if you bought both X and Y – use one of the games to get other patterns. In theory you can reset the location on your 3DS and have your native location change as you do so.

Scatterbugs are available in basically the very first area you can catch Pokemon so it wouldn’t take too long to get to that point. Plus afterward – especially if you decide to keep playing on that particular cartridge – you could use them as trading fodder.

But cheating is lame. It’s perfectly possible to get all the patterns on your own without needing to try to cheat the system. Just follow the other tips and you can do it!

So what are you waiting for? You have the tools you need to complete your own epic quest to collect all the Vivillon. Get out there, get trading, and make friends! And if you feel like setting up trades in the comments go for it. Anything I can do to help you all reach the same sense of accomplishment I have in collecting all these pretty, pretty butterfly Pokemon!

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    1. There are no consequences – you can change it back any time you like. It will not, however, make a differnce if you are already playing the game. Like, you can’t change your location after starting and get a new Vivillon pattern.

      1. I’m a nice person too! ๐Ÿ˜› For example I’m trading some Legit Event Pokemon for an English Meadow, Korean Sandstorm and English Pokeball Vivillon :3

  1. Also to add, my only reason for choosing the “cheat” way to getting the forms is because I want to actually name and have certain genders for my vivillons. You know, make them my own and give them personality. If that makes any sense >.>;;

  2. Hi this is so late but I literally just made an account to post on this. I really want a tundra vivillon but I haven’t even got past the first gym yet, I just got the game and haven’t had much time. I’m willing to trade any starter, I’ll just restart and wifi trade it? Reply to me or post on my page if you can trade for this. Sorry but I can’t give much in return.


  3. Wait, I start with Garden by the way. It’s not my favourite, to be honest it’s my least favourite but if you want it I can get that for you? I’m fine if you just trade the spewpa/scatterbug to me too, preferably the lowest level possible because I’m new to the game and don’t want it to be too easy. Thanks.


    1. Will you add my friend code, for fun and profit? I have posted it towards the bottom of the thread. I’m not always online but if you reply I will make an effort to match your time

  4. That’s good, I’ll be on at 6/11 5-8pm gmt. Reply back to me saying that you’d like a Garden ? I’ll be able to give it at like, lvl 12 only sorry and I’d prefer as low a level as possible. No EV training or anything necessary. Thanks

  5. I have polar vivillon and am willing to trade for almost any others. I also have elegant, modern, high plains, and a sun to trade. REALLY want ocean.

  6. Hello, I’m looking for Garden, Icysnow, Sandstorm, and Jungle pattern Vivillons. I have Modern, High Plains, Continental, Tundra, Polar, Elegant (I know, common, but it’s there), Marine, and Ocean Vivillons that I can trade (unlimited Modern and Ocean. the others are extras I’ve obtained from the GTS, so I may run out of them). My Friend Code is 3093-7119-3534. Thank you!

  7. Hello, my name’s Vixy. I just started a Vivillon collection, and sadly, start with the High Plains version. I have been able to gather Continental, Garden, and Elegant. I am not far into the game, so I don’t have anything amazing to trade, all mine came from wonder trades, and my garden was from a friend of mine. I’d gladly offer what I can for another Vivillon for my set :3
    My friend code is 3969-4977-4341

  8. Hi there! I’ve bern trying hard to get as many vivillon pattern as possible, but I still miss icysnow, archipelago, river, sandstorm, monsoon, sun, ocean and jungle

    I have savanna cause I am from brazil, so I can get as many as I want. Even if
    Someone doesn’t have anything I want I am still willing to trade cause the more you have the more likely you can trade. This is driving me crazy so I’d rather spread the pattern I have than ask for legendary pokemon as I see on GTS. ^_^

    Let’s spread vivillions everwhere!

    1. If you’re still looking for Ocean and Archipelago, I have Ocean Vivillon in one of my games and I -think- I have Archipelago in one of my other two (I set the region to one that -should- get Archipelago before starting the file on that one). I still need to raise a Scatterbug in that one to be sure… but I can definitely get you Ocean if you will trade a Savannah, and the same trade will apply if I do in fact have Archipelago in my other copy. Let me know if this sounds good!

    2. Any time tomorrow (Friday) after around 2:00 PM EST will work for me. I’m in the Eastern US, if that helps figure out the time. My Friend Code is 3093-7119-3534. Savannah is one of my favorite forms, so I’m definitely looking forward to trading! … Speaking of favorite forms, what are yours? Mine are: Monsoon, Ocean, Savannah, and Jungle.

      1. Hi there! Now we’re friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I like icysnow a lot, but monsoon is nice too! Let’s trade tomorrow afternoon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Sorry that I haven’t been on much! I’m quickly raising a Scatterbug right now (which will evolve into Ocean), so I’ll be ready to trade soon.

    3. Ocean is ready! Still haven’t finished evolving in my other game, though, to test for Archipelago, but I’ll let you know when I get it!

      1. Archipelago is ready, now! If you’re around tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), I’ll send a trade request. ^_^

  9. Hi I currently have modern, elegant, continental, high plains, polar, sun, and meadow. I will take any of the other 11, but preferably garden or ocean. Message me back for offers.

    1. I have native Ocean in one game and native Archipelago in another. Not picky about what I get in return, though Shiny Stones or a Sun Vivillon (only if you have a spare! I don’t want to take it if it’s your only one!) would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Well, it was very hard to find you online… I guess you were on GTS? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I hope to have helped you. I sent everything I had extra. If you find archipelago, send me two. For friends of mine! ^_^

  10. Well, I am from Brazil so I have savannah, Now I am looking for icysnow, sun, archipelago, jungle, garden, sandstorm, river and monsoon.

    If you have one of those it’d help me a lot. I also have some spare ones, let’s try to trade and let me see if I can help you! ^_^

    My FC is 2766-9315-1101

  11. Modern is my native, but I also have elegant, sun, continental, high plains, polar, and meadow. I would be happy with any of the others, but prefer garden and ocean. Please message me back.

  12. I have native Ocean in one game and native Archipelago in another. Not picky about what I get in return, though Shiny Stones or a Sun Vivillon (only if you have a spare! I don’t want to take it if it’s your only one!) would be greatly appreciated.

    1. It’d be great if you let me have your Archipelago and Ocean.
      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      FC: 3582-9663-0751. 3DS: Andres. IGN: Andrew

  13. Sonelle would you exchange one of those for mine. I would prefer giving you a modern, but I can give you an elegant, or if you want something else I can try to get to you.

    1. Anything works, as long as it’s not a Bidoof or Bibarel (those things absolutely PLAGUED me back in 4th Gen… @_@). My friend code is:


  14. Hi guys

    sorry I couldn’t replay before

    I can offer my savannah vivillons, as many as you’d like.

    MEBBAR we’re now friends. I can provide you savannah and anything spare I have. No problem if you only have modern. I take whatever you give me cause I want to help you

    Sonelle9060, I’d love to have two archipelago vivillons. They’re pretty hard to find, and I am trying to help two friends of mine. Unfortunately I only have one sun (from my collection) I am still trying to find the other three for the people I am currently helping. ^_^
    About the ocean vivillon well, one of my friends still need it. Can you help me?

    I am online now, and during the week it’s the time I arrive from work. If it works for you, let’s trade friends! ^_^

    I just love to make new friends while trying to trade vivillons!

    1. I have multiple Ocean Vivillons ready to trade, if you’d like. I’ll need some time to get you the two Archipelagos, though, since I haven’t reached the daycare yet on that file. Also, I was really lucky and managed to grab a spare Monsoon on the GTS, so I could trade that to you, too, for one of your Savannahs. These are all on separate files, though, so we’ll need to trade three separate times (same friend code, of course!).

      1. I understand that. I can wait for it, cause as I told you, I bet it’ll be impossible to find one before that! LOL

        Did you get one monsoon on GTS? Gosh, the only thing I could grab there was garden and the archipelago from my collection. I almost cried when I saw that!

        How can we make it work? I am not very knowleadgeble you know… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all on your end! I’ll just need to switch between my games for each Vivillon form, that’s all!

    2. I’ll get you the two Archipelago Vivillons soon, but I’ll need to catch the Scatterbugs first, since I haven’t reached the daycare in that game. Enjoy the Monsoon Vivi!

  15. Well, thank you very much. My friend will be pleased to know I got her an ocean vivillon! ^_^

    Do you only need a sun vivillon? If I can trade that I’ll ask for 4, so I can send you one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I’m actually working on a second set, and Sun is just one of the forms I need for it. I can get most of the other forms easily enough from some other friends that I have, though I’ll need to trade a lot for them (mostly legendary Pokemon and Hidden Ability Pokemon).

      1. Speaking of Hidden Ability Pokemon… If I can get it and breed it to get babies with their Hidden Abilities, I can trade one to you. I can easily get Togepi, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie with their Hidden Abilities, and I’m pretty sure I have some others scattered throughout my boxes. Let’s keep Hidden Ability talk to a minimum here, though. If you want one that I’ve listed here, just put it into the message you broadcast to people in your game (where you have your “Vivillons!” message right now). I’ll see it! ^_^

      2. Thank you very much. I was thinking about what you wrote, so I will send you another message later cause I am interested in what you said

      3. Yesterday a very kind friend sent me some sun vivs over. Do you still need one? Send me a message if you do! ^_^

      4. That would be wonderful! If you want, I can send over a couple spare Oceans while we’re at it, or any Hidden Ability Pokemon you’re looking for (as long as I have one to breed!). ^_^

    1. The same applies if you get a Bug-type Friend Safari with Vivillon in it from someone else… They’ll always be the form from your region.

      1. Ah sobelle9060 yesterday I didn’t use the internet. I was trying to get out of that reflection cave. Endless place! >_<

        But can we trade tonight? I have some spare vivs. I will try asking my friends about an archipelago viv cause it's the one I am missing. If you have a spare!

        And I accept what you have to offer. Only after I finish the game will I talk to you about hidden abilities and a team to face battle maison!

  16. Hey guys, I am looking for Sun, Ocean, Icy, Archipelago, Marine, Sandstorm, Sun, Savanna and Tundra. Anyone Have one to trade for a A river, Modern or Polar? River being My native. FC is 3668 – 8768 – 3195

    1. I have savanna here! ^_^
      My friend who has sandstorm isn’t available now but when she returns I can ask her!

      I will add you tonight so we can trade. I accept your native cause it’s easier for you ok!? Sorry yesterday I couldn’t use the internet

      1. Hi there, I’d like you to trade me a Savannah, please. If you can put me in contact in your Sandstorm friend, it’d be awesome!
        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
        FC: 3582-9663-0751. 3DS: Andres. IGN: Andrew

      2. Andrew. I didn’t understand if you wanted that viv or not. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to talk to my sandstorm friend for a week. I will send her another message. Let me know what you need and I’ll see what I can do

        1. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. Yeah, I wanted your Savanah and I’m looking for Samndstorm too. I think you got me by chance as a Passerby trade a liitle ago, however. Your name in game is Fabi, right? Thank you, anyway!

          I have Native Modern, BTW. If anyone somehow needs one of those, add me. I’d be glad to help.

  17. sonelle9060, When can we trade the sun viv you need? The weekend is perfect to do this! ^_^

    Now, and tomorrow (sunday) I will be available! Send me a message or a request! ^_^

  18. I have Modern (native, unfortunately), Elegant, Icy snow, Continential and high plains. I’m looking for the rest, hopefully it’ll be a bit fair, since I don’t have zapdos or anything

      1. I have Ocean (native in one of my games), if you’re still looking for it (same situation for Archipelago). Not asking for anything in particular in return, as long as it’s not Bunnelby, Bidoof, or other too-common Pokemon. I’d love any starter (even if it hasn’t hatched yet), but if you don’t have that, just send over a Modern Vivillon (or Scatterbug). It really doesn’t matter much. I hope this helps!

    1. Why zaptos? ๐Ÿ˜€

      Add me cause I can at least send you a savannah viv. And as you already have icysnow feel happy cause it took me a long time to find it ^_^

  19. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ My native is the MEADOW pattern! I have a lot of scatterbugs, so if you want some of them, just ask and I’ll send to you!
    I don’t want anything in particular, I have already finished the collection, but if you can send one of your native form, it would highly appreciated :3
    My FC is 0216-1202-8208

    1. Hey Dean, you’re just the person I was looking for! I was looking for a meadow pattern, and I’ll trade you my Polar pattern for it (or a continental one if you’re sick of the pattern). My FC is 5386-8450-1595

  20. I’m Lily in Kalos! the number’s 1650-1730-0371
    I have Polar natives and will happily trade with anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still looking for the rare and moderately rare Vivis for my collection.
    Hope I’m not too late on this thread…

    1. Well, you’re not too late for an Archipelago or an Ocean. I have native Archipelago in one game and native Ocean in another. I’m not asking for anything in particular, as long as it’s not something that’s -too- common. Any level 1 starter will work or any Vivillon pattern other than Elegant, for example. Let me know what you think! I’ll post my fc soon, once I get home.

      1. Hello! honestly, Sonelle I was hoping you’d be back. Near-free Oceans and Archipelagos? Yippee! My vivis can have pokerus and friend guard, if you are interested in breeding those things into yours

      2. Friend Guard? I’ve been looking for Vivillons with that ability! I don’t mean to be greedy, but if you have two females with Friend Guard, that would be amazing (one for each of the two patterns that I have). If you don’t have two females, any two Friend Guard Vivillons will be absolutely fine. Pattern, nature, etc. aren’t important, so don’t worry if they’re Polar! =D

        Also, here’s my FC:

        Also, I ordered a Japanese 3DS LL (Japanese version of 3DS XL) with Pokemon X, so with any luck, I’ll be able to get native Monsoon before too long. I’d be happy to send one of those over as long as I’m able to actually get Monsoon, though you’ll need to wait for the 3DS LL to actually arrive here and for me to play enough to get a Vivillon to get it. If you’re still looking for Monsoon by that time (and even if you already have one), you can have one. =D (It’s never a bad thing to have an extra Monsoon or two!)

  21. By crazy luck, I have a Monsoon! Someone traded me for a River the other day :O Anyway, two females with friend guard are already stored up and waiting. I’m online mostly 10-midnight EST but on and off through the day. See you sometime

    1. I had a lot of fun trading! Thanks, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a great casual trading session. Most of the trades I’ve done since Diamond and Pearl have been much more structured… I think I almost forgot how much fun it could be to just randomly start trading with someone!

  22. This is Talad. I’m almost done my collection, but still need Sandstorm, IcySnow, and Ocean. Let me know if you can help me out! My native pattern is High Plains, but I also have some extra Modern, Meadow, Elegant (of course), Tundra, Polar, Continental, Sun, and River from my search.

    Also, I put up super size Pumpkaboos with 3 or 4 31 IV stats on the GTS requesting any Vivillon (that’s how I’ve built my collection so far). If you see this and are gun-shy about posting, look me up there and help me out. I check it as often as I can. Thanks in advance!

    Friend code is 3196-2858-1383. I’ll see you in Kalos.

    1. I have native Ocean in one of my games, so I can trade one (hidden ability (Rain Dish) Squirtle would be amazing if you have it, but I’ll accept many other things if you don’t. Just make an offer!). I’m not picky, as long as it’s not super-common.

      1. I was the one you were just trading with. I have one of my games set to Korean (I wanted Korean Vivillon data while I was getting Ocean, too). Trainer name in that game is Eline.

      2. Sorry, I’ve been traveling, so I’ve missed much on this feed. I’ve added you, and ocean would be awesome! I haven’t found the Wartortle safari yet, so I don’t have access to rain dish squirtle, but I have multiples of most of the vivillons (except the ones I’m asking for), and I have about 75% of the friend safari pokemon available. I also have a few 4 IV speed boost torchic, rough skin gibles, noibats, and skarmories lying around.

        Also Guilherme, I’ll be happy to help you out. FC and IGNS please?

    1. I have native Ocean in one of my games, so I can trade one (hidden ability (Rain Dish) Squirtle would be amazing if you have it, but Iโ€™ll accept many other things if you donโ€™t. Just make an offer!). Iโ€™m not picky, as long as itโ€™s not super-common. If you would prefer to trade one of your Savannahs instead, that’s fine, too!

      1. Oh,that would be outstanding! I need these two patterns you mentioned (Scatterbug Ocean) and do you have archipelago too? I can trade with you for one Savanna and I’m almost sure I have one pokรฉmon with Pokรฉrus,if you want – but, unfortunately, it’s a commom pokรฉmon, but the Pokerus really make it worth. Talk to me if interested.

      2. Sure, I can send over an Archipelago one, too. I already have Pokerus in my game, so if you’re willing to send two Savannahs (one for Ocean, one for Archipelago), that would be fine, too. Savannah is one of my favorite patterns, so I enjoy collecting them.

      3. That would be preferred, if you don’t mind. I usually raise mine to their Vivillon form before trading since they’re easy to raise, so I’ll be sending them to you as Vivillons.

      4. I’m getting on now! I’ll need to switch games in between trades (since, of course, I only have one native Vivillon pattern in each game), but that shouldn’t be a problem.

      5. Aren’t you going to start the trade? Eline is the trainer name in the game I’m currently using. ใ‚ฝใƒใƒซ is the name in the other game I’m using.

    2. @Sonelle9060
      Ok. I really I don’t mind. As you mentioned,they’re easy to raise.
      Add me FC 1005-9960-1530
      Let me know when they’re ready to trade.

      I have some Scatterbug left because they’re my native form (I’m from Brazil ^^) . Do you need one? I really would aprecciate to trade for another form. What patterns do you have in spare?

      1. I only have high plains, archipelago, and ocean myself. I’m not to to far in the game so I don’t have a Hugh amount of pokemon right now.

  23. Looking for monsoon, Savannah, and /or sandstorm my friend code is. 0361-7638-3804 ill even take any other one aside from. High plains and if Ur willing. To. Trade or givetem I’d like them in scatterbug form please. Thanks

    1. I don’t have any of the three you specifically mentioned, but I do have native Ocean and native Archipelago (two separate games, of course), if you’re interested in Scatterbugs of those two patterns. Not picky, so if you want them, make a offer.

      1. Well, do u have the high plains one? Or are u looking for any starters? Kinda just started so not to stacked right this moment.

      2. A High Plains one or a starter (your choice) would be fine. These are native to my games, so I can trade them for a lot less than you’ll ever reliably be able to find them on the GTS.

      3. I hope you enjoy the two Scatterbugs! Also, if you want your Ivysaur back at any time, feel free to send over another Scatterbug from your game. I didn’t realize that you hadn’t caught another Pokemon to trade ^^;

    2. As I said, I’m not very picky. I just don’t want super-common things like Bunnelby or Bidoof (not super-common this generation, but they plagued me to no end in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum… X_X … I’ve been sick of them since then).

      1. Lol no problem, Thanku. Hold on to ivy. He’s a lil easier to get then the two scatterbugs u gave me so I’m happy. Let’s battle sometime, er when I’ve gotten stronger lol.

      2. If you’re sure. I have an all-Fire-type team that I played through the game with, though I’ll probably throw in a few other things to keep things from getting -too- one-sided (three of the fire-types on my team frequently out-performed the rest, so I’ll be keeping them and coming up with three other things to use). Most of the team only has EVs from playing through the game, though, and not from carefully EV-training them, so don’t expect the team to be incredible or anything… ^^;

      3. I’m just happy to have some fun with another pokeplayer, I’m not judging. I’d like to see Ur team anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚ but give me a lil more time to build my team ๐Ÿ˜€

      4. Of course! It wouldn’t be fair to use a post-end-game team against an early-game team, anyway. I often avoid battling against other people because so many people use insanely-carefully-bred and carefully-EV-trained Pokemon (at least, it seems that way) and I don’t do a lot of that stuff, so I often get curbstomped when I try… Plus, I like using some Pokemon that just aren’t as good as what a lot of those people use (for example, I love using Delphox, which really isn’t that great once you get past the power it can put behind Psychic and Flamethrower/Fire Blast). It sounds like you aren’t one of those people, though, so I’ll look forward to it!

      5. Lol no yeah, my friend is really into doing that, he’s like dude I bred my garchomp so he can have this ability and then I gave him these powers, and then I carefully EV trained him so he could be what he is now… And I’m like uh…I’ve got a…..ivysaur and he’s got sleep powder….Freaking dope! B)

      6. Don’t get me wrong I have my favs too, and ill be using them, and ill at least give u a good battle so there’s that to look forward too.

      7. Oh, right, if you’re interested in anything else (aside from legendaries… I prefer to avoid trading them), just let me know. There’s a good chance that I either have it or can get it easily enough (and breed it, of course, to send you a baby)!

      8. Well to be honest I am looking for a male larvitar with a bold or adamant nature. Can u make a baby one? Actually any nature will do just no timid.

      9. I can give that a shot. Are you sure you mean Bold, though? That reduces its physical attack and raises physical defense. Impish lowers special attack and raises physical defense, in case you meant Impish.

  24. Just saying! I haven’t found anything on these two Vivillons other than on a France site, but there is (or will be) 2 other Vivillons in the game! It crushed me when I found out, cause I just finished my own collection of Vivillons, only to find out it’s not complete in the end…o.o
    here they are, they were found in the code by hackers, but nobody knows how to get them (I myself NEVER saw these two… they are lower on the page)

  25. Hi Sonelle, do you have Ocean? I need Icy, Ocean and Sandstorm in order to complete my collection! I’m into the quest =) My friends, I hope I could find these patterns. My native is Sun and my FC is 3797-6412-2609 regards!!

    1. Sure, I’ll trade an Ocean Vivillon! As I have mentioned to previous people here, I’m not picky, but I would prefer to avoid super-common Pokemon such as Bunnelby and Bidoof (ESPECIALLY Bidoof. It’s the plague of the fourth generation and I’m still sick of it… @_@). A Rain Dish Squirtle-line Pokemon would be best, if you have one, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry.

      My fc is:


      And the name to look for when we trade is Eline.

    2. Also, if you’re still looking for Sandstorm or Icysnow after Pokemon Bank is released, let me know. I’ll restart one of my games with a region set to get the particular pattern after breeding the crap out of its Vivillon and transferring the babies to Bank.

      1. Thank you Sonelle! I will breed Squirtles for sure and I hope I could come up with one Rain Dish line ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just missing Ocean in order to complete my collection and I’m very excited !!

      2. Just as a note:

        I’m available for trading tonight and parts of Saturday/Sunday. I don’t know if I will have wi-fi access from Monday through next Friday, since I’ll be out of town and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get my 3DS online there.

      3. I’m connected ๐Ÿ™‚ a couple of hours and for sure during weekend ! I hope to see you there! I appear as Max ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Max, I’m looking for the same things, and if I find extras I’ll keep you in mind. I’ve added your friend code just in case. My FC is 3196-2858-1383 and my IGN is Talad. See you there!

  26. So I’m looking for a feebas really bad and everything I’m reading says its in the friend safari only, if u have one please trade with me I want it super bad friend code 0361 7638 3804 name is Ein. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hate to break it to ya, but feebas doesn’t actually exist in any friend safari according to what I’ve read. You’ll probably have to wait until the Pokemon Bank is released before you’ll see it anywhere. Sorry for the bad news.

      Also, since I’m always looking for more friend safari’s, I’ve added you. If you could add me too: FC: 3196-2858-1383 and IGN is Talad. I’ll trade you a Feebas once I get one of my own!

  27. well you inspired me…I caught the vivillon bug today. two hours in and I only have 5 left to get! it’s actually rather fun hunting down all the forms.

    The lovely people on the vivillon exchange sub-reddit were a huge help, even though I was a newbie without anything to offer. I would highly recommend it.

    1. Which ones are you still missing? I can get you Monsoon, Ocean, and Archipelago if you still need them.

  28. I still need Archipelago, Garden, Icy Snow, Meadow, Monsoon, Ocean, and Sandstorm! My region is Modern, but I also have 1 or two extras of Royal, High Planes, Polar, and Marine if anyone is willing to trade?! My FC is 4871-3590-7875 (also for those interested, my Friend Safari type is Ghost) Please let me know if you add me so I can add you back! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey, I have native Ocean, Archipelago, and Monsoon across three separate games. If you’re still looking for them, I’d be happy to send them over! I’m not very far yet in the Monsoon file, though, so I can only send over a Scatterbug from that one. Send over whatever you want, as long as it’s not something like Bidoof, Bunnelby, etc. Actually, if you have any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th Gen starters except for Torchic and its line that you could trade, that would be awesome. No particular nature, etc. (though I -do-like neutral-natured starters), and it’s fine if it’s hatched without any egg moves. If you don’t have any of the starters I’m looking for, just make an offer. I’ll probably accept it unless it’s one of the few Pokemon I’m really not interested in (again, like Bidoof and Bunnelby).

      My FC for Ocean (trainer: Eline) and Archipelago (Japanese trainer name. If you can read katakana, it spells out “Sonelle”) is 3093-7119-3534

      My Monsoon (Trainer: Hiroto) FC is 5429-8467-3941 (different 3DS because I needed a Japanese 3DS to play a copy of Y I bought from Japan)

      1. Sounds great!! I added both of them! I do have some just hatched starters like cindaquil, treecko, and mudkip I’d be willing to trade for them if you’re interested! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Hi Sonelle. I was wondering if you can help me start my vivillion collection. I don’t have any yet and I don’t know where I can go to get started ๐Ÿ™ please help?

        My friend code is 5413 0051 2393

        Very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. @Nighthawk

        If you could trade one of each of those three that would be amazing! Thanks!


        I can get you the three which I’ve listed above and I have a small number of extras from when I got my collection together. The extras are mostly very-to-semi-common, but I’d be happy to help out (and let you know if I come across any others!).


        If you don’t mind having to raise a Monsoon Scatterbug, I’ll gladly trade you one. As I mentioned above, I’m not very far yet in that game (I haven’t beaten the first gym yet in that file), but I can always grab a Scatterbug.

      4. Thank you Sonelle! I’ve also since been able to trade and breed the rest of all the starters, so if you have specific ones you want I can trade those too.
        Also, @Misa I added your friend code as well, I have plenty of extra of a few other patterns if you haven’t gotten them yet I’d be more than happy to help you out, if you add me back!

      5. Hello Sonelle! (or anyone who wants to trade)

        Probably by now, you’ve had already get all the starters, but if you want one I got all of them if you want one. I’ve got some other to breed and trade, of course different from the ones of the X & Y (Munna, Porygon, & Feebas). And my regiรณn Vivillon is Sun if you want one.
        Plus I can infect any of them with POKร‰RUS if you want!

        I need 2 oceans, 1 monsoon and if you can 1 icy snow, 1 savannah and 1 sandstorm.
        (it’s for two different collections)

        Hope you can trade

        FC: 4356-0717-4633

    2. Thank you Sonelle! That would be awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have added your friend codes. Please add me and let me know when you can trade ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. The GTS is more impossible now…they all want legendaries from Pokebank.

    More good groups: The Vivillion Exchange and Global Vivillion Trade on Facebook. A search ought to locat them fast.

  30. Sorry to anyone waiting for a trade with me! I’ve been busy with college classes, but I should be around Thursday and Friday afternoon and evening (EST) this week as well as Sunday (I’ll post again when I have a better idea of when I’ll be on for Sunday). Please let me know if any of these times work, and which ones will work best, so I can work the trades into my schedule on those days. In the meantime, happy Vivillon hunting!

    1. Still waiting for responses to my last message here. I will be unavailable this weekend, but I’m still willing to trade. Please let me know when you are available so we can figure out a time when I can send over your Vivillons!

      1. Hi Sonelle! I still want to trade ๐Ÿ™‚ Can I get 1 Monsoon 2 Oceans and 2 Archipelagos? I am free weekdays after 3 pm EST ๐Ÿ™‚ Iam still missing jungle, icy snow and sandstorm if you happen to have any extras. Let me know when you are free next week. Have a good weekend! Thank you!

        FC: 5413 0051 2393

      2. Sure, I can. Will Tuesday around 3:30 work for you? I’ll see if I can come up with extras of Jungle, Icysnow, and Sandstorm, too, but I can’t make any promises on those three.

      3. Sonelle, my doctors appointment got moved to 3:30 (stupid flu that’s going around ><) Can we do 4:30 instead? Hopefully you'll get this before then. Sorry for the sudden change ๐Ÿ™

      4. 4:30 is a little too close to when I need to go to my job today. Would sometime tomorrow after 3:00 or Thursday after 11:00 work for you?

      5. I’m running a little bit behind right now, unless you don’t mind getting Scatterbugs (of the correct patterns, of course) instead. If you need me to raise them to the Vivillon stage, I’ll need about 30 more minutes to get them to that point, if that’s alright. Sorry about this ^_^;;;

  31. Alright. I’ll be on in roughly 10 minutes (registering your friend code and getting the actual Scatterbugs)

  32. I’ll need to switch games in between each pattern, so I’ll send over the Monsoon one first, then go to my Ocean game, send you the two Oceans, then switch to my Archipelago game and send over the two Archipelagos (if you’d like to modify how many of any of these three patterns you want, go ahead. since these are my native patterns across three games, I can easily get more). I wasn’t able to track down any of the other patterns you were looking for, though, so I’m afraid I can’t help with those ones at the moment.

  33. Ah, k. I will, just let me start up another trade ^^;
    Didn’t see that there was a second page of comments now.

  34. Not a problem! Good luck with the rest of the set. I’ll still keep an eye out for those other ones, though. They gave me a lot of trouble, too!

  35. Hi Sonelle,
    Iยดd really like to get 2 Oceans and 2 Monsoon, if you still want to trade ๐Ÿ™‚ I have all starters and lots of bank pokemon, just have to breed them first. Hope you donยดt mind German names, cause my game is set in German. Iยดm available this Weekend and the whole next week (CET). Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. @Sonelle

    If you are still able to trade Oceans and Monsoons i’d be interested in trading for a couple of each (for mine and my fiance’s collections). I have HA Eevee’s, Head Smash Aron’s, all starters, Feebas, HA Goomy, Rotom, etc that I could offer up for trade. (My friend code is 1048-9743-4538) Thanks!

  37. I know you might get this a lot, but is there any way you can get me a Icy Snow Vivilion? I’m trying to get it for my friend for his birthday, please I’d really appreciate it. Also i have every legendary, so i could trade one of those ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Try Tumblr or the different websites. There used to be someone on Serebii who was giving out Icy Snow patterns. Or maybe it was Tundra. You can also post on Twitter with an offer and just tag it #vivillon, #pokemonxy, etc.

      1. I tried that already, unfortunately, they don’t want legendaries, they only want vivillion, it’s like they’re consumed by it lol, plus it’s for my friend, he’s the collector and I’m trying to help him finish. If you can’t give me an icy snow, can you give me links to where i can? I tried twitter and it’s not working

    2. Icy snow vivillion here ๐Ÿ™‚ also some other patterns, i need a sandstorm one but any pokemon i don’t have is fair game ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I have them all, but i have a lot of copies of victini, arceus, and deoxys, perennially i can get any legendary you want, except for meloetta, keldeo, and genesect, i currently have only one copy of them, and for me to get more, if have to clone them, but everything else, i can give you.

  39. What sucks is I moved to Hawaii after I started and completed my game -.-

    Oh that Ocean Vivillon would be something else. Especially shiny :'(

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  41. I am kind of amused at how you describe this as being so impossible. I just picked up my 18th form, and I have gotten ALL of them over the GTS. And I did not spend 100 hours on the GTS doing it. I started my game with nothing; no Pokemon transported from previous generations, somehow ended up with some starters with Hidden Abilities through wonder trade, bred them for females, converted them to legendaries over the GTS, and just kept casually checking the Vivi postings in GTS while I was doing my normal trading. Eventually I converted those legendaries to the rare Vivi forms. ๐Ÿ™‚ So essentially, I converted extra Pokemon that I did not need into rare Vivillon through the natural course of trading. Yes, it took a while, but I was doing everything else in the game concurrently. One of my favorite things to do is to casually turn nothing into something through incremental ‘upgrades’ in the GTS. :]

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  43. Hey,does anyone have a monsoon or savanna vivillon?My friend code is 1435-4109-0566.I have all the starters, some with hidden abilities like protean and magician, and a sceptile with giga drain.I also have volcarona and phione. I’ll be availaible around June 14-17. Thanks!

      1. Thanks!If anyone can spare the last five i need,that would be great.I need Jungle,Tundra,Icy Snow,River,and Sandstorm.Pokeball pattern doesn’t count,right?

      1. I don’t need Icy Snow or Tundra Anymore.Also I won’t be available for a while.Maybe around august 4?

    1. I’m not picky about what I get for it, but I have a Monsoon I can trade (I have a copy of Y from Japan with a Japanese 3DS set to the appropriate region to get Monsoon). I also have a Jungle, but I won’t trade it for anything less than 5-IV, good-natured Dratini (HA), Larvitar (no HA), Feebas (either regular ability, but not HA), Bagon (HA), Beldum (no HA), Gible (no HA preferred, but I’ll consider a Jolly or Adamant 6-IV HA), Deino, or Larvesta (no HA), since I don’t have an easy way to get more of that pattern. I’ll leave another reply in about half an hour with my FC (I don’t have my 3DS with me at the moment).

        1. Sorry for not posting my FC yesterday. I couldn’t find my 3DS (found now, though!). My FC is:


          Looking forward to trading! I have a mild preference for any of the Fire- or Water-type starters from 2nd, 4th, or 5th Gen, if that’s possible, but any 2nd-5th Gen starter will do (I have more 1st and 6th Gen starters than I know what to do with… ^^; ).

    1. Hi Richard,

      I’m a collector too. I have those patterns. Let me know if you added me FC 3797-6412-2609. Regards!

  44. I need the following: icy snow, Sandstorm, river, sun and ocean… Please Help!!
    My Friend code: 1005-9579-9650 (Joe)
    my native vivillon its the polar pattern but i have others to trade….

    1. 2234-7143-4677 Erica
      I am missing icy snow, monsoon, ocean, jungle and tundra. willing to trade a legend or shiny pokemon for a fancy one

      1. Hi Angel, I have several patterns and some legendaires, even some shinies. Add-me! We can show our teams and trade

  45. Does anyone here know if I can breed my different vivillons to get the same pattern? Because I have a few vivillons that people might want but I only have one of each…I can give anyone Polar patterns if they want them though ๐Ÿ˜€ Please let me know! I also need people who’d be willing to trade shinies.

    1. Unfortunately, the design that will hatch is based on the region of the 3DS when you started the game, regardless of parents.

    2. I can get you spares on modern patterned vivillionI love the polar pattern I can also help with other stuff if need be if you got x/y or or/as

  46. I am looking for meadow, garden, river, continental and monsoon pattern Vivillion. Would anyone know where in the US Area I could catch them? I am attempting to complete both my Pokรฉdex and Vivillion collections but I want to catch them myself but would be willing to catch an extra for trades for the information. I am working on most of my Pokรฉmon having different Identification numbers or at least as many of them as I can get.

    My friend code is 4253-3881-0590.

  47. Anyone have Sandstorm? Thats the last one I need to complete my collection. I will give a Hydreigon, HA Froakie, Lucario, or a Haunter for it! My FC is 0877 2582 5386. Tell me yours and I will add you!

  48. i actually managed to complete my collection today, i started yesterday when i evolved a scatterbug i recieved i got intrigued and wanted to get more, the only times i used forums was on reddit for icy snow and neoseeker for sandstorm. the rest i got from the gts and random passerby’s

    what i did was i had cloned all of my legendary and mythicals, so i had 2 of each and i stalked the hell out of gts swiping every different vivillon i could, the thing is, if you have legendary pokes its pretty easy since most people ask for them, but the ones i had most trouble with was ocean, archipolago and sun i had to chain trade for them, scizor is a very common request as well as the legendary birds, so i traded away my lugia on the gts for an articuno and swiped the archipolago as well as my zekrom for a zapdos and swiped the ocean pattern, i traded away my weather trio for jungle, river and savanna.

    the more common ones i traded with random passerby’s and since i gave them mythicals they didnt hesitate.

    icy snow and sandstorm was impossible to get on the gts since they ask for event pokemon that cant be traded so i had to rely on reddit and neoseeker,

    the pokeball vivillon i got by trading my shiny galileo rayquaza.

    now all im missing is the fancy pattern vivillon, but its not that important to me.

    Rule 1 of vivillon collecting if you have legendary and mythical pokes youre gonna have an easier time.

      1. i dont think you want the pokeball one,i found out that it was aquired via powersaves legacy wonder cards in other words hacked, i didnt really mind since the rayqaza was a clone anyway so i didnt loose anything, and since its just for show as i like complete collections, but if you want i can clone it and give it for free since i dont like trading hacked pokes for real non hacked pokes.

        1. no, I’d love that, my FC is 4038 6104 9764 we can arrange a date and time, I’m in UTC+01:00
          “Legacy wonder card” means “hacked wonder card” right? I’m ok with that, it means that the pkball vivillon will be “as like” the “legit” ones, no weird levels or over-the-top EV or impossible moves?

          1. dont know what the letters and numbers mean, im located in sweden and but our timezone is UTC/GMT+01:00 what does that mean?

            yes legacy wondercard means it is hacked, it was recieved through a downloaded save, basically someone or something(dont know the exact details so this is speculation) downloaded the paris vivillon(pokeball pattern) and then copied their save and uploaded the save onto the powersaves cloud for others to use.

            it is legitish..i guess i mean the original vivillon was legit but all the ones that was recieved via powersaves(like mine) is not because they didnt go to paris to get it, they downloaded a save that already had it.

            it is basically a “real” pokeball pattern, it can be mistaken easily as a real one but just dont try to trade it. because those who seek shinys and event pokes in different forums like neoseeker will instantly know its hacked because it has a powersaves date so its basically useless its only for show.

            but if you agree to me trading it for your fancy pattern vivillon and then i clone the fancy pattern and then give the original fancy back to you that would be nice because then i have all of them but if you dont feel like you trust me enough i can just give the pokeball one to you for free. maybe i can get the fancy some other way.

            reply to this message so i know you still want it or so i know if you aquired it some other way.

          2. I’d like to trade it very much!
            the FC part was friend code. that’s my friend code. the UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, you and I are on the same time, since you’re from sweden, and I’m from norway!

            ok, how about we try trading tomorrow at 13:00 ? I’ll be on from around then to how long I can.

            I trust you with the fancy pattern vivillion.

            if you want to trade any other pattern to me i’d love that too, tho i wouldn’t have anything else to trade you ๐Ÿ™

            oh yes, what is your friend code?

          3. im so sorry i was busy the whole week so i couldnt answer, i know your FC and i will add it soon, but are you free on monday (6th mars) about 19.00(7pm)?

          4. actually you add me instead and ill be on at 19.00(7pm) fc: 2939-0841-1588

            i have pokemon moon just so you know so you need either moon or sun to be able to trade my in game name(pokemon moon) is shiro

          5. em. my fancy vivillon is on pokemon X.
            did you get the pokeball vivillon in moon?
            you don’t have an ability to trade with X/Y at all?

          6. No i traded it in alpha sapphire but i sent it to pokemon moon via pokemon bank and you cant send it back to alpha one its been in moon :/

          7. that’s a damn shame. also unlucky you didn’t copy it *before* and left one in AS :/

  49. hi! I need archipelago, Jungle, monsoon, ocean, river, sandstorm,
    savannah and sun. I’ve got Modern, Elegant and 2 Continent to trade

    additionally, I have 1 One Fancy pattern I’d like to trade for Pokeball Pattern.

    ah, yes my code is:4038 6104 9764

  50. What location do you need to be in to get icy snow vivillon? I want to masuda breed for a shiny icy snow in moon. Monsoon will also work.

    Edit: Nevermind. >_> I don’t want to restart.

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