Arrow: Idenity (02×2) Recap

Synopsis: Oliver has to stop the Triad as they repeatedly steal supplies from the Glades’ hospital.

Rating: ★★★★☆

A truck transporting medical supplies is attacked on its root to the Glade’s hospital. Roy manages to take down guy one member of the gang but he isn’t celebrating for long as he gets shot and manages to crash the car he’s driving. Surprise, surprise it’s the Triad led by Chien Na Wei, the blonde assassin lady who’s behind this week’s latest havoc. When Roy manages to crawl out of the wreckage all battered and bruised the cops finally appear but arrest him and the actual bad guys manage to escape.

In Verdant Thea isn’t too happy to get a call to have to pick up her boyfriend from the police station’ Laurel interrogates him and tries to warn him against the Hood, and when that doesn’t have any effect Oliver tries talking to him. But Roy isn’t convinced, especially now with the hospital robberies.

Flashback time and Shado’s comforting Oliver after he killed one mysterious men who captured her.

Oliver visits the hospital to see the damage for himself; there he’s confronted by a man named Sebastian Blood and a mob of protestors and media, all of whom want to hear about what he’s going to do for The Glades. Oliver’s assurances of wanting to help the suffering is met with hostility and he’s attacked as he tries to leave.

Oliver flees when his charm proves useless against an angry mob
Oliver flees when his charm proves useless against an angry mob

At the office Felicity is not happy with her new job as Oliver’s executive assistant and he tries to explain to her that they all need covers if they’re going to continue to be Team Arrow without raising suspicions. He is able to diffuse the situation momentarily by getting her help with the delivery robberies. Oliver’s so stuck on his own problems he doesn’t notice that the look Felicity gives Diggle when Oliver asks her to book and table for him, Diggle and Carly.

Flashback! Oliver and Shado stand in a river cleaning off the blood from her abductor. They have an emotional talk and kiss.

Back in the present day Felicity and her brilliance strikes again as she’s able to find out when the next medical delivery will be so that Oliver can get there and stop them. As things are heating up and Oliver is fighting one-on-one with the triad’s newest member, Bronze Tiger, the police show up disrupting everything. Oliver barely manages to get away when he’s shot in the leg.

Oliver gets into a fight with a wolverine wannabe
Say uncle!

Back in the Team Arrow HQ Oliver patches up his wound but his frustration at getting interrupted by the police gets to him and he yells at Diggle. Felicity has had enough and she confronts Oliver about his self-centeredness as he hasn’t even realised that Diggle’s and Carly’s are over. Thea’s also dealing with her own relationship issues; she gives Roy an ultimatum to stay with her and stop fighting crime or they break up. Roy doesn’t react great to being forced into making a decision.

Oliver arranges a meeting at his office with Sebastian and the two struck a deal that Oliver will host a fundraiser to raise money for the Glades memorial hospital.

On the island Slade warns Oliver against getting to close to Shado but Oliver refuses to listen.

Oliver goes to meet Laurel at her office as the Hood and she lets him know that she is no longer on his side, in fact she warns him to stay away from her because she’s aiming to lock him up.

On the night of the benefit Oliver has to abandon his role as a host and go and stop the next robbery, which results in Sebastian slandering him in front of the guests and the media.

This time when Oliver fights the gang the police are nowhere in sight thanks to Felicity leading them on a false trail. Diggle’s also there to help fight some bad guys and drive the truck with medical supplies away to safety-or so he thinks. As he’s getting away Chien Na Wei according to imdb comes out of nowhere and attacks him which leads to Dig’s crashing the truck. Oliver has problems of his own fighting Bronze Tiger but Oliver manages to get an arrow in Tiger’s arm and electrocute him before giving Dig’s a helping hand in capturing Chien Na Wei and leaving her for the police.

Let's get ready to rumble!!
Let’s get ready to rumble!!

After their adventurous night fighting crime Oliver successfully repairs his bromance with Diggle and even though the media fails to see how the hero he really is Felicity is there to comfort him with a cup of coffee.

Oliver, Slade and Shado find the place the new arrivals on the island were looking for. Inside a small cave they find the remnants of a dead man and with an arrowhead around his neck.

Roy tells Thea that he is done trying to defend the streets at night; what she doesn’t know is the Hood has asked him to be his new lackey. The Hood meanwhile takes a trip to the DA’s office to talk to Laurel, only she has dozens of armed guards ready to take him in.


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