A storm rips through Beacon Hills causing havoc at the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital as patients, doctors and of course the wonderful Melissa McCall try to evacuate the building.

Amidst the chaos Cora Hale lies pale in her hospital bed as Peter cares for her (aww how cute, you can almost forget that fact that he killed his other niece and attempted to murder his nephew). Fretfully he calls for a member of staff and in walks in Melissa which creates an awkward scene between the two seeing as one of them should be dead and also the fact that they went out. Then Cora spits out some black blood. Lovely.

Romantic drama continues as Jennifer runs to Derek’s Loft in search for her boo desperate to get to him before Scott and Stiles can. She begs for him to trust her. They hug. It almost seems as if she’s going to get Derek on her side. They kiss.

But uh-oh, something’s wrong.

Unfortunately for you, Ms Blake Scott and Stiles got there first so you can drop the act you ain’t fooling anyone. Okay, maybe you’re fooling Derek a bit because he doesn’t jump straight to believing Scott and Stiles but Scott has some mistletoe at the ready to sprinkle all over Jennifer’s lying self revealing her true face.

That is enough proof for Derek who grabs Jennifer by the throat before she can run away and will have probably killed her if it wasn’t for the fact that she claims to be the only one who can save Cora and knows where the Sheriff is.

On the way to the hospital to get Cora Derek and Jennifer and while Jennifer wants to have a heart to heart Derek is having none of it. In the car behind Stiles and Scott worry that Jennifer’s plans may still be going exactly the way she wants it to.

Things go from bad to worse as the gang head to the hospital
Things go from bad to worse as the gang head to the hospital

At the hospital the gang have another problem to worry about: the Alpha twins who have taken Cora. Derek and Scott get their werewolf on and attack the Alpha twins as Peter and Stiles get Cora away from danger. Jennifer sees her chance and retreats to the elevator and almost gets away when dun dun duuun she sees Kali and Deucalion. Kali almost gets her but Jennifer uses some of awesome Darach powers to throw her away.

Isaac, Allison and Chris are gathered at school and team up to go to the hospital to get Cora unable to know what exactly is happening with the rest as neither Derek nor Scott are picking up their phones.

tw 3x10 #3
Things get worse as Deucalion approaches Melissa

Tension rises between the Alpha twins walk as they walk around shirtless trying to find Derek and co who’ve hastily hiden away in a hospital room. Stiles is not pleased to discover that Ms Blake has gotten away and even less pleased when Derek tries to shush him. He gets on Derek’s face confronting him about his less than stellar record of psychotic girlfriends (which, what??! Since when does anyone know that Derek and Kate had a thing?) and the fact that they can’t help Cora or find his father without her.

tw 3x10 #2
Tempers flare between Stiles and Derek

 But not to worry because Jennifer comes back. I’m lying there is still a lot to worry about. Over the speakers they hear Melissa telling them that Deucalion request that they bring Jennifer to him. But the fact that Scott is a true Alpha means that he won’t hurt her Jennifer tells them.

 Scott and a juiced-up Peter stay behind to fight the twins as Stiles and Derek take Cora and Jennifer away to the last remaining ambulance. However Kali’s killed the ambulance driver so that plan fails and Derek and Jennifer, who Kali seems to know and calls Julia, run back into the hospital into a lift escaping Kali’s claws by inches. But then Deucalion makes Melissa cut off the power resulting in Derek and Jennifer being stuck between levels in the lift.

In the ambulance Stiles provides CPR on an unconscious Cora when she stops breathing while Derek and Jennifer are still stuck in the stationary lift and in the hospital Peter and Scott get away from the Alpha twins via a laundry chute.

When Cora starts breathing again Stiles gets teary-eyed divulging that he doesn’t want to find his father’s body.

Having arrived at the hospital a little earlier Chris, Allison and Isaac scope the dark hospital halls and clock on that something is amiss.

Scott helps Peter get to the ambulance Stiles and Cora are waiting and then goes back into the hospital to get his mum, Derek and Jennifer only to be confronted by the alpha twins again. But it’s Melissa McCall to the rescue as she uses a defibrillator like the badass she is.

Back in the lift Jennifer tells Derek what happened to make her the way she is. In a shocking twist of events she reveals that she was Kali’s emissary who she tried to kill and the only reason that Jennifer was able to stay alive was because Derek killed Paige. And now Jennifer wants revenge for what Kali and the Alpha Pack did to her. We also find out what happens to werewolves during the lunar eclipse, that they lose their power, which is information that will obviously be important in the next coming episodes.

Scott and Melissa come across Chris, Allison and Isaac and together they come up with a plan that draws out Kali and the twins from the hospital to allow Derek and Jennifer to escape the lift and Cora, Stiles and Peter to escape the hospital. All goes well until Jennifer attacks Derek and takes Melissa.

With no last hope Scott agrees to join Deucalion in order to get back his mum and the Sheriff. Will he succeed? And what does the Alpha Pack have in store for Scott? Find out next Monday at 10pm.

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