Pacific Rim is coming out this week, and I think any long time readers of Nerdophiles know that I have been an undeniable fan of this film for months. I’ve been foaming at the mouth for it to be released. So far, I have seen it twice at pre-screenings, one of the screenings I had to stand 4 hours in, to get into the movie. It was a price I was willing to pay. Hell, I’m probably going to go see it alone opening night. Not only is it a kickass movie that takes you on a ride, it’s a three-dimensional movie in more than just aesthetics. It’s got a story that I could keep watching over and over again. Let me tell you why, you need to go to your local theater, and drop the 6-20 bucks and get yourself a ticket.

  1. Not just an explosion-fest movie. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they are expecting a typical action movie with Pacific Rim. Let me reiterate, this is not Battlship. This is not Transformers. Guillermo del Toro is not Michael Bay, thank the lord. That reason alone, should convince any caution movie goers what is what. The movie is an enjoyable summer blockbuster, but it doesn’t stop you from thinking about real questions or getting the deeper message. You don’t leave feeling like your IQ has been lowered or feeling like the female gender has been disgraced. Some review will say that “[t]his is Godzilla meets Transformers, with elements of the lesser Star Wars movies, all awash in thunderously loud, non-stop demolition.” But I think you and I both know that these reviews are probably based around people who neither watched the original Godzilla nor could name the origin of the Skywalker family, so we’ll forgive them their trespasses and accept that they are malnutritioned in kaiju movies (yes, that is a genre of movie, and yes I am targeting this particular review.).
  2. Jaegers vs Kaijus are actually larger than life. For those who might doubt the action of the film, fearing it be insubstantial or insignificant, prepare to be wowed. Jaegers and Kaijus are on a different playing field. Their size is no joke, and when you see them face to face with humans, side by side the Hong Kong skyline, snarling at the face of a human, there’s no doubt in your mind just how intense the Kaiju are. They are massive, and they are horrifying. The Jaegers give a sense of hope. They aren’t gods, they can certainly be struck down, but the movie gives you an equal fight. Bringing more of the excitement to people.
  3. Perfect acting. I think I’ve written like 10 posts on different platforms on how great the casting is on this movie. An especially extensive one on my tumblr, about how I praised del Toro’s casting of people of color like Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi for a story about the Pan-Pacific world. But the whole cast is superb. From Burn Gorman’s hokey stuck-up brit mathematician to Rinko Kikuchi’s talented, reserved rookie who still packs a bit of sass on the side to remind the gents she’s not to be pushed around. Each character is written with great depth, and I love the attention to detail. Del Toro creates characters that feel substantial. There is no gratuitous shot of a woman half clothed slouched over a motorcycle, or a woman with her ass hanging out and the camera on said ass for a good 20 seconds. I know, the perverts of the internet are disappointed, but I am not. In fact, there isn’t even a moment when we see more skin on a woman than her in a tank top and pants. And that’s great.
  4. Guillermo. If you don’t know about Guillermo del Toro, I feel bad for you. Hearing the name del Toro attached to this confirmed instantly that I would enjoy it. It was like hearing Branaugh’s name attached to Thor. I knew we’d be on a different level. From Pan’s Labyrinth to Hellboy to The Hobbit, he’s got talent across the board. Not only that, but he respects the art of filmmaking. You rarely meet people so passionate about their work. When I got a chance to meet him briefly for a signing for Pacific Rim at Wondercon, he took time to speak to each and every person about movies. He chose to make a movie that is based on nothing but his brain and pop culture. Summer blockbusters can laud their billions, but they are riding on the backs of previous success. Star Trek, Ironman 3, Man of Steel, they are all riding on the backs of previous success. Charlie Hunnam said it perfectly, “It’s actually something original in this landscape of nothing but remakes and adaptations. There’s actually a story in the movie rather than resting on the expertise of special effects and excitement of that. Guillermo actually set out to tell a story about human beings.”Guillermo
  5. It’s, aesthetically, a masterpiece on its own. This film is beautiful. Not even going to try and deny that. Like I said, attention to detail is perfection. From the small chinks in the Jaegers to their towering design, from the layout of Hong Kong to Hannibal’s shoes, from the sets of the Shatterdome to the music of the soundtrack. It’s packed to the brim with perfection. My only request is that you see it in a theater with good speakers. I saw it first in one with bad ones, and loved it, but saw it again in one with great speakers and left in near tears. I rave more about the soundtrack in my review, but check it out if you have Spotify. It’s not one to miss!

No matter how many people want to say that this movie is going to do bad, I don’t care. I’ve given you five reasons to see the movie without even going into the plot. And that’s a whole other can of worms. Seriously, go see this. This movie deserves 100%, deserves an A, all thumbs up. There’s a reason why celebrities from all corners of the industry are raving about it, like Patton Oswald, Emma Watson, even Kanye West (who has proclaimed it is his favorite movie ever, I mean no matter what you think of the man, that is a lot of praise coming from a high profile celebrity who should care very much about image, long story short, I appreciate that he even mentioned it). Hell, even Hideo Kojima, the creator of Meal Gear Solid, loved it. He said, perfectly, “Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us had always been waiting for. Who are you, if you are Japanese and won’t watch this?”

Big celebrity names aside, this is a movie about people, and our right to freedom. Who are you, if you are human, and won’t watch this? (Exaggeration intended).

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  1. I’m glad the reviews have been good so far. And Idris Elba is just – ugh – so attractive. Him + Guillermo Del Toro is an automatic recipe for success.

  2. I’m glad the reviews have been good so far. And Idris Elba is just – ugh – so attractive. Him + Guillermo Del Toro is an automatic recipe for success.

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