So tonight’s episode was a little hard for me to watch.

Not because it was gory and violent – it was but that doesn’t bother me so much – but because sometimes it can be just so damn difficult to sit through another hour of Will Graham completely and totally losing touch with reality and being a sad puppy dog. And it actually gets way worse this week! Also: I had a problem with Dr. Gideon bleeding the dude to death because I almost bled to death on Monday night. But, honestly, it was mostly having to watch poor Will crash and burn.

If this is how bad it was this week I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it’s going to get in the next two.

I mean, I really don’t know how this whole thing with Will going crazy and Hannibal making everyone think he’s crazy is going to pan out. Like I am pretty damn sure that the season finale is going to end with Will behind bars and that’s how Bryan Fuller was going to leave us if there wasn’t a second season. That ass.

Maybe don’t goad the serial killer as he’s leaving the secure facility, Frederick. Just, you know. Might not be a good idea.

And we’re well on our way there this episode. Will’s really losing it, dreaming crazy things, and pretty much just making all of us sad. It doesn’t help that Dr. Gideon (Eddie Izzard everyone!) has returned to the scene and managed to escape from a prison transport while on his way to court. He was suing Dr. Chilton for implanting the idea in his mind that he was the Chesapeake Ripper and made a very nice little display of the guards’ innards as he tied all of their organs up in trees on the side of the road with bows and everything. He also scrambled their brains because SYMOBOLISM! His brain was scrambled by psychiatrists and what not. Honestly, though, that would have had to have taken a long time. How did no one come across that scene? Also, why did the driver of the truck ever stop? It was clear something was going on in the back with Gideon escaping. Who pulls over and opens a door so a serial killer can hop out and mutilate them? If I were that driver the doors would stay closed until I got to wherever it was I was going and had called the cops to have them ready.

Anyway, I digress.

And here we see Will trippin' balls.
And here we see Will trippin’ balls.

What matters is that we’ve found our parallel of the episode. Will is losing his mind and losing track of who he is while Dr. Gideon is trying to reclaim who he is by taking revenge on his psychiatrists and trying to meet up with the real Chesapeake Ripper. Because that sounds like a smashing idea. Chilton is all kinds of a little shit to Alana and blames her for Gideon’s need to go out and prove himself and Will basically realizes that all of the psychiatrists to work with Chilton are in danger. They all need armed escorts – Alana included. And he figures this all out while he is tripping some serious balls. Hearing things and hallucinating. He’s hallucinating water and shit melting. He feels like he is melting. There’s antlers everywhere. It’s kind of terrifying. Jack seems to realize something is going on and yet again doesn’t do shit about it. Meanwhile Hannibal continues to not treat Will for his crazy of the encephalitis while Will goes on and on about how he understand Gideon’s issues and how both of them are losing sight of who they are and what not. Hannibal is like, “You have me as your guage.” But no. No he doesn’t.



Find an adult. This is not a healthy relationship. 

This could be a healthy relationship if Alana would just love him down already.
This could be a healthy relationship if Alana would just love him down already.

And can we keep talking about relationships? Alana needs to either love Will down or not love Will down because seriously. “It would have been fun to cozy up with your dogs in front of a space heater.” Really? Alana. You are this bad ass psychiatrist. You know you can’t say shit like that to Will if you’re just going to keep not being with him because he’s crazy.

Meanwhile Gideon is off basically being Francis Dolarhyde now. Where he’s been our sort of resident incarcerated!Hannibal he’s now dragging Freddie Loundes into his crazy shenanigans. He’s gone and hunted down a psychiatrist who did a piece on him once and lured her in pretending that he was that psychiatrist and wanted to do a joint paper with her. Of course, that didn’t happen. He bled the man dry (after cutting his throat and pulling his tongue down through the incision to make a “Brazilian necktie”), left the man’s blood in a cooler with a note saying to donate it to the American Red Cross, forced Freddie to post pictures of the murder online with a fancy article, and then took off with her.

I'm not entirely sure how I would have felt about the transfusions I got on Tuesday if I had seen this episode first.
I’m not entirely sure how I would have felt about the transfusions I got on Tuesday if I had seen this episode first.

Gideon takes Freddie to the observatory where Marion Lasse’s arm was left. He monologues for a bit about not knowing who he is and that. Then he has Freddie write an article to invite the real Ripper to the observatory. We see Hannibal reading the article on his iPad (because of course he has an iPad) and then a psychiatrist’s body that was mutilated similarly to the previous psychiatrist shows up. Except this one is missing an arm. Will realizes that the real Ripper is trying to tell the FBI where to find Gideon. Which is probably a good thing because Gideon got a hold of Chilton and basically does what Hannibal would do in the future. He is gutting Chilton alive and pulling out organs to leave them as a ‘gift basket’  for the Chesapeake Ripper.

So, guess what folks? NO ONE IS SAFE. If they are going to do this to Chilton – the only other truly overarching character besides Jack Crawford and Hannibal himself in the original books – then what are they going to do to the rest of the characters?

I'm just saying that maybe Freddie should have seen this coming. What reputable psychiatrist would really want to co-author something with an online tabloid journalist?
I’m just saying that maybe Freddie should have seen this coming. What reputable psychiatrist would really want to co-author something with an online tabloid journalist?

Will and Jack start driving for the observatory with an FBI strike team. This is apparently the best time for Jack to tell Will that he looks like shit and that the fever that he’s had and that’s been causing him to wig out all episode is a problem. Great Jack. Maybe you could have left him at the headquarters building then instead of bringing him along. Ever think of that? No. Of course you didn’t. He’s like, “I want you to wait outside and get your shit together.” Yeah because he’s going to do that Jack. While Jack and the FBI rush into the observatory to find Freddie manually pumping a ventilator to keep Chilton – who is holding his own organs in his arms – alive Will is off wandering into the snowy woods after an imaginary raven feathered stag. I just can’t with the way Jack treats Will. One moment it’s “I AM BEDROCK” and the next it’s “Take better fucking care of yourself, gawd, Will.”

Jack is like the worst head of the BAU ever.

Sadly Will is a bit too crazy to pull this off.
Sadly Will is a bit too crazy to pull this off.

Being the awesome profile that he is, Will realizes that Gideon is out there. Except. Well. He doesn’t. Because when he waits in the car for Gideon to get in he’s basically like all feverish and losing it. So when Gideon finally does get in the car it’s not Gideon he sees but Garrett Jacob Hobbs. Then – because he’s crazy – he doesn’t have Gideon drive back to where the FBI are staging but he has Garrett Jacob Hobbs drive to Hannibal’s house where Will has a breakdown and tells Hannibal he doesn’t know what’s real. Like any good friend, Hannibal tells Will he is crazy and that he’s hallucinating everything – he showed up alone. To which Will starts crying and then has a seizure standing up.

Like, I can't even with this scene. Tears. Literally. Mine and Will's.
“Please don’t lie to me.” Like, I can’t even with this scene. Tears. Literally. Mine and Will’s. I just. I can’t.

Not that Hannibal is too concerned with that at all. I mean, he kind of does in that way that he wants to be in control of Will’s crazy and that way that he does sort of seem to care of Will in some way. Still, you’d think that he’d maybe think about getting Will some help. But no, he just sort of stands there unconscious while Hannibal and Gideon have a  nice little chat instead where Hannibal tells him where to find Alana.

Then, when Will regains consciousness, Hannibal tells him that “he’s concerned for Alana” and sets it up so crazy, hallucinating Will goes running off to her rescue. Because as much as Hannibal claims to be Will’s friend he also just wants to see pit him against a deranged serial killer. Because that’s fun. And obviously Will takes the opportunity that Hannibal sets up to go to Alana’s place where he has a heart-to-heart with Gideon about not knowing who he is and how killing Alana the way the Ripper would might help him understand the Ripper since maybe he can never figure out who he used to be again. Which obviously makes Will – who has a 105 fever and isn’t quite sure what’s reality and what isn’t – shoot him. Then collapse into a snow bank. While Alana watches from her window.

Oh, Alana. Just come to Will's rescue already.
Oh, Alana. Just come to Will’s rescue already.

After which you’ve got Hannibal in Jack’s office telling him that Will is a danger to himself. Because, yeah, he basically had a seizure while holding a gun and might have just started shooting. So he is a danger to himself and others. But you know. Hannibal. I just… I don’t understand. If you care, throw the guy a bone. But whatever. (Also, Jack seems to take some sort of weird pleasure in telling Hannibal that Chilton was gutted and is being sewn back together.) Alana hangs out in Will’s hospital bed while he’s uncosncous and stuff and she looks kinda torn. Which I guess is understandable because she really does like the guy but he’s sort of deranged, unstable, and has killed two people now.  And then Hannibal goes to talk to his psychiatrist who tells him that if he wants to be friends with Will he needs to take a step back and let him spiral into madness or remain his psychiatrist and maintain a professional relationship.

So basically Gillian Anderson then gives her blessing to Hannibal to completely screw Will up for pleasure. Gillian. No.

I mean look at him. LOOK AT HIM. He needs help. He needs stability.
I mean look at him. LOOK AT HIM. He needs help. He needs stability.

LAKSDJFAWE. It’s just so frustrating. Like when Hannibal is talking to Chilton at the beginning of the episode about his lawsuit. He’s telling Chilton that for the whole idea implanting shit to work “the subject cannot be aware of any manipulation.” Which is basically the only way Hannibal can have a conversation with a colleague about what he’s doing to Will. And, you know, everyone else in the series.


If you don’t want to know what happens in the next episode do NOT read the official episode description. Seriously. It like spoils a lot. Nothing that happens in this trailer seems to actually happen in the episode description. Except for Hannibal starting to manipulate people into thinking that Will is the Chesapeake Ripper or something. Like. Why, Hannibal? Just stop.

I am not emotionally prepared to deal with the last two episodes of this series. I’m just not.

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