So this was a crazy  episode where Da Vinci literally visited Dracula. There are some great moments with Da Vinci and Dracula. I really liked the way that they did our favorite impaler, living somewhere between reality and fantasy, and doused in grim mythology.

Sent to the count as a mission by Al-Rahim to rescue someone known only as the Abyssinian, he approaches the castle with Zo and Nico only to be confronted by the terrifying shadow of the creature that is Vlad the Impaler. Leonardo uses his wiles and manages to make his way into the cell of the Abyssinian. They find him in a puzzle like trap that Leonardo releases him from, however he is so close to death that he dies in Leonardo’s arms giving him the map to the second key that he needs, which happens to be around Riario’s neck. He also finds out that his mother is alive.

Paul Rhys gets gussied up to playing the most famed Count of all time.
Paul Rhys gets gussied up to playing the most famed Count of all time.

Meanwhile back in Florence, Lorenzo conducts some alliances in a sauna with the Duke of Urbino and increases his army size in a move to take the north. He plots out his attempt to take over Rome while simultaneously moving to secure the Pazzi family by marriage with one of the women to Giuliano without his consent. Piero seems shocked at the move, but Clarice supports him fully. I would say that I love the relationship with Clarice and Lorenzo, but that’s a given. She shows him great support as well as great intelligence to back it up.

It seems the only person who still cares about the scandal with Becchi is Giuliano and to his credit, he’s close to figuring it out. He is close to figuring out the person who framed Becchi and revealing it. But he might not get to it in time, since Riario has realized that Lucrezia’s use has worn out and she is now starting to be more of a liability.


Well if there was ever an episode that broke me more, I don’t recall it.  Everyone in this episode seems to be realizing things except Lorenzo, who is blissfully unaware of the massive coup being held against him.

Setting off to Rome, Da Vinci stalks Riario until he realizes that he must enter into the Vatican secret archives, but it is a fortress. During a vision, he devises a plan and makes a diving suit that allows him to go under water and creep in below the Pope’s bathing chamber. With help from Zo and Nico, he makes his way into the the bathing room.

He comes face to the face with the Pope and while holding him at crossbow point, he finds the entrance to the secret archives. The Pope has also made advances of his own, winning over the Duke of Urbino back to his side. While going through the secret archives, the Pope and Leo have conversations about Leonardo joining the side of the church, however he only grabs Leo’s true attention when he mentions his mother.

Unfortunately their conversation is cut short as the guards with Riario and Urbino make their way in and realize the treachery. Riario takes the suit thinking Leo has gone back through the water while Urbino checks the secret archives. Confronted by Urbino and guards, Leonardo faces off with him. Urbino’s own strength nearly overpowers Leo, but using the spear of destiny (YES THAT SPEAR OF DESTINY) he manages to destroy the crap out of Urbino.

Nico spills some blood, but keeps it PG.
Nico spills some blood, but keeps it PG.

Riario makes his way up to the boat as Zo saves him thinking it’s Leonardo. However upon revealing himself Riario gets tied up and interrogated by Nico. In revenge for torturing him, Nico intends to torture him back, but before he can discovers the key around Riario’s neck. Deciding against torture with the advice of Zo, they tie him to a tree.

Leo escapes Urbino, he finds his way through to an escape by a window, but encounters the prisoner that we have seen Riario play Go with. Recognizing the tune he is whistling as Lucrezia’s lullaby, Leo speaks to the man and realizes that it is her father. He puts the pieces together and realizes that Lucrezia is the mole. Escaping he returns to the group stunned with the news, but he is greeted with the knowledge of the retrieval of the key.

The Pazzi’s plot for the Medici’s demise, bringing in Clarice’s family and even the Dragonetti captain into their plan to kill both Giuliano and Lorenzo at once in order to cripple the Medici family. Also, Giuliano is told of his future plans in marrying a Pazzi, and obviously reacts in a bad way.

Good night, fair prince.
Good night, fair prince.

Furious he goes to drink it off at the bar. Vanessa is there and he spends the night with her. I have to say that these two together made me so happy, especially since I love Vanessa and I have grown to love and respect Giuliano as a serious character where in the beginning he was mere foil to Lorenzo.

Still shaken by the loss of Becchi, he continues to investigate the moles and comes to suspect Lucrezia where most people would not have because she is a woman. He comes across Lucrezia as she’s being attacked by Riario’s men and kills the assaulters in order to detain Lucrezia. After his man is killed, Giuliano makes it out alive and captures Lucrezia, but she stabs him and promptly kills him.

Yeah. She killed him. She killed my favorite character. I’m really upset. Tonight I watch the result of Lucrezia’s hopeful demise. Although Leonardo loves her, knowledge of her betrayal might change things. Who knows.

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