For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to play Alan Wake you are missing out on a really great experience. After years in development and a period in there, I think, where we were all certain it had either been canceled or died in development hell, Alan Wake was released as an XBOX 360 exclusive back in 2010. I was working in retail at a Hastings Entertainment store in Texas so I got to get some feedback from people then and decided to check it out myself. It’s a pretty great game and I really enjoyed it… even if I was too chickenshit to play for really long periods of time. I’m just a wuss.

The game follows a troubled writer named Alan Wake as he struggles to find his wife who disappeared when they arrived in the idyllic town of Bright Falls. All throughout the game the player collects pages of Alan’s last book – which he doesn’t remember – and faces off against a dark entity that is stalking the small town. (You can also collect coffee mugs and watch Verizon commercials for some reason.) The gameplay was compelling and unique as you relied very heavily on manipulating light to defeat your attackers. There were a couple different DLC titles that came out for the game and later Alan Wake: American Nightmare – a follow-up/compation/not-sequel was released in 2012. There seem to be rough plans for future titles in the series, too.

But for now, the folks over at Humble Bundle are treating you to a crazy good deal considering the bare minimum you have to pay to unlock the Steam keys for this bundle is just $1.

The Humble Bundle includes:

  • The Collectors Edition of Alan Wake – which includes both original DLC – and special content
  • Alan Wake: American Nightmare
  • The OST for both games
  • 7 video featurettes of early demo footage, in-game videos, a full cinematic recording of the game’s playthrough, and an episode of the in-game fictional show, Night Shadows
  • Tons of concept art
  • Digital tie-in comic books
  • Sheet music for the soundtrack
  • Screenplays for the original game
  • And even more stuff

If you haven’t entered the world of Alan Wake before, now is definitely the time. The price couldn’t be any better. No, seriously. Retail for this bundle is over $50 and it costs $40 on Steam on an average day. The price actually could not be any better. Pay what you want to support some awesome charities and walk away with a pretty awesome game series.

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