I appreciate that Revolution is really starting to get to be a decent show. When it was all about Charlie and finding Danny I honestly didn’t really care. I had no reason to care about Charlie’s brother. She was whiny and annoying. Everything that was interesting was what was going on around them – the world that they lived in. The power struggles. The heroes and villains. Charlie was our way in as viewers but we didn’t need that crutch constantly shoved down out throats.

To be fair, I’m not entirely happy with the angle they are taking with Charlie now but, hey.  I ‘m not going to complain.

Because we’re finally getting ourselves into the thick of things and we’re finally getting to become a part of the broader world as a whole. Miles Matheson – who has been the only character I’ve seen much value in from the get go – is finally back where he belongs in front of an army of man. He’s a very jaded person but he’s also strategic. He is a fighter, a military man through and through. He hates that he loses men. He hates to have anyone second guessing him. Basically, Miles is the stereotypical sensitive, righteous general with a drinking problem. And he certainly has a drinking problem.

Unfortunately, his enemy knows all of this about him. Miles is leading rebels and Georgian forces against his best friend Sebastian Monroe. They grew up together. They know each other better than anyone else and they know each others’ weaknesses. Monroe makes it clear from the start that from the moment they knew Miles was once again wearing a general’s stars that he needed to be eliminated immediately. Monroe was also a sensitive guy once and even though Miles has betrayed him and even though they both claim not to care about one another there is still something there, some remnant of that friendship.

Still, Monroe decides to get personal. He goes back to their hometown for the first time in forever and rounds up all the people. Monroe gives Miles an ultimatum. Come alone or he kills everyone. Everyone Miles ever knew or loved – including his former fiancee, Emma, who had once loved them both.

I mean that totally in a sexual way. The three of them were like the Three Musketeers if two of the Musketeers were dating and one of them cheated with the third one behind the others back. One night while Miles was passed out – because he’s always been an alcoholic it seems – they have sex and then the boys both take off for basic training and the army and eventually all the chaos that befalls their world.

Emma tries to reason with Monroe but he won’t let her. He’s going to wipe this town off the map. With everyone inside the old courthouse, he torches the building just as Miles arrives. Single handedly he manages to get into the building and get everyone out of the basement. But he can’t get them out of the building because Monroe’s people are outside shooting the exit doors anytime it looks like someone is going to make a go for them. Luckily for Miles, Nora and Charlie don’t care about this whole lone wolf thing and come to his rescue along with his old army buddy whose life he ruined in a previous episode.

Seriously, every single episode of Revolution introduces someone Miles once now and often screwed over. And then promptly proceeds to screw over in some way again in that episode usually by ruining their freakin’ life. Emma winds up being no exception. Monroe takes her hostage and uses her as a human shield. Charlie and Nora and Miles’s buddy were not alone when they came, unfortunatley. A Georgian officer came with them – and all of them came to kill Monroe. Miles threatens to shoot anyone if they shoot through Emma to get to Monroe. And, of course, someone does. The Georgian officer kills Emma and Miles kills him.

But not before Emma gets the chance to drop the bombshell on Monroe that when they had sex that night she had gotten pregnant. Monroe has a son who would be who knows how old. Late teens at least but he wasn’t in town. And she was killed before she could tell him anything more than the fact that he had a son and he wasn’t there.

Miles at least shoots the Georgian office. Unfortunately, President Foster sends someone way worse to take his place…

And meanwhile across the nation we’ve got Aaron and Rachel getting snuck into the Plains Nation. They cross the Mississippi and find themselves in some sort of market town where SURPRISE! Aaron finds his long lost wife. It turns out she’s a fugitive from the Monroe Republic and Aaron manages to rescue her from the bounty hunter who has her captive. Unfortunately, when he abandoned her in the woods that day shortly after the power went out she accepted that she needed to start a new life. After their original group died out she went off and a new one, got married, and had kids. Her family had escaped to Texas and so she was going there to be with them.

At least you can be thankful that you know she made it, Aaron?

Yeah. Sorry man. Tough break. Never should have left her…

I’m really liking this whole hint into bigger things that’s going on and I’m really looking forward to an ultimate Miles and Monroe show off. Granted, if like it just means that the season finale is going to be the two of them in some sort of stand off or something and we’ll have to wait until fall for any sort of resolution. So maybe I’m not really looking forward to it because I know it’s going to frustrate the hell out of me.

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