Revolution continues to have some wonderful little moments and scenes while boring the crap out of the the rest of the time. I mean, for the most part I like this show. And I continue to want to like it more. The problem is that I just keep losing interest.

And the beginning of the episode doesn’t really help with that.

It opens with Randell Flynn basically insulting Tom Neville while Monroe watches on and then the two of them send him off on a little mission. And then we go see Aaron and Rachel have a moment where he geeks out and sorta cries a little bit about science and technology and computers. Also, apparently there are microscopic programmable computers all over the place that absorbed all the electricity and that’s why it’s gone. They are in the air people are breathing, etc. And apparently they have two modes – absorb electricity and replicate it. So… are they fucking with any of our internal systems?

Who knows.

Honestly, I was bored with those scenes. I wanted to see more of Miles and Charlie practicing Charlie’s swordsmanship. I’m not the biggest fan of Charlie as a character (she’s way too angsty teenager for me) but I love Miles and I love her and Miles. I’m a sucker for families and rugged manly men owning up to their paternal instincts.

The training montage gets broken up by word that a Monroe scouting team is on the way. Thanks to Miles’s buddy’s scouting network, they get the drop on Tom Neville who is having one of the best days ever. He’s sitting in a humvee with some young kid and his iPod playing Lionel Ritchie. He is so happy. He’s smiling so much just listening to this music for the first time in so long.

Then the rebels blow him up.

Well, I mean, they blow up the humvee with an IED and capture him. Which is sad for him. Because all of Randell’s claims of incompetence are turning out to be true. Rachel is totally pissed off about them bringing Neville back, though. I mean it makes sense. She wants him dead because he killed her husband and ultimately got Danny killed in an indirect way. But Miles is totally right. You torture and interrogate a guy like that for his intel for as long as you possibly can. Miles also apparently takes the whole interrogation thing into his own hands and demands to know what Monroe is doing. When Neville doesn’t talk and instead decides to taunt Miles about Danny’s death. Well. You can imagine where that went.

My question: how does he even know Danny’s dead? When did that get back to Monroe? Did Randell figure that out or did Rachel tell him or something?

Jason shows up again when he finds out that Neville has been captured. Charlie is surprised to see him and Miles, too. And then Jason just decks Miles for threatening his mom. I like Jason. I hope they don’t dick him around any more. Just let the kid be a bad ass rebel. That’s all he wants. He wants to do that and shack up with Charlie.

He wants to see is dad but Miles won’t let him. Miles won’t let anyone hear Neville. Though Rachel tries. It looks like she’s going to try and poison him or something but Charlie stops her. The whole family gets together and has a heart to heart. Jason takes advantage of the distraction to go talk to his father where they sort of reconcile. Neville thinks that Jason is there to gloat but he’s really just there to ask him why he’s so damn disappointed. He did everything his father had asked as a soldier but Neville never gave him the time of day. Neville says that he recognized that Jason was just like him and he didn’t want him to be weak like he had been. So he pushed him. He ignored him. He was hard on him. But even though he never showed it he was proud. It’s a beautiful moment. But Jason doesn’t believe it. Basically, it was a ruse. Neville just wanted Jason to cut him free. Jason is about to walk off but then Neville tells him that if he doesn’t finish the job he started for Monroe that Monroe will kill Jason’s mother. So he does cut Neville loose. Because, yeah. Monroe really would kill his mother.

Except then Jason asks to go along with him.

But it’s just a ruse in turn. He gets Neville to tell him where Monroe was supposed to get while Miles and the others listen on. Unfortunately, it sounds like Jason’s mom really was at risk of being murdered. But whatever. There are bigger fish to fry.

Charlie, Jason, Miles, Nora and everyone go off to the cement factory where Neville was originally headed. Meanwhile Neville manages to some how escape and murders a priest in the process. Great job, man. You really are one crazy, evil bastard. But he does care about his wife because he runs right back to their home to get her.

The rebels get into a skirmish at the cement factory. Charlie and Jason back one another up but the rebels take a few hits. But ultimately they win the day. It seems that Randall – who was hanging out there – manages to get away. Like always. Seriously, though. Guys. Shoot him. Someone just shoot him. Inside the cement factory they find a bunch of papers and files with nuclear signs on the them. So that’s not good. Rachel pretty much confirms that. She’s pretty sure that he’s got the ability to make a nuclear bomb.

“This is insane. We got sticks and stones. These guys got nukes. How are we supposed to fight that?”

Rachel didn’t want to leave Charlie and said as much earlier in the episode while talking to Aaron. There is a ‘tower’ some place where they can turn the lights back on. So she and Aaron are going to go find it. Fix things. Miles is opposed to this plan because going to the tower means turning the power back on for everyone. And the United States is not the same place it was once. She has to cross out of the Monroe Republic and the Plains Nation to get there. Besides, when she turns it back on? What then? Miles tries to stop her but she won’t listen. She’s going and she’s begging him to take care of Charlie and be better about it than he was before.

Then they kiss. Passionately.

C’mon guys. Get a freakin’ room. Preferably one with four solid walls.

Charlie isn’t too happy about this plan either because Rachel says straight up from the beginning that she’s not coming back. Which also means Aaron isn’t coming back. But no one seems too concerned about that. He’s clearly scared but no one is like “Aaron, be safe!” Not cool people.

Also, couldn’t someone have at least given them horses or something? It’s gotta suck to have to walk from the East Coast to the West Coast in post-apocalyptic America.

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