It’s the hundreth episode of Castle! Yay! We made it this far, Castle Fans. I thought this episode was half awesome and half boring. The actual case that Kate had to work on was just a little boring. But the whole Hitchcock Rear Window thing? I loved that. Paying homage to Hitchcock while at the same time celebrating the 100th episode was a blast.

The actual case of murder was a whirlwind and a wild goose chase. The woman who is killed is a IRS investigator named Clara. The murder was captured on camera but the killer had some reflective tech on him that made his face invisible to the camera. I felt like this was a case that could have easily been solved with some science. It turns out that Clara was killed by her husband and his mistress, and that the tape was planted. If this was the case, couldn’t they tell through forensics that she had been dead longer than the couple of seconds that it would take a killer to toss a body into a trash can? It was a simple story with an elaborate point that only served to fill the gaps in between Castle’s home stay.

The murder across the street was a much more exciting case. Breaking his kneecap, Castle is confined to a wheelchair and is left doing nothing but keeping himself company. His mother is leaving for a spa retreat, Alexis is at school, and Beckett is working, on top of it all is that it’s his birthday coming up. As a funny gift, Alexis gives her father a pair of binoculars as a reference to Rear Window, where a similar story happens to the protagonist. As time slowly goes by, Castle finally gives in to using the binoculars and what he sees is shocking. First it’s just a simple scene, a woman and a man kissing, but before anything else can advance her boyfriend comes home and she has to hide the other man in the closet. She manages to sneak him out, and we assume that’s the end of it.

Soon we see the couple arguing and we assume the boyfriend knows that she’s cheating on him. They argue and fight and she walks into the bedroom with him following her with a knife. It all plays out after that. Castle calls Kate and they get people over to investigate but nothing is amiss. People start doubting him and blaming his drugs or his active imagination. But it all leads up to the night of his birthday, when Kate comes over all dressed up, ready to take him out, when he realizes that the body must be hidden in the refrigerator. After a long search for the body in other places, he realizes that that’s all he hasn’t accounted for.

Kate is finally convinced to run over there and as Castle watches in the window, he sees them get into a fight when she reaches for the fridge and the two get into a violent physical match which ends in the lights turning off. Calling Esposito and Ryan they rush up stairs and kick down the door. Turning on the light they are shocked with what they see. It’s a surprise! For his birthday! Kate and te family planned out a perfect murder with everyone playing in, even Captain Gates. The two celebrate happily as Castle comments on how awesome it all was. They cheers to a happy 100 murders solved together and hope for 100 more (cases, probably not murders).

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