People keep telling me, “Wait, Sam. You’ll see. The World War Z movie won’t be that bad.” Well I’ve been waiting and so far no one has done anything to prove to me that. The second trailer for the upcoming Brat Pit film just went live and it’s pretty much just more of what we’ve already seen. It starts with a touching family moment and then devolves into absolute chaos. It also continues to show no connection to the original source material at all.

This trailer gives us a little bit more information about how humanity is reacting to the sudden onslaught of wild, rampaging undead. It also gives us a little bit more information about what Brad Pitt’s character’s role will be in everything. He’s apparently in charge of trying to track the virus to its source in an attempt to beat it. I don’t know a.) how they plan to do that or b.) what good that would do if patient zero is gone and/or no one else is around to explain it. But hey. Good luck, Brad Pitt!

Also, does every movie these days have to have plane depressurizing and flinging people into the air? That’s already getting old.

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