There is an really short, yet seemingly long, amount of time before the premiere of two awesome shows: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones! New trailers from both shows were posted up today.


In Game of Thrones, we get to see some pretty awesome new scenes that we hadn’t seen before. Let’s break it down:

  • The massive army that Daenyrs built is coming, and a ton of shots of people with swords with Jorah’s “There’s a beast in every man, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand”.
  • We get a shot of Robb and Catelyn making a grim realization about his long standing status in the war.
  • There is obviously going to be a scene of  a Jaime Brienne showdown, once Jaime gets his hands on a sword.
  • Arya being held down by Gendry as she yells “burn in hell”! Which could really be anyone, since she is almost always surrounded by people who want to kill her or hurt people she likes.
  • Stannis angrily speaking about his failures to his fire priestess, Melisandre.
  • Of course, Jon is going deeper into the North, so we have the first shot of Mance Rayder, and a feisty Ygritte undressing.
  • We get a shot of a prisoner man locked to a cross, reminding me a lot of Pyramid Head for some reason.
  • The money shot of the most awesome dragons ever and Daenyrs hopefully crossing the Narrow Sea (though I doubt it).
  • Also there’s some quick shots of Bran with The Reeds

HBO continues to taunt by releasing a trailer every few weeks. The most recent issue of Entertainment  Weekly also delivered an eyeful of promotional photos for the cast for the readers to take a gander at. More things for us to freak out over before the release date on March 31st!

Then we have the awesome packed trailer for Doctor Who! The one shown by BBC as well as it’s longer Entertainment Weekly exclusive trailer linked here. Both reference Clara Oswald as a mystery worth solving, as last season’s viewers will remember the lovely Oswin Oswald and her unfortunate demise as a dalek. And like everyone in the new series, they get to have a moniker that everyone can abuse when referring to her, this one being “The Impossible Girl”. I haven’t liked a companion since Rose (don’t hurt me), and I’m getting good feelings about Clara, so hopefully it’ll be awesome.


As with most trailers from Doctor Who, we don’t actually ever know what’s happening. There’s a lot of flashes of intense things coinciding with flashes of ridiculous or impossible things and sometimes peppered in are some daleks and cybermen (check!) followed by a one-liner by the Doctor to end it all. This one being “I am the Doctor, and I am afraid”, leaving us to wonder the obvious question of what he’s afraid of. Anyways, as with all Doctor Who episodes, no matter what I’m always excited for the episodes. Personally, I am totally excited for the 50th anniversary of the show, where we’ll get some answers, create many more questions, and have some freakouts. I posted that trailer below, as well!


Doctor Who premieres on March 30th on BBC America! Looks like March is going to end on a high note!

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