Just because the traditional 2014-2015 television schedule is wrapping up that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for everyone to watch going into the summer. Forget about some epic getaway – there’s TV to be watched! In fact, there are a ton of great sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and otherwise nerd-centric series returning and premiering this summer (no, seriously, I mean there is a crazy amount of awesome television coming out in the next few months).

To help you keep all the air dates and network schedules straight, we’ve devised this handy dandy calendar! If a show starts anywhere from May to late July you’ll find it here.


BattleBots – June 21st @ 9 PM (ABC)
The Last Ship – June 21st @ 9 PM (TNT)
True Detective – June 21st @ 9 PM (HBO)
Humans – June 28th @ 9 PM (AMC)

Penny Dreadful – May 3rd @ 10 PM (Showtime)
Halt and Catch Fire – May 31st @ 10 PM (AMC)
Falling Skies – June 28th @ 10 PM (TNT)


The Whispers – June 1st @ 10 PM (ABC)
Teen Wolf – June 29th @ 10 PM (MTV)


Stitchers – June 2nd @ 9 PM (ABC Family)
Zoo – June 30th @ 9 PM (CBS)
Face Off – July 28th @ 9 PM (Syfy)

Scream – June 30th @ TBD PM (MTV)


Wayward Pines – May 14th @ 9 PM (FOX)

Mr. Robot – June 24 @ 10 PM (USA)
Extant – July 1st @ 10 PM (CBS)


Between – May 21st @ All Day (Netflix)

Beauty and the Beast – May 21st @ 8 PM (CW)
The Astronauts Wives Club – June 18th @ 8 PM (ABC)

Under the Dome – June 25th @ 9 PM (CBS)

Hannibal – June 4th @10 PM (NBC)
Dominion – July 9th @ 10 PM (Syfy)

Geeks Who Drink – July 16th @ 11:30 PM (Syfy)


Sense8 – June 5th @ All Day (Netflix)
Orange is the New Black – June 12th @ All Day (Netflix)
Wet Hot American Summer – July 7th @ All Day (Netflix)

Defiance – June 12th @ 8 PM (Syfy)

Killjoys – June 19th @ 9 PM (Syfy)

Dark Matter – June 12th @ 10 PM (Syfy)


Sadly nerd free this summer.


We’ll update these series with their premiere dates as soon as we know them.

Continuum (Syfy)
Fear the Walking Dead
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
 (BBC America)
The Leftovers (HBO)
The Strain
Westworld (HBO)


There are a bunch of other great shows coming out this summer, too. They just aren’t as nerd-tacular as the ones we’ve listed. That’s not to say we’re not fans, of course! Some of our non-genre favorites include Girl Meets World, The Fosters, Rookie Blue, and Graceland – just to name a few.

So, what shows are you looking forward to watching this summer?

Let us know in the comments!

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