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About The Book:


Author: Anna Rose Johnson

Pub. Date: March 5, 2024

Publisher: Holiday House

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 187

Find it: Goodreadshttps://books2read.com/THE-LUMINOUS-LIFE-OF-LUCY-LANDRY

Lucy, a spirited French-Ojibwe orphan, is sent to the stormy waters of Lake Superior to live with a mysterious family of lighthouse-keepers—and, she hopes, to find the legendary necklace her father spent his life seeking…

Selena Lucy Landry (named for a ship, as every sailor’s child should be) has been frightened of the water ever since she lost her father at sea. But with no one else to care for her, she’s sent to foster with the Martins—a large Anishinaabe family living on a lighthouse in the middle of stormy Lake Superior.  

The Martin family is big, hard-working, and close, and Lucy—who has always been a dreamer—struggles to fit in. Can she go one day without ruining the laundry or forgetting the sweeping? Will she ever be less afraid of the lake?

Although life at the lighthouse isn’t what Lucy hoped for, it is beautiful—ships come and go, waves pound the rocks—and it has one major advantage: It’s near the site of a famous shipwreck, a shipwreck that went down with a treasure her father wanted more than anything. If Lucy can find that treasure—a priceless ruby necklace—won’t it be like having Papa back again, just a little bit? 

But someone else is hunting for the treasure, too. And as the lighthouse company becomes increasingly skeptical that the Martins can juggle Lucy and their duties, Lucy and the Martin children will need to find the necklace quickly—or they may not have a home at all.

The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry is a timelessly sweet tale of found family from rising Ojibwe voice Anna Rose Johnson, author of NPR Best Book of the Year The Star That Always Stays. Perfect for fans of L.M. Montgomery and Karina Yan Glaser!

“Lucy Landry is a charming and fanciful heroine reminiscent of Anne Shirley, who reminds us that even in dark times, we can be a light for others.”—Alyssa Colman, author of Bank Street Best Book of the Year The Gilded Girl


The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry

By Anna Rose Johnson

Excerpt for Rockstar Book Tours

Excerpt from The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry / Text copyright © 2024 by Anna Rose Johnson. Reproduced with permission from Holiday House Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.




“What are we going to do with young Lucy?”

These words met Lucy’s ears as she sat on the stairway, listening fiercely to every sentence emanating from the parlor below. It was kind Mrs. Jones who said it, with concern in her voice.

“It is a miserable thing … very miserable indeed,” said Mrs. Pamely, whose husband was a bank manager and who was—according to the late Miss Mamie—Nouveau Riche. Lucy did not know what Nouveau Riche meant, but it resulted in Mrs. Pamely wearing ostrich-feathered hats and slim silk dresses.

“Of course we must make sure she goes to live with the right people,” said Mrs. Jones.

Lucy rubbed her cheek against her dear little stuffed bear, whom she had long ago christened the Meadowlark. She had named the Meadowlark after a ship of her father’s and was too stubborn to change it, even now that she was eleven years old and understood that it wasn’t a proper name for a bear. This stubbornness—or rather, “tenacity,” as Miss Mamie used to call it—was what made Lucy sit on the stairs eavesdropping, instead of staying in her room like a good girl.

“Well, I’m certain Mamie must have made provisions for the child,” remarked Mrs. Pamely. “Even though she did not have a great deal of money, I know she left a little something, and I imagine that when her will is read, her wishes will come to light.”

Lucy traced her fingers along the elegant design of the stair carpet, struggling to gather her bravery. She had lived with Miss Mamie for so long—of course Miss Mamie had made plans for her. She thought of all the times they’d sat on the striped sofa in the parlor, putting finishing touches on herbariums and scrapbooks and admiring the Parisian fashions in Vogue (Miss Mamie had a weakness for fine feathers). Surely, with all the time Miss Mamie had for maga-

zines and cut-and-paste, she’d had time to write something down. “I would like Lucy to live with the Jones family when I am gone to the blue beyond…”

The blue beyond was Lucy’s name for Heaven. She much preferred it to any other name because it sounded like people were off sailing on a distant beautiful sea.

The tears were coming back. She thought she’d quenched them for good, but here they were again.

The scene from two days earlier kept coming back into her mind, replaying itself—that moment when Sarah the housekeeper had told her the news. It had been late at night, but Lucy was still awake, staring at the ceiling, waiting for word from the hospital. When Sarah had opened the door, a little bit of light had beckoned from the hallway.

“I’m afraid…” Sarah’s voice had grown unsteady as she patted Lucy’s hand. “I’m afraid Miss Mamie is gone.”

About Anna Rose Johnson:

Anna Rose Johnson is a journalist, blogger, and seasoned correspondent for Inside Gymnastics. Anna is passionate about historical fiction, the Native experience, and writing for children. She is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians; her debut, The Star That Always Stays (an NPR Best Book of the Year), is directly based on her great-grandmother. Find her at annarosejohnson.com.

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