I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the CHILLING HOLIDAYS from VAULT Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway! 

WINTER is the second scariest time of year. And it’s not just because of the terror of last-minute gift buying, frightening crowds, and haunting memories of holiday gatherings past. Specters cast dark shadows in snow, frost covers every inch of your sanctuary, and a variety of monsters from world legend and lore stalk your dreams from the child-eating Icelandic Yule Cat, to Northern Europe’s icy wielder of justice Frau Hölle and her Wild Hunt, to Germany’s devilish anti-Santa, Krampus, the Kallikantzaros evil goblins from Greece, and the Alpine witch Frau Perchta and her Kraumpus-like minions, the Perchten.

VAULT Comics knows this terror, feels your pain, and wants to share the horror…

Enter VAULT’s bone-chilling list of most popular horror, fantasy, and science fiction titles, with the best talent in SFFH comics with a CHILLING HOLIDAY, Holiday Special!  This Winter, slay/sleigh those demons of indecision with the best in creator-owned Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror!

Here’s a list of all of the titles & authors participating in the tour! Check out each individual blog/Instagram/or booktok (schedule below) for more details on each book!

And check out an exclusive feature with Joe Harris – the writer of Rockstars!

THE AUTUMNAL: The Complete Series by Daniel Kraus & Chris Shehan

RESONANT Vol. 1 by David DB Andry & Ale Aragon (Illustrator Vol. 1)
RESONANT Vol. 2: Spiraling by David DB Andry & Skylar Patridge (Illustrator Vol. 2)

NOW IN SERIES DEVELOPMENT FOR BET+ – with Gerard McMurray as executive producer, director, and writer!

THE RUSH by Si Spurrier & Nathan C. Gooden (Illustrations)

BARBARIC Vol. 1: Murderable Offenses by Michael Moreci & Nathan C. Gooden (Illustrator)  

THE PLOT Vol. 1 by Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, & Joshua Hixson (Illustrator)
THE PLOT Vol. 2 by Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, & Joshua Hixson (Illustrator)

SPREE by Michael Moreci, Gary Dauberman, & Zak Hartong (Illustrator)

SHADOW SERVICE Vol. 1: Dark Arts by Cavan Scott & Corin Howell
SHADOW SERVICE Vol. 2: Mission Infernal by Cavan Scott & Corin Howell

HUMAN REMAINS by Peter Milligan & Sally Cantirino (Illustrations)

I WALK WITH MONSTERS by Paul Cornell & Sally Cantirino (Illustrator)

VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE Vol. 1: Winter’s Teeth by Tim Seeley & Nathan C. Gooden (Illustrator)
VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE Vol. 2: Winter’s Teeth: The Mortician’s Army by Tim Seeley & Nathan C. Gooden (Illustrator)

BLEED THEM DRY by Created by: Hiroshi Koizumi. Written by Eliot Rahal, Dike Ruhan (Illustrator)

HEATHEN: The Complete Series Omnibus Edition by Natasha Alterici & Ashley A. Woods (Illustrations)

ROCKSTARS: The Complete Series by Joe Harris & Megan Hutchison-Cates (Illustrator)

Interview with Joe Harris (Rockstars)

 What Winter holidays do you celebrate in December and January … and how do you celebrate them?

I love Christmas. I’m not the least bit religious, but I grew up with it and love gatherings and gifts.

What traditions are old family traditions?

I grew up in a big family so lots of kids around the house meant lots of presents on Christmas morning. My parents made that a priority, even when times were lean.

What traditions are ones that YOU’VE started?

Since becoming an adult, I’ve adapted the seasonal traditions to fit my cats lifestyle. I accept the daily assault on decorations and all nice things in the name of knocking them to the floor just to watch the world burn.

What sort of activities during the holidays are your favorites?

Partying. Gift exchanges. 

What activities do you like the least?

Anything phony. I don’t like artifice. 

What are your favorite holiday memories from childhood?

Times with my dad and siblings on Christmas morning. Such a good, hardworking and generous man who never asked for anything in return but is owed so much.

What are your favorite holiday memories from adulthood?

Christmas morning with my girlfriend and our cats.

What are your favorite holiday foods?

Ravioli. Candy. 

What makes these Winter holidays so special for you?

I think it’s the pagan-hued celebrating at the end of the year, just as the daylight starts to tick a little longer after the solstice. Reconnecting with friends. Commemorating another year passed.

The Winter Holidays and … your characters in ROCKSTARS (which is a featured title in the promo):

How do your book’s characters celebrate the holidays?

Jackie is content to spend it alone with his cat, Skydog, while trying not to think about the many half-assed Christmas seasons his roadie dad might have contributed to while on the road working for one band or another. Dorothy hates anything faintly smelling of sentimentality and has no use for her own family. But she would make sure Jackie had a proper Christmas, even if they just spent it together and neither of them acknowledged the kindness directly.

Do they celebrate with family & friends?

With one another and Skydog.

What do they eat?

Pizza. Whiskey. 

What do you think they’d like to do?

Listen to music and wrestle with their issues.

If your book’s characters visited during the holidays, how would you celebrate with them?

Listening to music and talking about rockstars and myth.

Would your character like to say anything to readers for holiday cheer?

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

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Tour Schedule

Week One:

12/5/2022Mythical BooksFeature HUMAN REMAINS/IG Post
12/6/2022Sadie’s SpotlightFeature I WALK WITH MONSTERS /IG Post
12/7/2022Lady HawkeyeFeature SHADOW SERVICE /IG Post
12/8/2022Author Z. KnightFeature RESONANT EXCERPTS/IG Post
12/9/2022Two Chicks on BooksFeature THE PLOT/IG Post

Week Two:

12/12/2022Book Sniffers AnonymousFeature THE AUTUMNAL /IG Post
12/13/2022A Dream Within A DreamFeature HEATHEN
12/14/2022The Momma SpotFeature THE RUSH
12/15/2022Jazzy Book ReviewsFeature BLEED THEM DRY /IG Post
12/16/2022#BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee BlogFeature ROCKSTARS 

Week Three:

12/20/2022BookdreamrReview/IG Post
12/21/2022the book near meReview/IG Post
12/22/2022GryffindorBookishNerd Review/IG Post
12/23/2022Brandi Danielle Davis IG Review/TikTok Post

Week Four:

12/26/2022Never Hollowed By The StareFeature- Heathen 
12/27/2022OhyoureadIG Review
12/28/2022See Sadie ReadReview/IG Post
12/29/2022@froggyreadteachIG Review
12/30/2022A Blue Box Full of BooksIG Review/LFL Drop Pic

Week Five:

1/2/2022The Litt LibrarianReview/IG Post
1/3/2022The Book CountessReview
1/4/2022Lifestyle of MeReview
1/5/2022@shangread_laReview/IG Post
1/6/2022OneMoreExclamationReview/IG Post

Week Six:

1/9/2022Books and Zebras Review/IG Post
1/10/2022The Real World According To Sam Review/IG Post
1/11/2022@enjoyingbooksagainIG Review
1/13/2022Two Points of InterestReview 

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