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About The Book

Author: Heather Siegel
Pub. Date: June 1, 2022
Publisher: Stone Tiger Books
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 250
Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle

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Jett Hart, a 16-year-old girl from New Jersey, refuses to accept the diagnosis that her mother is brain-dead. Yes, Mom’s long-comatose body seems like an empty shell. But there was that split-second, weird time Jett swears she lifted out from her own body and travelled to an indigo-colored, starry space, where she felt Mom’s presence.

Now, as Jett’s caretaking Aunt threatens to pull Mom’s life support, Jett must find this mysterious indigo place again and return her mother to her body before it’s too late. The bad news is that only her schoolmate Farold — who may or may not give off a more-than-friends vibe — believes she can do this. The good news is that he’s an amateur quantum physicist in training and has some ideas about how to help Jett get back “up there.” 

Even if Jett manages to find Mom in the “indigo,” can she bring her back to her body? While also staying connected to her own “empty shell” below? And, what if . . . someone is trying to stop her?

A teen thriller offering astral projection cosmology, life cords, parallel universes, and wormholes, THE INDIGO is a wild trip through one person’s consciousness “above,” her interconnected reality “below,” and the psychological and potentially fatal dangers of being disconnected from both.


“Out of this world! A fast-paced magical trip across the stars, Jett and Farold will whisk you away to The Indigo in search of answers and leave you gasping for air time and time again. Siegel creates a world you both fear and long for. A must read for fans of Flatliners and Stranger Things. – Rajdeep Paulus, award-winning author of the SWIMMING THROUGH CLOUDS TRILOGY
“The thing with The Indigo is the writing. It’s subtle, sweet and doesn’t skirt around the subjects of grief and loss. It’s not afraid to talk about a struggling family, emotionally, financially, and with each other’s relationships. What Siegel has created here is a beautiful book, filled with believable and relatable characters who have real feelings…. Siegel has written a triumph.”
 Sally Altass,REEDSY 
“Wow! It has been a while since I have enjoyed a book as much as I relished The Indigo. The concepts are wonderfully fresh and unique and Heather Siegel is a remarkable writer. If you swap dreams for astral projection and throw in a tad of fantasy and a bit more drama, then this book would be like the movie Inception, but for young adults. It is an amazing book and well written. I think it could be made into a phenomenal film or even a series of films. I was blown away and reading it has converted me into a huge fan. There are a lot more enthralling elements in the plot that I can’t give away. This is an author to look out for.”
 – Michaela Gordoni, READERS’ FAVORITE 

“A fascinating story involving portals, quantum physics, multiverses, and astral projection, The Indigo is bound to entice fans of the paranormal genre. Author Heather Siegel tells a moving tale about a tenacious teenager who refuses to let go of her mother and gives her all to bring her mother back to life. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns that you never see coming. Jett is a likable protagonist you find easy to root for. Her devotion to her mother is not only admirable but also very relatable. I especially enjoyed her burgeoning romance with Farold, and it was one of my favorite aspects of the book. Recommended to young adult readers who love fantasy or paranormal stories.”

About Heather Siegel

Heather Siegel is the author of THE KING & THE QUIRKY, and OUT FROM THE UNDERWORLD. She teaches academic and creative writing, holds an MFA from The New School University, and lives with her family in Southern Florida.

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