The second season for Facebook Watch show, Sorry For Your Loss, has officially begun!

Take a look at the recap of the last two episodes of last season to refresh your memory!

The first season of Sorry For Your Loss showed us the pain and heartbreak of losing your significant other along with battling other demons. Leigh Shaw lost her husband, Matt, and throughout the season we saw her dealing with PTSD. She began trying to find a way to cope with the trauma. Her sister, Jules Shaw, dealt with her own demons as well. Their mother battled with the idea of getting back with her ex-husband. Matt’s brother, Danny struggled with maintaining a friendship with Leigh. It was then revealed that he was falling in love with her. 

The new season starts with us seeing where everyone is after a few months have passed since Matt’s death.

Leigh seems to be trying to move on and sleeps with her Postmates delivery guy. Jules is teaching at the studio still and seems to be wanting to take a trip to Vietnam. She wants to explore her roots and where she was born. Their mother, Amy, is with their dad but is struggling with it. Danny quit his job. Also, Leigh got Matt’s comic published. 

Danny and Leigh haven’t spoken at all. It prompts her to keep texting and calling him until they finally meet at a club. He doesn’t want to continue a friendship and she wants him to at least check in with her once in a while. They eventually decide to text emojis to each other as a sign that they are alive and well. 

Amy nearly leaves on a trip with her ex-husband. She backs out of it last minute to be with her kids. Jules gets the opportunity to showcase her teaching skills to someone who wants to offer her a teaching job at their studio. After some advice from Leigh, she changes her routine to make it a little more advanced and it backfires since the dancers aren’t advanced enough.

When she comes home, she sees that her mother bought cookie dough which she only eats when something bad happens. She realizes that her mother assumed she’d fail and after Leigh tells her it’s not their fault tonight backfired, she decides to leave the house and live somewhere else until she finds a place of her own. 

At the end of the episode, we see Leigh finally turn off Matt’s cell phone and delete the message that Danny left on it saying that he was falling in love with Leigh. It’s a major step in letting go. Will it be a permanent thing or will she go back to the phone? She admits that every night she looked at videos and pictures from his phone before sleeping so this be a test for her to see if she can find some peace on her own. 

As usual Elizabeth Olsen and Kelly Marie Tran shine in the show. Both are delivering their best performances of their careers and as this season progresses it’ll be interesting to see where their characters go. Jovan Adepo is also delivering quite a great performance. His character struggling with falling in love with his late brother’s wife has been tough to watch. We feel so bad for him because we know he feels awful and can’t deal with it. It’ll be interesting to see how his character continues to develop this season.

Stay tuned for episode 2 recap of Sorry For Your Loss

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