There’s a lot happening at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Your schedule has been crafted. You have your game plan. Maybe you had Thursday passes and have been at this for a whole day already! Where ever you find yourself we have one more stop to add to your schedule: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yes, we’re talking about the card game and anime you watched as a kid. The one where you summon monsters via cards placed on a disc attached to your arm. Yugi, Kaiba – ringing any bells? If you were young during the early 2000’s I will be impressed if you somehow avoided it altogether.

If you’re looking to relive a piece of your childhood, interested in picking up a new hobby, or have been a long-time fan, then you’ll want to stop by the Konami booth. Attendees have a chance to demo speed dueling, get their own face made into a card, and test out two of their digital properties. On display were demos for YuGi-Oh! Duel Links and Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution.

Speed Duel

If you ever played the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game (TCG) then this will at least be somewhat familiar to you. Speed dueling is a stripped down version of a full duel. The decks are smaller, made specifically for this type of game play. There is a game mat that simplifies the moving parts during any one duel.

This simplified version of dueling is great for newbies and younger players who want to get a taste. It keeps players from getting bogged down and turns are quick. I would recommend it to anyone curious about the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

On display for demoing at the booth is the Yu-Gi-Oh! mobile card collecting game, Duel Links. It is available for free on android, apple, and microsoft operating systems. You can pick it up in the Google Play store. This is another great way to get introduced to the game without getting seriously invested in the cards. Collect digital cards, build your deck, and duel NPCs to earn exclusive cards and gems.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Take dueling to the next level with Konami’s newest game for the Nintendo Switch: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. This game will be available on August 20th, 2019 and is currently available for preorder right here. If you’re curious about game play, the folks working the San Diego Comic Con booth would be happy to answer your questions and let you take it for a spin.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Prizes + Exclusives

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a much-loved game for people from all walks of life and all experience levels. This weekend, the Konami booth is going to be celebrating the brand and sharing the latest news with fans. Be sure to swing by the booth sometime during the weekend to run through a demo.

Going through a demo will produce a token which can be cashed in for a capsule prize. There are also a number of Twitter giveaways happening all weekend. If you don’t want to leave it up to chance, then you can turn up at the booth to purchase one of a limited number of Yu-Gi-Oh! San Diego Comic Con 50th anniversary exclusive gaming mats.

Mats are $30 and there are limited quantities daily so be sure to get there early to snag one.

Other Happenings

Finally, if gaming is your cup of tea you can join Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments up in room 16A all weekend. Join in for a chance to win cool prizes.

We know there’s a lot happening this weekend and attendees are pulled in a thousand different directions. However, no one should miss out on all the great things happening at the Yu-Gi-Oh! booth this weekend.

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