“You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now you don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for. Now I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives. That’s reason enough to risk mine. And you know that” – Hershel Greene

That will always be one of, if not the best, quotes ever said by a character on The Walking Dead. Because it’s a quote that can be applied to everyday life.

Hershel Greene was the best, Scott Wilson was even better. Unfortunately, he has passed away and the entire #TWDFamily is hurting.

While so many know him from The Walking Dead, Scott Wilson had so many memorable roles in his fantastic career. And you’ve likely seen him in something and thought, “hey it’s Scott Wilson!” His career started in 1967 with In The Heat of The Night and In Cold Blood. Throughout his career, he’s had countless roles that have left an impact on us all.  Recently you could see him in Netflix’s The OA and Amazon’s Bosch.

Perhaps, the role that most will always mention first is Hershel Greene on The Walking Dead. Hershel served as the moral compass of the show. It was Hershel who often guided Rick Grimes. He helped Rick get back to himself after losing Lori.

In addition, Rick would turn to Hershel for a lot. Hershel was everyone’s dad, uncle, brother, whatever else. His daughters Maggie and Beth shared him with everyone. Glenn gained a father in law in Hershel. When his character was killed off it left a void that is since always felt each season. 

On a personal level, Hershel is a character that I hold in my heart always. 

Scott Wilson portrayed Hershel with this kind, warm, caring personality that to this day is something I always think about. Sometimes I find myself wondering what Hershel would do in any situation I find myself in. In the beginning, Hershel was a stern and grumpy guy. But his character growth happened so fast and so beautifully he ended up being the best.

He was like our TV dad. Scott Wilson was universally another dad to us all. My heart is shattered and will never recover. I will always take a second to look at my Hershel funko pop on my shelf and smile.

People often wonder why we are so attached to actors and actresses or anyone in the entertainment world and wherever else. “You didn’t even know him (or her).” Yes, we did. We knew them, because they left an impact on our lives. Whether it was a character they portrayed, a championship won, a song sang, a movie they directed, a painting they painted and so on.

For that reason, we knew them. They share their passion with us and we share our love with them. 

Thank you, Scott Wilson, for your many incredible characters. For your portrayal of Hershel. Thank you for your warmth and kindness to anyone who ever met you. You will forever be missed and loved. All of us here at Nerdophiles send our love to his incredible wife Heavenly, family, and friends. Rest in Paradise, sir.

“I think we should make some new rules before they get back. I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. First, we have to find some spaghetti.” – Hershel Greene.

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