Castle Rock’s first season left us with the hints that most, if not all (those who survived), will come back for season 2. The shows psychological horror and creepiness made for an interesting first season. It gave us incredible performances ranging from Sissy Spacek’s heartbreaking and beautiful performance to Bill Skarsgård’s phenomenal way of scaring us with his facial acting and demeanor.

Whether we get an entirely new story or a continuation of Henry Deaver squared, there will probably be some new faces. We decided to think of two actors and two actresses who would be sensational additions.

Because, why not add more brilliance to this already brilliant cast? 

In no particular order…

Gillian Anderson: If there’s an actress out there who is completely made for a role in a creepy show that makes you think and shakes you to your core, it’s Gillian Anderson. She’s a tremendous actress and this show is almost too perfect for her to be in. We need it because it’s destiny. Get to it Hulu!! We know you believe. 

Holliday Grainger: She is not an actress most people would quickly think of, but she is definitely a damn fine actresses who is on the list of underrated actors and actresses. Grainger was most recently in Showtime’s Patrick Melrose, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and she also starred in the 2013 mini series Bonnie & Clyde. She commands the screen every time she appears and we can’t take our eyes off her.

Michael Nathanson: We’ve recently seen him as Sam Stein in Netflix’s The Punisher and he completely owned that role (JUSTICE FOR SAM STEIN). He has also been on the HBO show, The Knick. Chances are you’ve seen him in something over the years. He’s a terrific actor who has great range and can definitely bring something special to Castle Rock. This kind of show would give him the kind of challenge he would definitely conquer with ease. 

Rafael Casal: Can you imagine a poet in Castle Rock?  He’ll make you think and give you serious chills with his way with words. Casal is highly underrated and should be getting roles left and right. He’s an incredibly talented actor and recently has been getting rave reviews for his role in the film Blindspotting. He co-wrote that film with the also highly underrated Daveed Diggs. A show like this would quickly elevate him into the stratosphere and get more people to recognize his talents. Who wouldn’t want to see him mess with Henry Deaver of the alternate reality’s head? Because we want to see that. 

Agree with our choices? Do you have anyone else in mind you’d like to see in Castle Rock? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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