Microcosm Publishing is at it again with their latest in the bike themed anthology series we’ve covered before. Bikes in space, zombies on bikes, they’ve got it all. In the fifth volume of this wonderful science-fiction anthology series Bikes Not Rockets brings twelve more feminist stories to readers everywhere. 

The premise of the whole series is to write a story where a bike in some way, shape, or form propels the antagonist forward on their journey. Examples of stories in this volume include: 

  • A young person visiting Earth from another planet pedals off on a quest for a gender identity
  • A series of accidents leads a woman in a repressive patriarchal society to a bike shop that offers a dangerous chance at reproductive freedom
  • A scrappy group of teens on bikes work to save their community and their own lives
  • The stakes for winning an interdimensional bicycle race turn out to be much different than expected

Each story showcases a broad array of writers and ideas, from polished professionals to those who prefer a more casual pursuit of writing. Anyone who supports this Kickstarter will not only help bring this wonderful anthology to life, but support indie writers and an indie publisher who have a heart for telling good stories. 

Whether you want to back just to snag this latest volume or would like to increase your pledge to get the whole collection, you can’t go wrong supporting Microcosm publishing’s latest volume. With only a few days left on the clock they are so close to full funding that we can practically taste it, and you can be a part of the movement that pushes them over the edge. 

Bikes Not Rockets is a progressive series that flaunts thoughtful, provocative science-fiction writing. Check out their Kickstarter page and pledge! 

Now Accepting Submissions!

If you have a good story to tell, submissions are open for the upcoming seventh volume. You can find out more information about how to submit here

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