Synopsis for 4×07: Naomi resorts to desperate measures to try to keep John Dorie alive and more is revealed about what happened at the stadium to make Alicia come after her with a vengeance. 

As chaos erupts around her, Naomi only has eyes for saving John. Alicia’s group and the Vultures are in the middle of a take-no-prisoners gunfight, but Mel doesn’t think they’re winning and makes an attempt to run. Alicia shoots the ambulance he’s escaping in, taking with it Naomi’s medical supplies that she could have used to save John.

At the same time, Strand and Luciana are also on the offensive. Luciana runs into Charlie and hesitates in shooting her, even after she killed Nick. People are slowly escaping in vehicles and Al is filming the whole thing. Morgan convinces her to help them get John somewhere Naomi can treat him. When she pulls the SWAT van up, Al has to stop Alicia from killing Naomi with the guns.

Al, Naomi, and John are all in the vehicle when Morgan jumps out to convince Charlie to leave with them as well. She doesn’t understand why Morgan would help her after knowing what she did to Nick, especially after she admits everything that happened was her fault and not Naomi’s. They’re headed to the stadium for medical supplies even as Morgan tells Naomi that John never gave up looking for her.

Once the dust settles, Alicia, Luciana, and Strand prepare to go after Naomi. But before they take their leave, Alicia sees a mortally wounded Mel crawling away from the ambulance. He doesn’t answer her questions about Naomi and eventually, Alicia decides that it doesn’t matter. She kills Mel without any hesitation.

Flashing back to the past, Madison and Nick are starting to get the stadium plants going again now that the Vultures are gone. However, their plans are interrupted when Charlie shows up at the gate asking for help. Mel was in a car accident that hurt him pretty badly and they can’t go to the Vultures for help because Mel and Ennis had a fight over how to handle the Stadium. Nick doesn’t want to help them, for fear of it being a trap, but Madison reminds them that they saved a questionable Naomi once too.

Mel wakes up handcuffed to a bed and asking for Charlie. He wants to leave immediately, telling them that Ennis made plans to force the stadium to fall and it’s no longer safe. Charlie doesn’t think Ennis would collect the dead to bring to the stadium, but they find enough numbered flags to be worried about what happens next. Later when they’re alone, Mel tries to appeal to Naomi’s sense of survival and she takes her concerns to Madison.

Naomi tries to tell Madison that she’s been on the wrong side of where the stadium is right now. She knows it’s not safe, but Madison insists on staying because she built the stadium as a safe place for Nick and Alicia. Madison confesses to prepping a vehicle just in case, but Naomi still thinks it’s not worth their lives to keep the stadium.

Angry that Naomi is questioning this decision, Madison storms into the infirmary and grants Mel exactly what he wants: his freedom. But he’s not allowed to take Charlie with him and everyone else is clearly uncomfortable with letting an injured man go without medical care. Strand views the situation as similar to his own when Madison saved him, but Mel leaves anyway. Later, Nick tells Madison that he was afraid of being away from her because she shows him the way — and he doesn’t think the way is sending Mel away to die.

When they break the news to Charlie, she’s extremely upset. Alicia tells her that she put a walkie-talkie in the Land Rover for Mel, but he can’t answer Charlie’s call except to cough. Because of that, Nick and Alicia make the decision to go get Mel and bring him back. Strand helps them leave the stadium while Naomi and Madison are elsewhere talking. She’s accepting Madison’s play and prepping the infirmary for whatever comes next.

Soon, Nick and Alicia find the Land Rover with an injured Mel inside and inform Strand. Before they can bring him back, they hear Ennis’ convoy coming. Hiding on the side of the road, they watch truck after truck filled with the dead heading towards the stadium. Alicia warns strand of what’s coming and they take a different road to try to beat them back.

Strand has no choice but to admit to Madison that they went after Mel as they stand on the lookout for Ennis. A single ice cream truck shows up and drops fuel in front of the stadium, much to the confusion of everyone else. Unfortunately, that truck beat Nick, Alicia, and Mel back and they’re forced to stay in the parking lot and watch events unfold. They don’t have time to make it back through the gate.

Ennis and the rest of the trucks catch up and get themselves in position. On his mark, everyone opens their trucks and the dead begin streaming out towards the stadium. Someone lights the gas on the ground on fire and Madison and Strand realize the dead are also covered in oil — fiery infected would definitely be a threat to the stadium that they weren’t prepared for.

Alicia is on the radio apologizing to Madison even though she knows that they did the right thing by trying to save Mel. The dead are slowly surrounding their vehicle and Madison decides to go out and save her kids at all costs. Strand and Luciana volunteer to go with her and the rest of the stadium is forced to stand by while she gets the gates open.

In the present, Al stops in front of the stadium and observes the melted ice cream truck out front. Naomi is adamant that Ennis didn’t go inside for supplies because no one wanted to go in there after what happened. Al is skeptical, but with Morgan’s assurance, they burst through the gate. As the dust settles, burnt walkers begin to swarm around the SWAT van.

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