Synopsis of 8×11: The surviving Alexandrians head for the Hilltop while tensions with Dwight rise, Gabriel tries to teach Doctor Carson to have faith, and Negan finds a new job for Eugene.

A radio transmission goes out to the Saviors informing them of Gabriel and Doctor Carson’s escape. As the group of Saviors on screen jump into vehicles to join the search, it’s revealed that Daryl, Rosita, Tara, Dwight, and the Alexandrians are just below the bridge and on their way to the Hilltop – where they think the missing pair will also be headed. Tara “accidentally” throws a walker onto Dwight as they begin to move again and it’s only the beginning of the tension between them in the episode as he struggles but ultimately kills it.

Joke’s on everyone else, Doctor Carson and Gabriel are very, very lost — and Gabriel is also losing his eyesight, but gaining a keener sense of hearing. Doctor Carson severely regrets allowing Gabriel to leave the Sanctuary, but he’s got all his hope and faith in God and they stumble off through the woods after a bell-sound that Gabriel hears. They end up at an old, untouched cabin.

Daryl wants to continue on, but Rosita tells him the group needs to rest. Tara complains that Dwight — who killed Denise, her girlfriend — is still alive and Rosita tells her to stow it at least until they get to Alexandria. Dwight does help them by showing them a route through the swamp that the Savior’s wouldn’t check for and re-affirms his mission to stay with them until Negan dies.

Morgan and Henry are keeping watch over the Saviors in the pen at the Hilltop when Jared, the worst Savior, complains that the kid is freaking them out. Henry wants to know which one of them killed Benjamin (spoiler: it was Jared), but Carol forces him to leave his watch to go eat. Morgan and Carol argue over what Henry can handle as a child and she tells him that he’s also not okay, sending him off to take over his guard.

Negan is pissed that someone allowed for Doctor Carson and Gabriel to get away and he questions Eugene to see if he knows anything about it. He doesn’t, but he does ask about what happened at Alexandria, to which Negan wants to know if Eugene really cares. He claims that he doesn’t. The good news is, with the Saviors having used up all of their bullets clearing out the Sanctuary, Eugene gets his own outpost for making bullets.

Gabriel is stumbling around the house, trying to sell Doctor Carson on hope as he finds a radio transcript, but he remains skeptical. After dispatching of the cabin’s previous owner, who tried to commit suicide, Gabriel shows Doctor Carson all of the pill bottles that happen to contain antibiotics.

Maggie is told by Dianne that the Hilltop has to cut rations to one-third, not including the prisoners to make it through the week. When she goes to speak with them, she refuses to free Gregory and Alden steps up to ask that they be let out one at a time under armed guard. Maggie also refuses that and lets him know that they will also not get rations for the next few days because her people come first.

Dwight reminds Daryl of Sherry, who freed him from the Sanctuary before she ran away, but when they reach the swamp, he still has to stay behind. Daryl, Rosita, and Siddiq go to clear out a path while Tara and Dwight stay behind with the rest of the Alexandrians.

Once they’re gone, Tara volunteers Dwight to use a knife to clear the area of walkers by himself. She covers him with a gun as he struggles to kill them because he’s injured. When he’s finished, he apologizes about Denise and Tara takes a shot at him. She misses and he goes running through the woods. As she catches up to him to kill him, they hear Saviors nearby.

They scramble to hide, but with no other options, Dwight jumps out of the woods and rejoins the Saviors. He dissuades them from checking the swamp area and leads them away while Tara is powerless to stop it. Rosita watched it all happen from behind Tara and, while Daryl is pissed he got away, they confirm that he did continue to help them by leading them off the right path.

Doctor Carson worries that Gabriel’s eyesight may be permanently damaged, but his fever has broken. Not only that, but his blind fumbling reveals car keys and a map — revealing that they were closer than they expected. As they go to get the car, the doctor stumbles into a bear trap and Gabriel has to have faith in shooting a walker blind to help him. The doctor is astonished, but they’re both buoyed by good fortune as they load into the car.

Unfortunately, that’s when the Saviors find and collect them. Gabriel confidently tells him that God is still leading the way and Doctor Carson says he finally does see it. He goes for the gun on the Savior’s belt that is closest to him and he’s immediately shot dead. Gabriel starts to cry at this turn of events.

The Alexandrians finally make it to the Hilltop, where Daryl relays the news about Carl to the group. Later, Morgan tells Henry that it was Gavin who killed his brother and he already got him after Carol tells Henry that Carl died helping a stranger. Siddiq thanks Maggie for taking them all in and offers his services in the infirmary. Maggie has a change of heart and says she’s going to allow the Saviors out in pairs to work and get necessary medical attention.

In his new position, Eugene is making bullets and dictating scrambled eggs for his crew for dinner. Negan bursts in with a near-blind Gabriel, who tells them that it was Carson who planned the escape, and they set him to task sorting bullet casings. He thought he’d found what he was supposed to do, but this is another big blow to Gabriel’s hope and faith.

Eugene’s news that it will take days to get the bullet production up and running doesn’t please Negan, so he’s forced to come up with a suggestion on the fly. He tells him that they can build trebuchets to fling walker bits over the walls onto the Hilltop and Negan’s pleased with that idea. He goes on to showcase his gruesome plans to the Saviors, including Dwight.

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