Synopsis of 01×04: The fourth episode of Midnight, Texas continued to pick up steam as it focused on their newest monster of the week plot, a beautiful succubus who attacks men who have caused others pain and suffering.

Manfred and Creek have a painfully stilted conversation about his bullet wounds from Hightower, the mysterious man who he’s running from. He’s drawn into the fold by a woman looking for her con artist brother.

He goes in search of the succubus in question after he comes into contact with the brother’s ghost. Manfred finds her at a rest stop, after she has already eaten another victim, and he high tails it back to Midnight to let the other inhabitants know about the mystery creature.

Meanwhile, several side story lines are occurring while Manfred plays junior detective. Bobo attempts to go after the white supremacist group that ransacked his home and may have killed his fiancé, only to be stopped by Fiji.

Olivia assassinates a target and kidnaps a man that is following her. She brings him back to Lem to help her torture him for information. Olivia reveals in this scene that her mother abused her as a child and Lem energy sucks her pain away. Eventually, Olivia decides to let the man live, and she sends him back to her father.

Creek’s little brother continues to follow her and Manfred around in an attempt to protect her, which of course means he gets caught in the supernatural cross fire. Everything more or less comes together at the local bar, where the Fiji corners the succubus and strips her of her glamour.

In a truly cheesy and predictable horror movie fashion, the succubus looks kind of like a melted person with hollowed eyes. Fiji attempts to kill her, but the succubus flails (her arms and legs contorted and moved almost like a cartoon character) and attempts to hold Conner hostage.

Luckily, Manfred saves the day and melts the succubus with a propane tank and lighter. The episode ends with an evasive and over-acted scene between Chuy and Joe discussing “what’s to come.”

This episode had some pretty good one liners, and the cast chemistry appeared to be settling quite a bit. Olivia and Lem’s relationship wasn’t quite as overdone and over-acted as in previous episodes, though Olivia’s breakdown seemed forced and unbelievable, as did some of Olivia’s dialogue.

There are parts of the episode that are very campy and silly, and it’s difficult to tell if that is purposeful or not. However, fans did get the Fiji/Bobo kiss, and that made the entire episode worth watching..

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