Synopsis of 01×05: Jane writes about a Wall Street woman turned stripper.

As per usual The Bold Type had another successful episode that I enjoyed! However, the voiceover is still there and it’s slowly killing me, people! Let’s in dig in to this week’s episode though.

Jane is being sued by a woman who formerly worked on Wall Street turned stripper; Kat had the kissing marathon of her life with Adena. She spent the night with her and woke up to find out she’s breaking up a happy home; Sutton is excited to sign the paperwork for her fashion job and learns that the fashion assistant salary isn’t what she thought it would be.

Jane and Sutton visit Morgyn Stanley at the strip club to deliver copies of Scarlet magazine to her in person. Sutton and Jane are both in awe of Morgyn as she works the stage. Morgyn isn’t happy with the article and demands Jane be escorted off the premises. Shocked, Jane has no idea why Morgyn would be so disappointed with her. Before she can investigate why, Jacqueline calls her into the office and tells her she’s being sued by Morgyn for defamation. Uh oh Jane, what did you get yourself into now!

Kat dishes to Jane and Sutton about her new relationship with Adena. She also lets them know that Adena will be breaking up with CoCo because of their relationship. Kat has never been in a serious relationship though. Could she be ready to get serious with Adena so soon?

Sutton meets with Oliver to officially sign the offer letter for the fashion assistant position. She quickly learns that the salary is well below what she makes currently as an assistant. Before signing the offer letter, she does what most people don’t: buy time to figure out how to negotiate the salary.

This was one of my favorite parts of the episode! Most women in general are low-balled when it comes to salary. More than half won’t negotiate or don’t know how to negotiate. There isn’t much you can do coming in to a company at entry level, but because Sutton has assistant experience she took the time to negotiate “perks” at work, a date to revisit a discussion about her salary within three months, and requested per diem for travel. 

Meanwhile, Jane is frustrated that she’s being sued and meets with Sutton’s secret office boyfriend, Richard, to discuss a game plan. Things aren’t looking so good though since Jane’s notes have been practically washed away. Richard has faith though. Morgyn and her lawyer are considering settling and ask to meet in person.

But when they do, Morgyn and Jane don’t see eye to eye and instead of settling, Morgyn decides she wants to keep the suit against Jane. Jacqueline and Richard advise Jane once again not to do anything and to let the legal team handle it. Of course you know Jane, she just can’t follow simple rules. 

Kat feels the pressure when Adena refers to them as an “us” and begins to freak out about commitment. Jane and Sutton are worried about her, but she claims she’s just fine. That is until she tweets about her lesbian business on Scarlet’s twitter.

Thankfully she deletes it before anyone sees, but Jacqueline sure did. She calls Kat into her office and tells her she’s worried about her. Kat says she’s fine, but clearly her feelings for Adena have been throwing her off her game and getting her into lots of trouble. So it isn’t surprising when she decides to call it quits with Adena via text. What a cowardice move, Kat, I’m totally disappointed! 

Oliver agrees to Sutton’s terms and she signs the offer letter making things really official! Jane went against Jacqueline and Richard’s warning and paid Morgyn a visit. She apologized for ruining her life with the article and getting her son kicked out of school. Her apology moved Morgyn because she opted to drop the suit and settle as long as the digital article was removed.

Way to go Jane, but still bummer about all the trouble! Kat has a mental breakthrough and realizes she wants to take a chance with Adena and try the relationship thing. Only when she reaches out to Adena, it’s too late because she’s already booked a trip to France to patch things up with her ex-CoCo. 

Once again, The Bold Type tackles real life problems that not only millennials, but women in general face. Careers are hard to navigate but life is so much harder! These women are holding each other responsible for their actions and supporting one another as the go. I so can’t wait to see how hard Kat will fight for Adena!

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