Synopsis of 03×04: Abigail heads to New York City to try and cause a bit of chaos and the team is hot on her trail, determined to stop her.


The team’s reunion in Mexico turned sour very quickly as Abigail’s bird hybrids converged on the cabin. They managed to escape and continued their reunion when they were back to safety. There was a tense moment between Jamie and Jackson, which revealed that over the past ten years things really did go sour between most of the team members. Mitch missed a lot. 

Abe and Dariela had to debate Reiden’s offer to give up Clem in exchange for Isaac while Jackson filled Jamie and Mitch in on Abigail and what happened at the barrier. Jackson also filled Mitch in on how, after he was presumed dead, things were never the same. 

Leanne, the head of Reiden, called the program with the children the “Youth Rejuvenation Program” and attempted to market it as something good. Parents did not have to worry because their children were going to help save the world. Mitch focused on another way to save the world, primarily by digging into a hybrid because if they can figure out how hybrids work then maybe they could take down Abigail. 

When he kept running into dead ends Mitch admitted he needed help and said they needed to bring Abe on board, as well as Jonah, the doctor from Michigan that was trying to help Abe and Dariela. Jamie revealed that Jackson didn’t think they were friends because she wrote about him in his book, which in turn caused the Shepherds to come after him, forcing him to hide his identity and live at the barrier. 

It was finally Abe and Dariela’s turn to meet up with the team, though they continued to harbor their secret about Isaac. 

With Abe’s help they were able to get a read on Abigail and found out she was headed to NYC with her device. The team came to the conclusion that she was going to use it to draw the hybrids to NYC and cause chaos. They needed to stop her. 

We finally got an interlude with Jamie and Mitch catching up for real. It turned out that even after ten years the spark that drove them together had not faded away. They consummated their renewed relationship because hybrids? What hybrids? The end of the world can wait. 

After arranging for Clem to be captured, Dariela decided she wanted to go back on the plan. She had made a mistake. In NYC Abigail stole an NYPD uniform while on the plane Jamie showed Jackson her pet Shepherd and told him to either shoot her, shoot him, or get over it. Surprise: he did not shoot anyone. 

Once they reached New York City, Jamie went on a hunt for the Falcon after receiving a mysterious text while Mitch went to deal with Abigail. Mr. NYPD himself, Logan, was along for the ride as they made their way into Reiden Global to try and stop whatever Abigail had planned. 

Back on the plane, Clem took off to get a part to fix a vehicle even though Dariela tried to stop her because she knew what was going to come next. Jackson cornered Abe and wanted to know what was going on but Abe brushed him off.

Things got crazy at Reiden when the team finally located and chased Abigail, with Mitch and Logan splitting off from Jamie. Mitch found Abigail, who gave the impression that she knew who he was and then activated the device she was carrying and dropped it down a stairwell. Mitch had two choices: go after Abigail or go after the device. He chose the device. 

Logan had a bit more luck and was able to corner Abigail but the hybrids arrived and disrupted everything. That left him and Mitch to stop the device from broadcasting the signal lest it continue to draw hybrids to New York City. They decided they were going to fly it away from the city on a drone and crash it into the Atlantic to get the hybrids to follow suit. 

While Jackson and Abe fixed the drone and had Jackson shoot it down over the Atlantic, Mitch and Logan stumbled upon Jamie, who was with a very dead Leanne. Apparently she was the Falcon, and Jamie claimed she was the one who shot her. Cue an arrest. 

Bounty hunters abducted Clem, but when they tried to reach Reiden and Dariela the phone kept ringing. They decided they were going to sell her to a mysterious gentleman. Needless to say, it probably won’t end well for Clem. 

In better news, Jackson was able to shoot down the drone and the hybrid problem, for the moment, was solved. 

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