Synopsis of 03×06: Raza vs. Raza. When other dimensional alternates of the crew steal weapons, the real crew must get them back.

 Ryo wasn’t kidding when he said he would round up people and question them about the assassination attempt on his life. His soldiers are transporting people on prison ships to interrogate them. Two and Three sneak on the ship and convince the prisoners to help overthrow the guards in exchange for freedom. 

Two and Three kick butt as per usual; but instead of freeing the prisoners, Two opens the airlock and flushes all the prisoners. That’s out of character for Two… but not out of character for Portia and Boone. Looks like the alternates have finally surfaced and are up to no good. Ryo contacts the prison ship and is furious to learn that Two is behind hijacking the ship. He barely gets his point across when Portia unexpectedly terminates the transmission. 

Shortly after chatting with Ryo, Two contacts Truffault and sets up a job smuggling missiles through Tralgot territory. In true Portia fashion she and her crew double cross Truffault, damaging the Raza crew’s reputation with Truffault. 

Meanwhile, back on the Raza, Five is seriously worried about Six (she has every reason to be worried considering the way the last episode ended!); Android tries to comfort her but an angry Truffault contacts the Raza and questions why they stole her missiles and double crossed her. Two denies everything and promises Truffault she will retrieve the missiles.

Adrian doesn’t think he belongs on the Raza (he has been causing trouble), Solara tries to convince him otherwise when Two walks in requesting his help. Adrian jumps at the chance to be useful and contacts the alternate Portia. He’s already set up a “buyer” for the missiles; Portia is suspicious and demands Adrian be at the meet with the buyer, he agrees and sends the coordinates for the meet to her. 

Adrian meets with Wexler and pulls his gun on him when he mistakenly thinks Wexler was reaching for his. Solara shows up just in time to deliver a punch to Wexler’s face. Meanwhile, Portia stuns Three, hijacks the Marauder, and makes her way on to the Raza.

The Android and Portia fight and of course my fav Android knocks Portia on her a** and locks her up. Android rescues Three from the Marauder; Three tells Android he’s going to grab weapons before picking up the Raza crew. But instead he reappears and stuns Android, turns out he wasn’t Three but Boone after all.

Boone works on trying to release Portia but it doesn’t work; the air levels start to drop and in walks Five who stuns Boone and ties him up (way to go Five!). She contacts the alternate Raza crew and discovers they have Three and negotiates a trade; Tash isn’t interested in negotiating.

Alternate Android is though, she stuns Tash and seals the deal with Five. Android meets with alt-Android for the trade and admits the blink drive doesn’t work; alt-Android says she’ll let her crew know so they won’t pursue them. But let’s face it Two won’t allow the alt-Raza crew to roam freely. 

With the crew safely back on the Raza, Truffault meets with Two to retrieve the Mikkei missiles and payment. Adrian surprises the crew with his departure as he hitches a ride with Truffault to his cousin’s place somewhere in Mikkei territory (so he’ll be safe, or so we hope!).

Android subtly asks Solara to stay, but she says no because she’s under contract. Five says goodbye to Adrian and plants a kiss on his cheek (did Five have a crush on him?) leaving Adrian with a sad look on his face. I’m sad to see Adrian and Solara go too, sigh. 

Portia shows up at Ferrous Corp in Neiman’s office and tells him they have a common enemy. If Portia and Neiman team up, how much havoc will that cause for the Raza? Meanwhile, Three visits Sarah and discovers her virtual space is evolving, does that also mean she’s becoming more powerful? How long will she be contained on the ship?

 The crew sets course for Six since Five hasn’t been able to get in contact with him. They reach the colony only to discover that there are dead bodies everywhere. Is Commander Neiman behind this, and more importantly, where is Six? Is he alive? 

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