Synopsis 03×04: When an MI6 agent is found dead, Kirsten struggles to sort through the visual codes hiding the secrets in his memory; Linus and Camille go on a double date but not with each other.

Cameron and Camille still have a ton of sexual tension going on. Linus hasn’t finished the oxytocin filter so Cameron is upping his workouts to relieve stress. Kirsten recruits Camille to secretly help map new areas of her brain so Kirsten can stitch into her mother’s brain. 

In the last episode, Cameron asked Camille to take over stitching for him because he didn’t trust himself. Now, back in the lab with a John Doe, who was shot in the chest and pushed to his death at a hotel, Cameron is ready to take back control in regards to stitching. Camille and Kirsten both tell him no. Camille brings up how he’s been feeling shaky on the controls and Cameron hesitates and let’s Camille run the stitch.  

Reckless or stupid? Cameron calls Camille out on her actions for allowing Kirsten to stay in a John Doe’s death memory for too long without discovering what happened to him. Before things get ugly between Camille and Cameron, Kirsten confesses in front of everyone that it was her idea. Cameron softens his tone a little, but still keeps to his point. 

Cameron connects the John Doe’s tattoo and his memory encryption and confirms that the victim worked for MI6. Kirsten and Cameron meet with MI6 and try to get answers on what who the victim is and what case he was working on. MI6 scrubbed the case files and aren’t willing to help them. Cameron and Kirsten negotiate until they get answers from Dexter Abbott. Dexter is willing to cooperate with the NSA as long as they are able to get an agent named Chloe Marks out of jail. Cameron and Kirsten call upon Fisher for help. 

Meanwhile, Linus and Camille investigate the crime scene. Linus tells Camille they must get past what’s going on between them. Camille finally caves and tells Linus about Amanda; she even invites him and Ivy over for dinner. 

Fisher’s wife manages to get Chloe Marks released; Cameron invites Chloe to his house to clean up before meeting with director Abbott. Kirsten is slightly jealous because Chloe is beautiful and Cameron is being way too nice. Chloe cleans up and appears naked in front of Cameron and Kirsten asking for clothes. Already we know that Chloe is trouble; Cameron excuses himself and leaves Kirsten alone with Chloe while he goes to meet with Abbott. Cameron learns from Abbott that the John Doe is Agent Harrington. 

Cameron and Kirsten come home to discover Chloe has let herself into Cameron’s apartment; she has a black eye and claims Agent Abbott is the one who gave to her. Kirsten and Cameron fear that Chloe might be in danger; Kirsten decides to bring Chloe to her house so she can lay low while Cameron heads to the lab.  

Meanwhile, Camille and Amanda host a dinner party with Linus and Ivy as their guests. Things  turn sour when Linus threatens Amanda if she plans on hurting Camille. In the next room, Camille is having the same chat with Ivy. This almost makes me wonder if Linus and Camille still have feelings for each other. I mean, are they really over each other?  Kirsten shows up to the house after dinner with Chloe; Camille introduces Amanda to Kirsten and Chloe. Amanda volunteers to keep Chloe company while they head back to the lab to figure things out.

At the lab, Kirsten deciphers one of Agent Harrington’s memory codes; Fisher confirms the bullet found in Harrington’s chest matches Agent Abbott’s gun. Cameron and Kirsten go to visit Abbott only to discover him on the floor. They think he’s dead until he wakes up and squeezes off a shot. Thankfully, Cameron was able to grab Kirsten and pull them both back before anyone got hurt. Linus was able to decode the other images based off of Kirsten’s first decipher. With all of the memories unlocked, Kirsten stitches back into Harrington.

Cameron takes over managing the stitch from Camille after realizing life is too short to not be in control. Camille asks him if he’s sure; Cameron confirms and she let’s him take over. Kirsten stitches and discovers that Chloe was Harrington’s wife and that she was having an affair with Agent Abbott. Camille runs out of the lab fearful for Amanda’s life; Camille sends frantic text messages trying to warn her about Chloe. Kirsten bounces from the stitch and the rest of the team makes their way over to Kirsten’s house.

Camille tries to keep things calm while trying to usher Amanda out of the house to safety. Chloe catches on and attacks Camille. They fight, Chloe has Camille pinned to the floor just about ready to stab her when Amanda knocks her over the head. Camille takes over and pins Chloe to the ground just in time for back-up to arrive and arrest her.

Amanda and Camille share an intimate moment; Cameron confesses to Kirsten that he’s figured out a way to help save her mom by using the machine that selects their stitch victims. Will this be something Cameron will pay for later in the season?

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