Synopsis 03×08: Liv and her boyfriend become closer when she shares the brain of  a former daredevil with him; Blaine is back to his old ways; Ravi makes progress in his new research; a discovery puts Major in grave danger. 

Evil Blaine returns from the dead, again! This time he’s hell bent on revenge and decides to go after his dad and Don E. 

Zombie trooper Harley Johns captured Justin on video in a zombie rage state in the last episode of iZombie. Since then he posted the video online and it immediately went viral. In turn, Liv, Justin, Clive, and Major meet with Fillmore Graves’ executives to discuss the video and their game plan to get the situation under control. 

Vivian believes that Liv and Clive have the situation under control and will leave it in their hands. She adjourns the meeting and asks Major to stay behind alone. After everyone leaves, Vivian commends Major for his service so far. Major thanks her, and Vivian asks him if he is the same soldier that came back from Kumar. Major says yes, he’s even better. 

Vivian says excellent, she would like to shake his hand. But when she goes in for the handshake, she cups his wrist and also checks his pulse. Immediately she discovers that Major is human and asks him to confirm. Major meets up with Liv after his meeting and tells her that Vivian knows he’s human and he’s no longer on active duty. When Vivian returns from Zombie Island she’d like to talk to Ravi about his cure. 

But Vivian will never get the chance to talk to Ravi because she doesn’t even make it to Zombie Island. Shortly after the helicopter takes off with her on board, it goes up in flames and falls from the sky. Back at Ravi and Major’s place, the team gathers to discuss what happened. The news claims the helicopter went down due to mechanical issues. But, Liv believes it was another attack on zombies. 

Ravi volunteers himself to infiltrate Harley’s operation to gather information. Liv asks to join him and believes if she tans and wears a wig Harley wouldn’t recognize her. Clive warns that if they find out they aren’t true believers they won’t play nice. But Ravi and Liv think they can do it!

Finn Vincent, a YouTube stunt daredevil is murdered after his attempt to bike through a ring of fire covered in a hay suite. Clive, Liv, and Ravi are on the scene to checkout the body when they discover Finn died because someone switched his suit. So you know what that means! That’s right, Liv eats daredevil brains! 

Liv and Clive spend the day questioning Finn’s crew and cameramen and basically get nowhere. Liv even goes into the interrogation room and acts a fool using a staple gun to staple her forehead. Sigh, sometimes I get annoyed with this aspect of the show. But I will say, I enjoyed watching Liv prank Clive by putting superglue on a coffee mug. Then watching Clive spill the coffee on himself was comical too, ha!

Liv leaves Clive and heads back to the morgue with Ravi, where she shows him her shenanigans on camera. Ravi lets her know he got them on the list for the zombie hater meeting with Harley and Liv is thrilled to attend a zombie hating meeting as a zombie.

Liv goes on another date with Justin and gets him to also eat daredevil brains so they can be on the same wavelength. Liv asks where they can get SuperMax and Justin knows exactly where to get it. They have a romantic picnic in the park and launch sharp metal airplanes into the air and wait on the ground for them to make their way back to them. One lands right in Justin’s chest. Liv straddles him and helps pull it out of his chest, then she leans in to kiss him. She has a vision of Finn’s killer and she and Clive arrest him. 

Meanwhile, Blaine continues to plot his revenge and makes his way back into the brain selling business. He calls Don E and lets him know that he knows where he and his father have set-up shop and that he’s coming from him. Blaine’s dad sends Don E and his men after him, requesting they come back with his head.

But Blaine out smarts them all when he shows up hidden in a cement crate. Once the crate is open, he shoots all of his father’s guards and forces his father to stand in a water pail. He fills the pail with cement and brings his father to an isolated estate and drops him in an abandoned water well. Blaine walks away with the best smirk on his face. 

Fillmore Graves’ mercenaries have the night off so naturally they’re drinking and a merry time is had. The new boss asks about the missing SuperMax cans. Justin bravely admits that he took them and in return he takes a bullet straight to the chest. Thank goodness he’s a zombie, otherwise, we’d be saying goodbye to him. 

Poor Major, looks on in horror because things just got a bit more dangerous for him as a human soldier among zombies. Maybe it’s time for him to leave Fillmore Graves before he ends up dead?

Ravi and Liv arrive at the zombie hate meeting ready to infiltrate. Except when while they are standing in line, Harley recognizes Liv. He approaches and asks Liv if they’ve met before, she says no and that she has a common face. Ravi makes up an excuse for Liv to leave and she does. Ravi makes it to the check-in table and they check his heart rate. Liv makes her way to the exit and tells Ravi she loves him before she leaves him alone. 

Will the zombie haters be suspicious of Ravi and hurt him like Clive mentioned? Will Major be able to quit Fillmore without any questions? Is Vivian Stoll actually dead if we didn’t see a body? 

Excited to see what the next episode has in store for fans next week!

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