Synopsis of 12×17: This episode of Supernatural opens with Kendricks Academy, which is like the more murdery version of Hogwarts. The Headmistress brings Michael and his friend to her room and states that there could only be one survivor. Michael kills his best friend, as he feels indebted to the Headmistress and the school. Michael, understandably traumatized, listens to the Headmistress as she ingrains the spiel about killing monsters and following orders and buys into the code.


Fast forward to present day where Sam and Dean are speaking to Eileen, who has found a lead on Kelly Kline. Dean teases Sam about Eileen saying goodbye to him, and references that he is still smitten with her. They get home and find Michael chilling at their table. Michael explains all Men of Letters have access to the bunker, which is hugely foreshadowing for the rest of the season.

Mic tells them about the Nephilim and Sam and Dean inform him that they already know. Mic is appalled that Sam and Dean let Kelly escape and didn’t kill the son of Lucifer and Sam and Dean repeat that things aren’t black and white.

Remember Castiel? Well, Dean does and leaves another voicemail as an attempt to contact him. Dean is understandably worried about Cas and his lack of communication. Although, for as much as Dean and Sam say they care about the angel, they surely don’t spend a whole lot of time looking for their missing ‘brother.’

After all of this, the Headmistress is pressuring Mic to kill Dean and Sam, and we find out Mary and Mr. Ketch hunt together and have the sex occasionally. The Headmistress’ lackey comes to Mic to provide oversight for the mission.

Not to be forgotten, Lucifer pretends to submit to Crowley and gives a speech about how the rightful prince will be on the throne. Crowley believes it’s him and the rest of the court knows otherwise. This is it for any Lucifer and Crowley interactions, which is incredibly frustrating because both characters are being horrendously underused.

Eileen fights a demon and finds out where Kelly is. The Winchesters, Eileen, Mic, and the lackey come up with an elaborate plan to abduct Kelly and try to help her. This, of course, doesn’t go according to plan, and Dagon shows up and blasts them all to the ground. Eileen has a shot with the Colt, but Dagon shifts away, and Eileen accidentally kills the lackey. Mic is torn between letting Eileen live and following the code. Eventually, he allows Eileen to leave with the Winchesters.

Eileen is struggling with the fact that she killed a person, who wasn’t a monster and Sam and Dean just try to be supportive. The episode ends with the Headmistress and Mr. Ketch meeting with Mic. Mic finally stands up the Headmistress and tells her that their way of operating is wrong. Mr. Ketch shoots him in the head, which is quite unfortunate, because I finally was starting to like Mic. 

Like most of the episodes of Supernatural, the theme of this episode is really about the choices and mistakes that a person makes and how that shapes them and how they can change in the end. The episode also focuses on the clash of different codes and morals. Honestly, I can’t wait until the British Men of Letters either go away or their squabble with the Hunters finally comes to a head.

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