Synopsis 01×07: The group needs to free themselves from the dream they’re caught up in without losing anyone in the real world. How they go about this is amazing.

In a scene straight out of a horror movie, Kerry is alone and running through the aggressively populated hallways of Clockworks as The Eye stalks her. It’s chaotic, with the lights flickering, alarms blaring, and live wires sparking around her.

At the same time, the Devil with the Yellow Eyes is standing in a map room, but it’s Lenny’s form that confronts Amy about David’s history. She recounts hearing voices at four years old and thinking it was a dream when David came to live with them. This only serves to frustrate Lenny, who is searching for something. There’s the hint of Xavier’s wheelchair wheel before Lenny senses “someone out of their pen.”

It’s Cary and Oliver, conversing in the ice cube. Cary is happy to see him, but becomes increasingly more confused by Oliver’s inability to remember Melanie and his tendency to go off on tangents in the middle of conversation. Still, they come to the conclusion together that David’s parasite is actually Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, and work out a way to save David, break everyone out of the collective dream they’re sharing, and save everyone in reality from the bullets. Behind the ice cube wall, David is screaming as he’s still trapped from last episode.

Once Oliver introduces Cary to his friend, Jules Verne the scuba suit, audiences are brought up to speed on where the last episode ends, as he beckons Syd to follow him. They enter a white room and go further into a capsule, where they can speak freely about the situation. All of Cary’s explanation thunder is stolen by Syd, who has already figured everything that the audience knows out. Cary offers her multiple pairs of glasses that Oliver made to help them all see only the real things in Clockworks.

This comes in handy as she steps out of the capsule and into the same chaos that was plaguing Kerry throughout the hallways. As soon as she puts the glasses on, the scene becomes black and white and all of the other people disappear. She quickly locates Rudy in the wheelchair and Kerry, making sure to put glasses on them both.

Returning to reality, sort of, Melanie is still standing in the scene at David’s childhood home when the scuba suit joins her. It’s only Cary, but Oliver reveals himself behind her – even if he still doesn’t remember her – and the two of them begin assessing the scene.

Melanie steps away, only to find blood dripping up to the ceiling and quickly tries to locate the source. It’s Rudy, the mutant who can wave his hand and toss things with ease, who has been stabbed by The Eye and taken over, which explains his brain-dead drooling in the dream.

David, still trapped in the coffin in the dark, is screaming until his “rational mind” makes an appearance as British David. He explains that his own powers have manifested a rational version of himself to help him with the breakdown he’s having, encouraging him to visualize a classroom with a blackboard so that they can figure things out together.

With plenty of leading questions, Rational David helps David discern the facts: one, he was adopted, and two, Lenny knew his father – but it wasn’t Lenny, it was a mutant that has been with David since he was a baby. After drawing a baby, the chalk drawings animate themselves into an assumed story about his real father fighting the monster on the astral plane. In fear of retribution, David was given up for adoption.

He realizes he’s been possessed his entire life, sick and poisoned by the Devil with the Yellow Eyes that fed on his power. It’s only when he met Syd that the monster began to take action, which brings them to their current predicament. With a renewed sense of purpose, David declares that he’s going to get his body back and proceeds to break himself out of the coffin.

Back at the house, Melanie and Cary are failing to push Syd and David out of the path of the bullets, when Oliver steps in to begin conducting the word “SHIELD” out of thin air as a protection for Syd against the bullets. At the same time, David is on a mission looking for his body through the hallways of Clockworks.

Syd, Kerry, and Rudy are moving through different hallways in Clockworks, silent cue cards taking the place of Syd’s words as she searches for everyone else. Out of nowhere, The Eye tackles Kerry, knocking her glasses off, and flustering her enough to fight off imagined people while Syd tries to help her get away from The Eye.

“The monster arrives” when Lenny bursts onto the scene and tells them they’re supposed to rise when the King appears. Quickly taking control of The Eye’s body, she crumples him up into a square. In the house, in front of Melanie, the frozen body of Rudy turns back into The Eye with blood pouring down his face.

Once he’s taken care of, Lenny crawls towards Syd and Kerry, threatening them before becoming distracted by Oliver’s attempts to save them. She quickly leaves to confront him, tossing him easily into a wall and then returns to terrorize the girls some more, but is tackled by Rudy, who is free from The Eye and awake in the dream.

David, who has been increasingly upset in search of his body, bursts open doors in the hallway he’s standing in before returning to his physical body when Cary succeeds in putting the parasite-blocking halo on his head. He quickly moves Syd so that he’s the one who intercepts the bullets, but easily reveals that he caught them in his hand and he’s fine. As everyone else gains their bearings back returning to their own bodies, Amy is startled by the crumpled body of The Eye.

Together, the group returns to Summerlands and David is urged to keep the halo on his head until they can fully separate him from the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. Melanie goes in search of Oliver in his scuba suit, only to find him serving breakfast to everyone. Cary asks Kerry if she’d like to join him, but she’s holding a grudge because she needed him in Clockworks and he left her.

Amy and David have a sibling moment before the Angriest Boy in the World lashes out at David. He’s startled and they decide it’s time to head to Cary’s lab to get things figured out. Unfortunately, Division Three finds them before they get there, led by a half-burned and limping Interrogator from the first episode.

To make matters worse, a crack forms in the metaphorical lid of the coffin that was holding Lenny, the Angriest Boy in the World, and the Devil with the Yellow Eyes at bay.

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