For your plan you’ll need:

  • A tsundere (for the newcomers: a cold person who gradually develops a warmer disposition).
  • A narcissistic, revenge-obsessed lover scorned who’s prone to emotional outbursts no else seems to notice.
  • A small harem who may or may not offer assistance.
  • A thick revenge plot hinging on laughable techniques you’ve gained from a shojo manga.

Disclaimer: This guide is made available for educational purposes and is not intended for personal use. By reading this guide, you acknowledge that it shall not be used to substitute life advice on matters of the heart.

Now that you have all of your supplies, you are ready to exact revenge on the person who broke your heart. 

First, you will change yourself. It is important to essentially transform into another person, potentially unrecognizable, so you can literally be a new person in your crush’s eyes.

Next, you will infiltrate your crush’s school as a new student. You won’t need to change your name because even though names are pretty memorable, your crush will somehow have no memory of you. Instead, you’ll have quite the reputation as an attractive student and your peers will either swoon over your presence or admire your influence. You’ll come face to face once again with the object of your affections, but you will remain dedicated to your plan. 

Once your plan begins, every action will be calculated and driven by purpose. Remember your heart has been broken by this person before, so be wary. If you’re not careful, you might fall in love all over again. Rest assured, your crush has not changed in any way. He or she is still just as cold, shallow and narcissistic as always.

As you put your plan into action, expect many humorous moments and tender exchanges that could derail your plan of vengeance.  

Why You Should Watch:

‘Slice of Life’ is a very popular anime genre. This genre revolves around stories that tell mostly realistic experiences of everyday life. Most slice of life series these days include a supernatural or fantastical element that renders them less realistic. A purely slice of life anime with no science fiction or supernatural factors is increasingly hard to come by. That’s due to the fact that they require a certain strength in storytelling that somehow makes an ordinary event worthy of our time. Masamune Kun-No Revenge delivers that storytelling superbly. Although there are some snags within the story, they are easy to forgive.

Masamune Kun-No Revenge, otherwise known as Masamune’s Revenge, is an anime series adapted from a manga series of the same name.  The story for the manga series was developed by Takeoka, Hazuki, who has completed several other wildly different manga series. The manga was published in October of 2012 and is still ongoing. The anime series is also ongoing, but premiered last month. 

Now I’m not going to sit here and act like Masamune’s Revenge is the next reason for living. That being said, the series is still definitely worth a watch especially if you are a fan of the genre. It possesses all of the elements present in the slice of life, harem genre. This is a positive, not a negative. The pool of anime series available outside of Japan is not infinite and if you keep watching series, eventually your well will run dry. With no choice but to expose yourself to something familiar with elements you know and love, you will find yourself in the market for new content.

Masamune Kun-No Revenge is a perfect fit not only if you put harems and slice of life above all else, but also if you just dabble in those genres from time to time. With an engaging storyline and amusing characters, some of which defy character archetypes, it is hard not to be hooked. Right now it is being simulcast on Crunchyroll on Thursdays at 11 am est. Give it a shot and be sure to let us know what you think. Got anything else to say? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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