Synopsis of 1×07: Dorothy, Lucas, and Sylvie journey north to Glinda’s palace, while the Wizard enlists West’s help to track down any new witches. And Lucas’ true identity is revealed. 

Hang onto your shipper hearts, because it’s been a hell of a day at sea, sir.

After successfully ditching The Wizard’s palace, Lucas, Dorothy, and Sylvie hop a wagon toward Glinda’s lair. Lucas thinks that they’ve escaped the palace, and are delivering Sylvie to Glinda and the other little witches, where she came from – which he believes to be on the up and up, because he knows that he used to work for Glinda before he lost his memory, smuggling young witches out of Emerald City so they could train, and be safe from The Wizard’s magic ban. 

Dorothy however, is keeping to herself that The Wizard let them go, because she made a deal with him to kill Glinda, in exchange for passage home to Kansas. 

Their family road trip is whimsical and idyllic, with a stop at a picturesque little cottage in a field, where they play games, and make food, and coax Sylvie into taking the shells out of her ears – although I’m honestly still not clear on what all that was about to begin with. 

After she goes to bed, Dorothy and Lucas finally get it on, but in the morning she admits to her deal with The Wizard. Lucas is furious, and hurt that after everything she’s just going to ditch him and Sylvie in favor of her adoptive parents. She tells him she hates it too, but “they came first.”

Sylvie overhears this, and her magic takes over, sealing the doors and turning the whole house in the air, so that Dorothy cannot leave. Lucas and Dorothy calm her down, and Dorothy suggests that both of them go with her to Kansas, since neither of them have any reason to stay in Oz. Lucas agrees reluctantly, Sylvie enthusiastically, and they continue on to Glinda’s to fulfill the deal with The Wizard. 

When they get there, Glinda and all of her girls greet them, and everyone is happy to see Lucas. He admits that he can’t remember them, and Glinda basically goes “pff, I can fix that” and snaps her fingers – then immediately starts making out with Lucas. 

It turns out, in his previous life, Lucas was very much in love with Glinda, and they took care of all the girls together. He now remembers, and is thrilled to be reunited with her. Dorothy is shocked and hurt to see them all over each other, and Lucas merely says, “Sorry, they came first.”


Meanwhile, in Emerald City, The Wizard is on a tear, trying to find the witch that killed the King of Ev (it was Sylvie – by accident). Furious that his ban on magic has failed, he demands that every girl be taken in by the Guard, and asks West to come and inspect them all to weed out the witches. 

She says that none of them are magic, probably because if they were, they never would have let themselves be caught. But as she says this, we see the Guards following one last girl down an alley. When cornered, she turns and begins blowing air and flame out of her hands, lifting herself off the ground, and trapping the Guards until they suffocate.

West and The Wizard hear the commotion and run outside. West tries to stop The Wizard from capturing the girl, but in the chaos, the girl doesn’t understand that West wants to help her, and – ostensibly by accident –  traps herself in a bubble of fire after cross-contaminating her magic with West’s. 

She survives, but is in great pain and will never recover, so West kills her in mercy. And it essentially destroys her, emotionally speaking. We learn that the reason the witch sisters are on the outs, is because West refused to take part in the war, training young girls in magic just to watch them die fighting against The Wizard’s ban, which is why she’s retreated to her brothel, become addicted to poppy, and rarely practices magic anymore. 

The Wizard, for his part, believes that, as he predicted, The Beast Forever has returned, this time in the form of the little witches, and that they must be eradicated for him to maintain his power as a Wizard – since no one knows he has no real magic.

Now that Lucas’ loyalty is divided, and Dorothy’s goals have changed, Oz is heading into war for the second time, as the season finale approaches. 

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