The friends who brought us Petal Zombies have come together once again to produce another bike-themed science fiction anthology. This time, they have endeavored to explore gender norms in the face of dystopian and utopian futures. Given our current political climate it is worth exploring what might lay ahead of us as we struggle as a society to come up with who we really are. 

Biketopia is packed full of eleven stories, ten written stories and one comic, that explore various dystopian or utopian settings. At least we know whatever the future holds, bikes are still available. From the Kickstarter: 

Here are some dilemmas you’ll get to face alongside the characters in these stories if this project is funded:

  • In the solarpunk future, will robots have rights, too?
  • When your health is closely monitored during a pregnancy, who gets to decide if bicycling is healthy or dangerous for your unborn child?
  • How do you survive the day to day in a community where you have zero freedoms, including freedom of movement? 
  • When your agrarian society relies on bikes and now you’re at war with the city where the factory is, how do you replace your broken spoke?
  • What is the secret behind some people’s seemingly random plague immunity, and is it okay for them to take your bike?
  • Is the sexy stranger who rode into your desolate desert oasis a man or a woman or does it even matter?

The book also contains reviews of more science fiction books, stories, and TV shows.

With 160 pages of content for an initial buy-in price of $10 on the table, how could anyone pass this up? Your support will continue the great work of an indie publisher out of Portland, Oregon and, as the editor says, purchase a cup of coffee for up-and-coming storytellers to fuel their next story. You love stories, we love stories, so invest in this anthology and get lost in a crazy future. I know we could all use a break from the chaos outside. 

Check it out on Kickstarter now.

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