We knew it was inevitable. With every changing of the showrunner, we must also accept the loss of a Doctor. It happened when Russel T and David Tennant left in 2010. And now again, Moffat must take away someone else we love: Peter Capaldi. 

Peter Capaldi was the perfect Matt Smith replacement. While Matt Smith was your grumpy uncle in a young man’s body, Peter Capaldi was a literally old man with battle eyebrows. Salty, rude, still not ginger. He was the best follow-up to Matt’s silly, yet serious Doctor.

I almost feel like Peter Capaldi just got started. And by that, I don’t mean I feel like he joined yesterday. I mean that he really only hit his stride partway through the last season. First seasons of a Doctor can always be a bit rough. But Capaldi deftly played the Doctor from the get-go. Sir, you had me at Kidneys.

What I mean is that the writing finally caught up to him. Of course his monologue in “Zygon Invasion Part 2” is incredible. And “Heaven Sent” as a Doctor solo episode was magnificent. But some of the first few were rough. I’m looking at you, “Deep Breath,” “Robots of Sherwood,” and “Listen.” 

So let’s pour one out for Twelve. Take a moment of silence….

And let’s talk about who the new Doctor should be!

Best choice for New Doctor? Hmmmmm, well, as much as I worship The Three Dames (Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, and Helen Mirren) I don’t think they can be Doctors. That is, unless all the running-and-turning stop. 

Rumors are already spreading that Kris Marshall (aka Colin God of Sex) is being considered. And as much as I like him, I don’t really need another young white guy to play the Doctor. Unless it’s Noel Fielding. He’s a weirdo and I’ll watching him do anything. Like literally, anything

So who are my choices for the new Doctor? 

1. Hayley Atwell

[Marvel Studios]
THIS SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!! She wants the role, she can do drama and comedy, she knows how to play a great female role model who can handle all the men, and she looks great in all the period costumes. ALL OF THEM.

I mean really, the universe took away Peggy Carter so we could have this right? And her show, Conviction, is nothing compared to the magnitude of Doctor Who. Girl, you wanna make it in America? How about doing the biggest nerd TV show this side of Star Trek: The Original Series

Hayley Atwell for the Doctor, 2017! (I’m getting so excited just thinking about it, that I’m starting to cry. Please send help.) 

2. Ruth Wilson

Because DUH! She’s badass and the right kind of crazy on Luther, she’s got the chops, and she’s perfect. In terms of following an angry Scot, Ruth Wilson might be the best choice. 

If it’s a showdown between Ruth and Hayley, I’m not sure how I will emotionally handle that. I want both of them. Can we have two Doctors? Like, one is the Rani and one is the Doctor? And Missy comes to play? It’ll be like Mean Girls: DW. And it will be perfect. 

3. Sophie Okonedo

Because seriously, why not? She was so much fun as Liz 10 in Beast Below. And we know that actors can always come back as the Doctor? (Capaldi wasn’t the first, you know.) 

I saw her in The Crucible on Broadway and she killed it. Why not have her slay as the Doctor? 

4. Sir Lenny Henry

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He might not be a household name in the States, but Lenny Henry, excuse me, SIR Lenny Henry is a legend in the UK. The guy was comedy gold in the 1980s and 1990s. And now he’s killing it doing Shakespeare on the West End. I saw his Othello in 2009. It was great. 

He’s also a big proponent for diversity on TV. He’s currently getting a PhD on the role of Black People in the Media. Well, Sir, how about joining the best media on TV? 

5. Chiwetel Ejiofor

BECAUSE I ALWAYS WANT HIM TO BE THE DOCTOR! He was my choice to be the Doctor when David Tennant left in 2010!!! He’s way too famous now. Oscars, Marvel movies, the guy is on lock for the next 4 years or so. But I can dream.

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