The first official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life dropped today and it is everything fans could possibly hope for.

In the trailer we see our Gilmore Girls struggling with where they are in life. Emily Gilmore is dealing with the loss of her husband Richard, Lorelai is musing over where her life is going, and Rory bemoans her current lack of direction. Presumably, this is the year-long storyline that our girls will be following, but with plenty of Gilmore antics involved.

We see our favorites including Kirk (at Friday night dinner, no less!), Luke, Sookie, Jess (who else has ever been able to get Rory back on track?), Michel, Lane, and all of Rory’s ex-fellas. And honestly, while we don’t know where the story will go and must eagerly await those promised “final four words,” I could almost be satisfied just knowing that these episodes are coming.

Rumors of a possible Gilmore Girls movie have always bounced around the nethersphere, but honestly, this story needed to be told in serial format as only Netflix can. So grab your coffee cups, your best friend, and all the junk food you can devour, because Gilmore Girls is almost here. Just close your eyes and COPPER BOOM, November 25th is here.


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