Synopsis: Evie has to come to terms with Xavier’s crazy theory and Xavier meets the family.


Sometimes this show is too cute for me, like sugary-sweet, Shirley-temple cute. But Evie and Xavier’s relationship also hits the bumps of a relationship and that’s what No Tomorrow covered this week. 

The episode starts with Xavier shooting a flaming arrow at a stack of hay. As soon as it lights up, Evie puts the fire out. Both cross off an item on their list and the episode begins.

Evie is in the Cybermart warehouse, chilling with her friends. Kareema reminds her that her birthday is around the corner and that birthday drinks are a must. Deirdre interrupts to give Hank another gift to go with his chair. But the gifts have lost their charm and Evie has to figure out what Deirdre needs to do next to win Hank’s affections. Evie has also been tasked with finding out who has been switching orders in shipping and she needs to fire that person. Not a great work day for Evie.

But she’s doing better than her ex-boyfriend Timothy. He’s literally just lying on the floor, with his printer spitting out paper that read “All this work and no Evie makes for a sad Timothy.” He has writer’s block and he calls Hank to have him order books on writer’s block, and four bottles of wine.

But this show isn’t about Timothy! It’s about Evie and Xavier, who are speeding through downtown on their way to a lecture. Evie is telling Xavier all the things she’s added to her list that she wants to accomplish for her 31st birthday: eating all 31 ice cream flavors at 31 licks, or having a food fight. Something different.

But before she can settle on what that something is, they arrive at the lecture of Dr. Fields, the female version of Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Xavier has already tried to get her to listen to his theory several times, and this time is no different. He tries to confront her and he gets tased and thrown in jail for the night. Just another day for crazy Xavier!

Which leads to the plot of this episode: how will Evie learn to deal with Xavier possibly being legit crazy? Does being an apocalypse believer make him crazy? Evie must decide. So she sends Hank on a mission to enter the Darknet to find information on Xavier. Except there’s nothing. Xavier is a cyberghost. Instead, Hank and Xavier meet face to face, and over a morse code conversation about the CIA, Hank falls head over heels for Xavier, in the most platonic way. I sense a new bromance!!!

Speaking of bromances, Hank’s other bro-love, Timothy has received his Cybermart package. It comes with everything he needs, and one thing he didn’t order: a Zap Strap. It’s basically a Fitbit that gives you an electric shock when you stop moving. When he calls Cybermart to return it, Kareema answers and through her dry, cynical manner, convinces him to keep it.

After a long work day of trying to figure out her shipping dilemma, Evie heads to birthday drinks with Kareema. Along the way she expresses worry that Xavier is crazy and that she should separate him from the rest of her life. Except Kareema has planned a big surprise party and Xavier is there.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Evie is freaked and starts to act really weird about it. And she’s not wrong; introducing family to a new boyfriend is so awkward. Especially if your new beau is potential a loony. But one-by-one Xavier wins over everyone, from Dad to Deirdre. He even fulfills Evie party wish by leading everyone to his house (complete with a marching band) and gives Evie the cake fight of her life. He presents himself as the perfect boyfriend. That is until he brings up the oncoming asteroid in his birthday toast. Now everyone knows that Xavier is a kooky as he is good-looking.

The family is not happy and Evie tries to pass the whole thing off as a joke. Except the asteroid is no joke to Xavier and he sees that Evie can’t accept that his belief in the upcoming apocalypse is a part of who he is. He calls it his faith and he goes so far as to call Evie a bigot.

The next day, Evie and Kareema have a heart to heart of it (or as much as Kareema can have a heart-to-heart). Evie decided she can do things on her own, like eating all 31 of those ice cream flavors alone. In case you were wondering, yes, eating 31 flavors of ice cream alone is as sad as it sounds. She also misses pub trivia, which Deirdre is attending. Timothy is useless at pub trivia since he is wearing his Zap Strap that will zap him if he sits down to have a beer.

But he hasn’t thought about Evie in over 10,000 steps! This leaves room for Deirdre and Hank to bond over pub quiz answers. Deirdre, taking Xavier’s advice to screw the rules in favor of love, whispers something into Hank’s ear. Hank freaks out and bolts, leaving Kareema and Deirdre alone at the bar.

Evie, still sad and alone, walks to her parents house on stilts. She crosses off “walk on stilts for a day,” off her list and falls down at her mother’s feet. But before her mother can give her advice on the perfect relationship, her dad comes out with perfect muffins. “It’s not magic, it’s math,” he tells her. Which is what Evie needs to hear.

She runs to Xavier’s and apologizes for being a bigot (which she and I both agree is too harsh, but gets the point across). Together they scheme to get Dr. Fields to look at his math. And it almost works. Evie reels her in and Xavier comes in for a sneak attack. Together, they get her to take his packet and agree to look his theory over. It’s almost too good to be true! In fact, it is too good to be true.

When Evie goes to get her purse, she sees Dr. Fields throw the packet away and then hears her call them crackpots. Xavier is over the moon, but Evie finds it hard to celebrate now that she knows what Dr. Fields really thinks. Fun Fact: while Evie and Dr. Fields are talking science, they are drinking a cocktail called a Bechdel. Well-done, writers!!!

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Hank tells Evie  about what happened with Deirdre and admits that whatever she said to him, he liked it. Which gives Evie hope that Operation Hanky-Panky might actually work! Evie also figures out that Kareema has been the glitch in the system. But instead of ruining shipments, she’s actually trying to help people.

Xavier, despite his craziness, has inspired her to make a list and that’s one of the goals. Lucky for Evie, someone from shipping has quit to be with his second family in Sarasota, giving her a person to throw under the bus when Deirdre asks for an update. Evie also tells Deirdre not to give up on Hank, just to give it time.

Despite her success at work, Evie is still glum about Xavier. Her mom tells Evie a secret. Her mom doesn’t actually like her dad’s muffins. But if she tells him that, it will suck all the joy out of this thing he does for her. So she keeps it to herself and she gives him that bit of happiness.

Too bad Dad has taken Xavier’s advice to set a new goal and achieve a new dream. Dad has quit his job to become an actor. Mom accepts this news with a smile and Evie realizes that support is more important than believing the same things. So instead of telling Xavier about Dr. Fields, she decided to tell the world herself. She arrives with at his house with flyers detailing the asteroid and together they shout it from the rooftops. Literally.

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