Update Read Dead Redemption 2 Announced! – 10/18

Finally, the Rock Star Games official twitter confirmed that Read Dead Redemption 2‘s release will be slated for Fall 2017.

Personally, since finishing the game when it first came out in 2010, I have been waiting for this moment. With their teaser campaign starting off with an image of seven figures in reference to The Magnificent Seven, we can only wonder what it all means.

While yesterday’s teaser was less detailed than today’s image, I hoped for female characters and/or POC characters. Today’s promo is more clear that the figures are only male. (A little disappointing as an avid female RDR fan.) I understand they didn’t have any female characters in Grand Theft Auto V (which isn’t my thing anyway) but – c’mon! There’s a short list of famous females from that era, they couldn’t have thrown in at least one? However, jury’s still out on if any of the characters are POC.

Character identities aside, I do still hope they employ the character switching they had in GTA V to give the player a richer experience of the world while keeping some of the same elements as the original. My favorite parts of Red Dead Redemption was not only John Marston’s story but the way they incorporated threads of historical events like roaming with the last of the buffalo. Not to mention I finally figured out liar’s dice thanks to Red Dead Redemption, the beautiful scenery, random encounters, and while I’m not a hunter – it was oddly satisfying doing the Master Hunter challenges and treasure hunting. And we can’t forget that epic transition into a new part of the map with Jose Gonzalez’s “Far Away” playing in the background.

On their website, Rock Star Games is touting a “brand new online multiplayer experience”. Definitely something new to the Red Dead Redemption franchise, but I foresee more akin to what they had in GTA V. So if you have an XBOX live or Playstation Plus subscription, at least you can look forward to that.

For me, I just don’t want the game to lose the character development they had for basically GTA V in the west. Here’s hoping, the trailer for the game drops Thursday, Oct 18th at 11AM EST.

What are you hoping to see in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Original Post – 10/17
For those curious to what Rock Star is up to lately, look no further. Red Dead Redemption fans have been waiting for this moment and it has finally arrived.

Yesterday Rock Star Games posted this on their twitter:

And then today we got the reveal:

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