Synopsis for 2×14 & 2×15: In an action packed two-part season finale, Fear The Walking Dead doubles down on gore and shakes things up dramatically. No one is safe and everyone’s forced to keep moving, but is it enticing enough to keep audiences excited for season three?


“Wrath,” the first episode, opens on Ofelia kicking ass after her truck breaks down and some of the infected sneak up on her. Unfortunately, she ends up on foot headed for the American border, unable to fix the truck and forced to abandon it. Eventually, she makes it to a hole in the fence and crosses over into America.

Nick and Renaldo enact their plan to confront the Narcos with the Oxy, in hopes that it will save the Colonia, but it has little effect. They offer the drugs in return for safety, but the Narcos don’t need it anymore. He tells Nick to run before they get there, all of them, and he doesn’t care where. To get his point across, he also shows Nick and Renaldo that Antonio and his family were killed and left for dead.

Madison is trying to console a still-grieving Travis by telling him that he did the right thing in letting Chris go. Chris deserves to be with people who understand him and Travis can come downstairs when he’s ready. Alicia also visits Travis with food to make amends for how they parted. He apologizes for not protecting her better and she forgives him for it, as she unloads the guilt of feeling like she pushed him and Chris away.

Brandon and Derek have joined the group of refugees waiting in the hotel and they’re loud and obnoxious about getting help, upsetting those around them. When Madison confronts them, they reveal that they’d been in a car wreck and the driver hadn’t made it – he was sixteen and Madison realizes they’re talking about Chris.

She goes to Strand with this information and he tells her that Travis can’t know that they’re here or what happened to Chris. It would kill all the hope of an already broken Travis to know, especially after she told him that he had done the right thing in letting Chris go.

Luciana, Nick, and Alejandro argue over the Narcos having found the Colonia in the infirmary, but before anything can get settled, one of the sick reanimates as an infected and attacks Nick. Alejandro is bitten before Nick can pull it away, tumbling over a railing onto more resting in sick beds. The infected bites off the nose of the man in bed and the fingers of the woman who comes to his aid before Nick can brutally dig his thumbs into the eye sockets of the infected.

After the dust settles, the man who lost his nose and the woman who lost her fingers say their tearful goodbyes to the rest of the Colonia and head through the bus to join the wall. Luciana continues to have faith in the wall, while Nick worries that they’re running out of time.

Madison grabs Brandon and Derek, under the guise of giving them help, but that upsets the rest of the people who joined the hotel and they follow after her berating their lack of help. This draws the attention of Travis, who recognizes them and chases them down. Before Madison can throw them out, Travis begs her to bring them back so that they can tell him where Chris went.

Alejandro, Nick, and Luciana reconvene as Nick is packing and insisting that Luciana leave with him. He accuses Alejandro of being frightened, and having build the entire Colonia to have people protect him. He admits that he was never bitten by the infected before and Luciana is hurt by his deception. He’s running a fever, but he insists she’s like a daughter to him and she coldly tells him that when someone is dead to her, she lets them go. Alejandro leaves the trailer and Nick consoles her.

Across the border, Ofelia is walking through the desert when someone shoots at her. She scrambles to a tree for cover as someone approaches her. He takes her knife from her and tells her, “Welcome to America.”

Travis brings Brandon and Derek into the hotel to hear where Chris ended up. First, they tell him that Chris flew out of the truck when he crashed it and then they tell him that they pulled him out and buried him. In a flashback, it’s revealed that they killed him for the same reasons as James, he was injured in the accident and useless to them. This tips off Travis, who locks himself in the room alone with them and flies into a rage. It’s a brutal sequence in which Travis snaps and beats both of the Americans to death.

Outside the room, Madison is banging on the door and trying to get him to stop. Oscar gets the keys, but as he opens the door, Travis slams it on his head and he passes out, allowing him to re-lock the door. When the carnage is done, a mirror of Chris and Brandon is shown, both dead.

The end of “Wrath” bleeds into “North” as Travis is set upon by the rest of the frantic hotel guests. They immediately move to segregate and exile him, against Madison’s protests. She only stops when Strand pulls her back and tells her that she’s not helping. Instead, she takes Alicia’s knife and stabs both Derek and Brandon in the heads before they can reanimate.

Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Kelly Blatz as Brandon - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC
Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Kelly Blatz as Brandon – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC

Strand tries to tell Madison that he needs to think of Alicia and stop fighting for Travis, who brutally killed two people and injured one of the core hotel guests. Alicia agrees that Travis can’t stay, but thinks that all of them should leave together. Madison quickly agrees, but Strand claims he had the chance to kill himself once and he didn’t do it then, he’s not going to do it now by walking out of the hotel with them.

Despite her anger, Luciana is still tending to Alejandro and urges him to give hope to the rest of their people. Nick is ready to leave and Luciana tells him that he should do what he does best and run, while the rest of the Colonia stays strong and meets their fate.

Elena is the calmest of the group when Madison speaks with them. She agrees that Travis and the rest of them can wait out the night and leave at dawn because Madison fought for her once. Madison breaks the news to Travis, who is reluctant to let her leave with him.

Meanwhile, Alicia is checking on Andres and Oscar. She offers her help, but he tells her that Oscar’s brain is swelling and they’re going to have to remove some of his skull to bring down the swelling. He doesn’t make it and Hector and Andres are both angry that Travis gets to live after what he did.

Addressing his people, Alejandro gives a rousing speech about the Narcos coming and holding their faith. He thinks that they’ll overcome and be able to defend their home. At the same time, Nick is leaving the Colonia when he spots a helicopter just over the border.

Travis and Madison are in a hotel room while he explains to her that he’s different now, he’s not sorry they’re dead. Madison reveals that she thinks they deserved it and admits that she killed Celia to protect Nick already. She may or may not hint that she’s done it before that too and they embrace, with the understanding that they’ll probably have to kill again.

Just after that, hotel guests burst into their room and begin to beat Travis. Andres puts a gun to Travis’ head and tells them that Oscar is dead. He tells Madison and Alicia to leave the room, accepting his fate, but Alicia stabs Andres in the heart and another scuffle ensues. Strand ends up in the fray and grabs the gun, allowing for Madison, Travis, and Alicia to escape. They burst through the gate with a van, leaving behind Strand by his own choice.

Nick came back to the Colonia with the knowledge of the helicopter. He talks to Alejandro and urges him to give his people permission to go north towards the medivac he saw. He promises that he and Luciana will help the people get there and another shot reveals everyone covered in blood and moving freely towards the border.

Alicia is obviously upset by her actions, becoming even more disturbed when Travis and Madison head to the now-empty Narcos warehouse and begin rifling through the dead bodies in hopes of finding some clues to Nick.

The Narcos make it to the abandoned Colonia and can’t believe their luck. Only Alejandro stayed behind and he drags himself to the bus, moving it away from the fence and opening a hole for the wall to get through. The horde barrels in on the Narcos and takes them out while he stays on the bus.

Travis, Madison, and Alicia make it to the Colonia some time after that and find it ravaged. While Travis and Madison inspect the place, Alicia finds the near-death Alejandro on the bus and they’re able to ask him about Nick. He shares that Nick saw something and headed towards the border, giving them a new direction.

Actually at the border, there’s a calm over Nick’s group before an unknown group begins shooting at them and chaos breaks out. Luciana is shot and they’re both manhandled as he tries to protect her. We’re guessing it’s the same group that the man who confronted Ofelia belongs to.

And that’s that for season two of Fear the Walking Dead. With Chris gone (and maybe Strand?) are you more or less likely to tune in for season three?

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