Synopsis: Damon’s all twisty angsty inside after he torched Elena’s body last week so he decides to throw his death wish in Julian’s face. Fight Club ensues. Oh, and Caroline’s devil twinspawn is slowly killing her and the Huntress reawakens.


So this episode is all about Damon’s demons, which is totally a theme we haven’t seen before on this show.

After Damon lights up the night and lets it burn all over Elena’s comatose corpse, he’s stricken with so much guilt and tortured inner man pain that he waltzer over to Julian’s place, kills a few of his people, and gets invited to Fight Club.

And I know what you’re going to say. And no. The first rule of Fight Club isn’t not to talk about Fight Club – apparently it’s just ‘no weapons allowed.’ It’s also a rule Damon breaks when he’s about to be killed. A hot shotgirl rolls him a stake just before Damon’s opponent rips out his heart.

Just stay away from accelerants. [cwtv]
Just stay away from accelerants. [cwtv]
Julian is none too pleased with the violation of the fight club rule – after Damon begs for more fights, Julian agrees to fight Damon himself, despite Stefan’s weak protestations. The match is clearly uneven, and just when Damon begs for death and Julian reaches for his chest to oblige, Valerie and Stefan pull some witchy vampire magic and get Damon out of there.

Damon admits to Stefan that he torched Elena, and Stefan abandons his brother (for the time being). Damon hooks up with hot shotchick who saved his life for some hate sex.

In other news, Caroline’s twin devilspawn cause her to faint – when she wakes up in the hospital, she discovers that the babies have been siphoning her magic-infused vampire blood, desiccating her body. Valerie gives Caroline a talisman to help, but it looks like the babies are determined to kill their host at the end of the episode.

The miracle of life. [spoilertv]
The miracle of life. [spoilertv]
This week, Bonners and the Heretic Ex-Couple go on a superfun road trip to a mental institution to visit the Huntress, aka Raina. Raina is now an old woman fed through a tube and held in bed via restraints. She also has no apparent knowledge of vampires – well, until Nora and ML step out of the room.

When it’s just Bonners, Raina asks her what a good girl like her is doing with a bunch of derelict vampires. Raina then proceeds to strangle Bonnie before Enzo (what the hell, where were you, bro??) swoops in and saves her.

He directs her to go get the hybrids to do some cloaking magic but as soon as she leaves, Enzo kidnaps Raina. Enzo ends up setting old Raina on fire, and a new, shiny twentysomething Raina emerges from the smoke.

Oh, and also Matt finds weird policewoman ally love but no one cares about him.

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