Do you like movies? Do you like free movies? Good news, then. Paramount has uploaded around one hundred movies to YouTube that you can watch in full for free. They have set up a brand new, separate YouTube channel called The Paramount Vault where you can find playlists with dozens of movies in a variety of genres.

Now, before you get too excited they aren’t necessarily good movies.

They aren’t necessarily bad ones either.

There are even some movies from the last couple of decades – though don’t expect any of Paramount’s heavy hitters. You can, however, expect some familiar faces. From John Cusack to Keifer Sutherland to Jerry Stiller, there are some pretty famous actors in some of their more offbeat films included in the Vault. It’s definitely worth going through the playlists to see if there’s anything interesting.

We’ve linked them down below so you can go through them all.

Let us know what you think looks interesting! I for one plan to take advantage of all the bad horror movies they’ve posted. You can never have too many cheesy, ridiculous horror movies. (In fact, I may be watching Ghost Team One right now and it’s so far delightfully awful.)








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