We love supporting Kickstarter campaigns here on Nerdophiles, and the Broken Frontier Anthology is definitely going to be worth all the support we can give it. Stacked with some of the most talented names in the industry, this collection of short stories is going to push your imagination to the ends of the universe – and beyond! Put together by A Wave Blue World founder, Tyler Chin-Tanner, the Broken Frontier Anthology promises to be “a creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown by the most inventive talents in comics.”

With forty-three creators involved in this beast of a project, there’s bound to be a little something for everyone in this collection of short stories. Their Kickstarter goal? A hefty $58,000, but each cent will be put into creating the highest quality product they can offer. The Kickstarter campaign boasts,

“Over 250 full color pages. More than 40 incredibly talented creators, 27 amazing stories, 1 beautifully designed over-sized hardcover. But above all: a comic book experience you won’t find anywhere else!”

Friend of the blog Justin Zimmerman is a contributor, as well as one of my all time favorite comic book writers Marguerite Bennett (Butterfly, Sleepy Hollow). They are just two of many amazing contributors to what is bound to be an unbeatable comic book experience. Just looking at the cover art gets me excited for what the pages in between will bring to life.

Here’s the thing: it isn’t going to be enough just to admire this campaign from afar. What the Broken Frontier Anthology gives us is a chance to support a conglomeration of independent comic book creators all in one fell swoop. They will not be able to bring this project into being without the help of generous story lovers everywhere throwing their support behind this fantastic endeavor. Thankfully, there’s some great perks that go along with any support we’re willing to give that make every dollar worth it.

Not only are there award tiers for digital and hard copies of the anthology, but a number of chances to get limited edition Broken Frontier prints that will look great on your wall or can be given as a gift. If you start pushing into the higher tiers, you can snag yourself a personalized commission. For all those artists out there looking to make headway in the world of comics, your support could also earn you the chance to sit down with Steve Orlando to go over your portfolio. Whatever your interest, the Broken Frontier Kickstarter campaign probably has an award tier just for you.

So what are you waiting for? Go support! Join the 300+ backers who have already committed to helping produce this beautiful anthology. Also, keep an eye out for an exclusive interview with the man behind it all, Tyler Chin-Tanner, right here on Nerdophiles.

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