Synopsis: Mary’s plans to run away to Scotland with Conde get more complicated after her messenger is intercepted and killed. Catherine learns of Mary’s infidelity and schemes, Mary learns of Louis’ betrayal with Elizabeth, and Francis falls mysteriously ill.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

For as many things that happened during this episode, I found myself more frustrated with each of the characters and their choices than ever before.

Case in point number one: Laith x Greer.

So Greer is bouncing back after her banishment from the castle – and quickly becoming the best, and most profitable, madam in the village. Along comes Laith. With his puppy dog, judgmental eyes, he decides to take it upon himself to rescue Greer from ruin. It feels a little condescending at worst, but at best it’s naive and annoying.

Honey, you’re not going to get an annulment from the Vatican for your treasonous Protestant bride-to-be. Vis à vis, King Henry VIII and his six wives. It’s just not gonna happen, bro. Reality doesn’t stop Laith from trying. He goes to Francis, who turns him down, before he goes to a cardinal. The cardinal isn’t interested, but he perks up as soon as Laith mentions he saved Francis’ life. Uh oh.

Case in point number two: Mary x Louis.

Mary’s messenger was intercepted and killed by one of Narcisse’s men at the beginning of the episode. Now Catherine and Narcisse know about Mary’s plans to flee to Scotland with Louis in tow.

Unfortunately, Mary still can’t make a decision to save her life, and she spends the episode endangering it by alternately sleeping with/being upset with Louis.

To be fair, Louis finally comes clean about courting Elizabeth. He ends up using his relationship with Elizabeth to get Mary the intel she needs to find safe harbor in Scotland. At the end of the episode, I think Mary finally makes up her mind to go to Scotland with Louis, but I honestly can’t tell. Everyone talks about how strong Mary is, but at the point, I can’t see it. Her indecisiveness is her defining trait and I’m frustrated.

Case in point number three: Bash x Kenna (but mostly Bash).

So Bash and Kenna’s marriage has officially dissolved. But Bash wants Kenna to stay his in name only for her own protection.

*rolls eyes* Men.  []
*Scoffs* I am so over the protective and simultaneously frail male egos on this show right now.

Anyway, then Bash runs off to investigate claims of a corrupt sheriff who’s been stuffing his coiffers instead of enforcing the law. After humiliating the man, the disgraced sheriff stabs Bash in the back. Just as Bash is dying, the nun from last week reappears.

Turns out she’s not a nun, but some sort of witch. She offers to lay hands on Bash to heal him, but it’ll come at a price. Bash takes the deal without hesitation. Now the only question becomes whether or not she can heal stupidity.

In the only story I kinda enjoyed this week, Princess Claude is sleeping with Narcisse to get back at her mother, but Narcisse isn’t having it. He goes to Catherine and the two collude to get Mary out of her latest trouble. Catherine then assigns Laith to Claude’s detail as her babysitter to keep her out of trouble.

Francis collapses at the end of the episode. After hearing about Mary’s plans, he starts bleeding out of his ears like Nostradamus predicted. Of course, Catherine freaks out, worrying that the country hates her and she won’t be able to rule the country alone, but Narcisse calms her down and the two end up sleeping together. Eh. I ship it.

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