Tonight was the last of the premier episodes for Utopia. As the previous shows told us, it was more dramatic tonight than any other. There were fights, tears, and kitchen appliances. New utopians came in, and one left. It was a good episode to tide us over till Tuesday….or until we check the live feed.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

We started the episode with canoodling. Lots of canoodling from SpicyVet, and Cheesehammock was happening. There was also a very unpleasant shot of Chicken Man Josh’s package. We got to hear about Bella’s crush on him. If we get a Bella-Josh hook up, here’s to hoping their couple name isn’t Jella. Bella has been running to Josh an awful lot for someone who didn’t like him just a short week ago. He’s become her protector and keeper of secrets. Josh is obviously not as committed to this fictional relationship as Bella is.
Did I mention we got a shot of Josh in a speedo? We did.

Beyond all the snogging, we saw a blow up over bananas that will never be rivaled. Previously in the week, Red had given Amanda six bananas on the promise of receiving them back when the main group ordered their groceries. When the time came, they repaid only four of the six. Well, this got under Dave’s skin like nothing ever has. He fumed. He raged. He called names and shouted. The initial argument was between him and Amanda, but after Amanda chose to leave the area, Hex tossed her two cents in. This started a whole new argument between Dave and Hex. More tart words were exchanged until Dave went off to eat on his own.

After a bit, Pastor John was able to talk to Dave and calm him down a bit more. But the damage was done. Dave had made up his mind to leave. While Pastor did everything he could to get Dave to change his mind, there was no going back. Dave packed up a few things in his crate, said farewell to Red, and walked to the gate. This deeply saddened those of us from Nerdophiles who have been watching, as we loved Dave. He was the best.

Goodbye Dave 🙁

After Dave left, the rest of the Utopians (sans Red) had an impromptu dance session. We won’t dwell on that. The next day, they received their stove, sinks, refrigerator, and toilet! Modern living in Utopia! Josh and Rob worked hard for days, for real days, to get the plumbing straight to have the first working toilet in Utopia and a private bathroom. All their hard work paid off, and now Utopia has indoor plumbing. What a relief.

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Though the utopians had lost a member, two more showed up at the gate. Kristen and Rhonda were added into the mix. They are to decide between the two new comers and have one stay, and one walk. Kristen is younger, more into fashion than taking care of cows, and manipulative. For real. She watched the live feed to figure out everyone’s weakness.

Now Rhonda on the other hand, owns her own business, was an EMT for years, knows a lot about the local edible fauna, animal care, and has just general know how. If I were the utopians and I wanted my society to thrive, I’d pick Rhonda. But with their track record of bad decisions, they’ll probably kick her out.

Later that day, mail had arrived with a letter from Dave. He apologized for his behavior, admitted he was in the wrong, and asked to come back to Utopia, if not for the rest of his time, but to just meet with Pastor and be baptized. Rob fought to not allow Dave back, Aaron said he deserved a chance, the rest were split. After a long discussion, they decided that Dave could come back to be baptized, but then he must go. So Dave came, and was baptized. There were a few teary goodbyes, and once again he left through those big gates. This time however, under much nicer terms.

Fox left us with teasers of next Tuesday’s episode. The utopians will decide between Rhonda and Kirsten. But little do they know, they’ll also get a new member. Hot Taylor. Be sure to tune in to Fox at 8/7c to watch!

Watch with us again on Tuesday, Sept 16 at 8/7c on Fox!  Keep a look out for the hangout link on the Twitter and Facebook! Let us know what you think about Utopia with the hashtag #nerdswatchutopia! You can watch the past live streams by clicking these links Premier Part Two Premier Part Three


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