So you’re not in San Diego participating in the biggest nerd party in the world. I feel you. I’m not, either, for a variety of reasons but I’m still making the best of it. Since I’m stuck sitting in my home in Oregon, I’ve decided to put together an abbreviated list of things people in my situation can do to still participate in Comic Con International.

First: If you’re on Twitter, you should be tracking the #SDCC and #SDCC2014 hashtags. There is a lot of information flying through them and people are tweeting multiple times a second about the con as it happens. You can keep up with the latest news and personal experiences all throughout the con. There will be a lot of people live-tweeting panels and events so you’ll be able to get important tidbits and quotes from panels as they are happening.

Second: You ought to be following Nerdophiles on twitter because those of us at home and our reporters on the ground will be updating it frequently with the latest news. There will be a lot of re-tweets if you don’t want to venture into the SDCC tags yourselves, as well as exclusive pictures and information from people who are actually at the convention.

nerd HQ

Third: NerdHQ is opening up the opportunity for people are home to participate in their Conversations for a Cause. If you don’t know what these are, let me explain. NerdHQ is an off-site SDCC event put together by Zachary Levi and the team at The Nerd Machine. During the course of the convention they will be hosting conversations with various actors, writers, and other panelists. These conversations are literally just an hour where the audience members present are allowed to write in and ask questions. This is your direct line into the heart of Nerdom and NerdHQ is now taking questions for their panelists from online viewers through their Facebook page. The best part? All of the conversations will be live streamed for at-home viewers.

Fourth: There are multiple online contests happening during the duration of SDCC! For example, if you’ve “liked” the Nerd Machine on Facebook you have a chance to win something every day through an Intel sponsored trivia event. The Hannibal crew has an on-ground contest that they’ve extended to the online world and you can find the details on that HERE. Other big names are doing contests on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you’re following the networks, production companies, and the official Twitter accounts of your favorite shows!

micro muggs picture

Fifth: Enter the Nerdophiles daily Twitter contest for a chance to win one of FOUR Marvel Superhero Micro Mugs. That’s right, using the hashtag #NotAtSDCC go ahead and tweet the @Nerdophiles handle with one thing you’re doing this weekend instead of being at the con. Every night a random entrant will be chosen and will win one of the mystery Micro Mugs. It doesn’t get any better than that!

We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted when we find out about more fun ways you can play along with SDCC at home. I understand it is a bummer sitting and having to live vicariously through other people, but let’s make the best of it folks! There is always next year.

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