Molly over at The Princess and the Geek issued a fun little challenge to geeks everywhere: show off your geek space. It can be a bookshelf, your bedroom, your office, your theater room, or even that cupboard under your staircase where you keep your unruly nephew. Whatever space you consider to be your geek home is game. So I decided to step up to the plate and show off my #GeekSpace.

Now, I recently moved back home to Oregon after living in Southern California for two and a half years. Half of my stuff is still packed up in boxes so my room is far from complete. There are still a lot of geeky and fun things I’d like to get up on my walls and my room is still missing a leopard gecko (which is a story for another time, but I’m going to get one someday), but so far my childhood bedroom is beginning to feel like home again.

IMAG2845First we’ve got my “wall of fame.” Really it isn’t much of one yet, but I’ve recently been better about getting professional done photographs with various celebrities at conventions when I go. They make beautiful wall decorations and whenever I glance over at my book case, I’m always reminded about the fun times I had. I met John Barrowman for the second time (first time getting a picture with him) at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Originally I’d met him and gotten an autograph in 2009 (back before SDCC was the crazy gathering it is now) but of course choked up the moment I met him. This past year at comic con I had the chance to talk with him a bit more and give him a hug. The other picture is with my sister, me, and Bruce Campbell. I met him at Portland’s Wizard Con back in January. He was a riot. I paid for the picture as a gift to my sister for her birthday and when I informed Bruce that we were celebrating, he struck a prom pose with her.

The framed quote is one I live by and comes from Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. I recommend it as reading for anyone who is a human being.

IMAG2847Here is a panned out version of my book cases, which are really where most of my geek swag lives.

IMAG2851The top of the right side book case is reserved for my ‘currently reading’ novels. What I want to read has a tendency to vary from day to day, and all of the books you see here are ones that I’ve started or am hoping to read. It helps me keep everything organized. A couple of the books are re-reads I’ve been meaning to do. Also, Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing is stuffed in there because I need to remember to finally sit down and watch it when I’ve got time.

I’ve also got a toy bulbasaur that I’ve had since I was a kid, a Dug plushie I bought on a trip to San Diego, and a small statue of Anubis in his jackal form. As decoration, I re-purposed an old Game of Thrones beer bottle and put dried flowers in it. On the other side I’ve got more dried flowers in a Rogue Dead Guy Pale Ale bottle.

IMAG2854My Mr. Potato Head is one of my prized possession (as is the phaser positioned beside him). He was given to me by the best boss I’ve ever had as a birthday gift. This is actually a weird photograph of him because he’s actually normal. Usually he’s got an arm coming out of his face and his eyes where his mouth should be. I appreciate gifts like this because they are 100% me. Sure, it might be a little strange to gift an adult a Mr. Potato Head toy, but I laughed really hard when I opened it up and realized what it was. I also used it to torment my co-worker by making it super creepy and leaving it half-hidden in his office.


This is my graphic novel stash. These are for quick-reference. I have a lot more graphic novels and comic books but those are kept in boxes in my closet because I just don’t have the room to keep everything out. Even some of my books are tucked away in boxes because I definitely don’t have enough shelf space to have my entire collection on display. So most of my books and graphic novels are my favorites, or ones that I will constantly refer back to for various things. Also, that set of Juvenile Orion manga happens to be the last of my old manga collection. I stopped reading manga and watching anime toward the end of high school but I love the art in Juvenile Orion, as well as the story line, far too much to give it up.

IMAG2864Finally, we’ve got my desk. This is where all the magic happens. I used to have an insanely huge office desk where the book cases now are, but I got rid of it and found this darling bookcase on Craigslist for $30. I love it. I clutter the heck out of it, but I love it. I just keep a lot of junk on it. The mug (though it unfortunately wasn’t turned around which is bad picture taking on my part) is one that I painted with a Captain America theme on the front. The lamp was also a DIY project. I bought the lamp at Goodwill and then painted it blue. Then I’ve got my USA Suits calendar, my Winnie the Pooh bear from my second trip to Disneyland, my iPad, my laptop, and of course…

IMAG2867…my framed picture of Jimmy Fallon making his Rob Ford face and a tiny Toothless figurine. I use them both in photographs quite often, which is why they get the privilege of being within arms reach at pretty much all times. Jimmy has his own blog (because I’ve lost control of my life) and Toothless is just fun to pose in various positions and snap pictures of.

Because I’m an adult, okay?

Anyway, that’s my #GeekSpace! There is a lot more to it but honestly I’m probably the only one who finds half of the stuff in my room remotely amusing. So I’ll leave it at this. Thanks to Molly over at The Princess and the Geek for inspiring this post! Feel free to leave comments about your own #GeekSpace in the comments!


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  1. Hi, Katie. You are not the only one that finds half your stuff amusing. I like them–because I can relate.From one geek to another: You met John Barrowman!

    I have always wanted to meet Neil Gaiman, but each time he comes to town, something prevents me from attending his book signings. One of these days, oh! One of these days.

    I have not yet come out of the geek closet in my blog, but my latest post has me admitting that Stephen Hawking was my idol.

    I say was, because now, there is Michio Kaku. What can I say, I like theoretical astrophysicists. And that includes Carl Sagan.

    1. Barrowman is great! He is so sweet to his fans and really does his best to make even the more hesitant fans really, stupidly comfortable. He’s also gives great hugs.

      Neil Gaiman is definitely on my list. I love everything of his that I’ve read. Unfortunately, I’ve never made it to any of his book signings, even when I was living down in Southern California and had the chance. I have a painful aversion to LA and he was never down in Orange County. Darn him!

      I hope you can feel comfortable coming out of the geek closet one day 😛 I gave up hiding my geek-nature a long time ago and when I told my family I’d started blogging for Nerdophiles, it didn’t even phase them.

  2. Thanks for sharing your geek spot. It’s wonderful! Great book selection, by the way.
    I will certainly do so in a near future, and I’ll let you know. 🙂

    1. -tip of the hat- Thank you! I buy more books than I know what to do with sometimes. Thankfully since graduating from college I’ve had a lot more time to do joy reading. I’m currently working through The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris.

      I’m excited to see what you come up with for you #Geekspace!

  3. That’s a pretty impressive Geekspace, especially all that Neil Gaiman. I love Good Omens in particular – it combines two of my favourite authors and remains endlessly entertaining.

    I considered trying to take photos of my geek space, but being married to a fellow geek pretty much our whole house is that way, from the shelves full of comics and RPG sourcebooks to the costume cupboard and piles of boardgames. The more I think about it, the more I realise that I’ve done my teenage self proud.

    1. Good Omens is one of my favorite books. Terry Pratchett does such an amazing job at balancing the dark, philosophical aspects of Gaiman’s work with his own quirky, fun, lighthearted style without making the story ridiculous.

      You are living the dream, man. Living the dream.

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