Bear Simulator


The TL;DR is “It’s like a mini Skyrim but you’re a bear.” If that one glorious line didn’t sell you on donating, then you’re going to have to do a lot more reading to see all the hilariously fascinating things they’re trying to put into a game that is literally a bear simulator. Farjay Studios is breaking onto the scene with this offering, giving you a first person (bear) experience. With the main goal being an exploration game set in a realistic environment, you’ll also have the ability to unlock bear abilities, participate in a melee fighting system, and interact with other animals. There’s multiple regions planned out, as well as about a million little easter eggs around the game (one of the perks is getting to carve a message into a tree), and it really is promising an immersive experience.

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you’ll get your name listed on the Bear Simulator site in the backer section. For $15, you’ll get a digital download of the game (or Steam key if it makes it onto Steam) and a mystery key to unlock a shed somewhere in the wilderness of the game. For $20, you’ll get the previous rewards plus a pair of nifty sunglasses for your bear to explore the wilderness in.

Ends April 17, 2014.

Girls Night Out: The Way Love Goes


Girls Night Out: The Way Love Goes is a collection of short stories that is exactly what it sounds like – the ups and downs, highs and lows, of how love goes. The multi-genre anthology is the third in the Girls Night Out series, but each book is able to be read as a stand-alone without being confusing. A sampling of the stories listed on the Kickstarter page do make good on the promise of being varied in art style and genre, with everything looking beautiful and interesting. I think the promise of not getting a fairy tale ending that some of these stories hint at is what intrigues me the most about seeing this anthology come to life.

Under $20 Rewards: For $8, you’ll get a digital copy of The Way Love Goes and a sketchbook of behind the scenes notes. For $12, you’ll get digital copies and behind the scenes looks at all three of the Girls Night Out issues. And for $15, you can get The Way Love Goes signed and in print form, as well as the digital rewards from the $8 level.

Ends April 10, 2014.

Tiki P.I.: Issues 1 -5 The Trade Paperback

tiki pi

I’m biased on this one because it seemingly hits all my interests: Hawaii, private investigation, and the supernatural. This project really is a labor of love for the creators, who up to this point, have hand-assembled issues 1 -3. Follow Tiki P.I. and his owl sidekick, Hunter (look at what a great team they make above!), as they battle a cast of supernatural characters, including a voodoo queen and evil scientist/giant bird-man. With a dash of Hawaii Five-O camp and quirky humor, the heart of the project really shines through. Take a look at the actual Kickstarter page to see panels from the comic. The only thing that the page is missing is painfully mispronounced (or perfectly, I’ll be amused or impressed, in that order) Hawaiian from the creators. How do  you pronounce Makapu’u?

Under $20 Rewards: For $20, you’ll get a physical copy of the trade paperback signed by the creators. It’ll be 120 pages, covering issues 1 -5, and sounds like a pretty good deal if you’re interested in the story!

Ends April 20, 2014.

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