Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 4.08.57 AMI rarely store music on my iPhone because I’m usually opening up 8tracks, Pandora, Downcast, etc and playing stuff from there. There are times though where I need music because data isn’t available. And that’s where 8hacks comes in. Downloading music from 8tracks is pretty much impossible. There is no easy download link you can click to get the songs. The loophole I used before was closed down…until now. 8hacks makes downloading music from 8tracks so easy, like idiot proof easy. Here are the 4 steps to getting the music from 8tracks to your lovely hard drive.

Go to 8hacks & scroll down to the bottom. Download the appropriate one. They even have it for Android. Awesome!

Even their website looks beautiful.
Even their website looks beautiful.

Download. Open up the .zip. Open the application.

Why didn't I find this sooner. Omg. I've been missing out.
Why didn’t I find this sooner. Omg. I’ve been missing out.

Copy/Paste the link of the playlist from 8tracks into the box and click Go.

Bam...almost there.
Bam…almost there.

Watch as the music flows into your folders. With ALL the album covers and ID3 tags…hello. Freakin’ amazing!

The fact that album art is downloaded and the tags are all there...omg. Yes.
The fact that album art is downloaded and the tags are all there…omg. Yes.

Now just click and drag into iTunes or whatever you use and put it on your appropriate music player. Simple. Easy. Effective. Fucking amaze-balls. THANK YOU 8HACKS. You. Are. Awesome.

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  1. Same thing happening to me, it doesn’t let me download more than 4 songs and there’s no skip button :/

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