The Mindy Project: You’ve got Sext (2×08)

Synopsis: After losing her purse at work Mindy opts to stay the night over at Danny’s place

Rating: ★★★★★

Oh boy, were we really in for a treat this week. If, like me, you are a huge fan of Mindy X Danny (and seriously can someone please tell met their ship name) then ‘You’ve Got Sext’ would have made you squeal in delight. I know I did and I have absolutely no shame in admitting that. From the promos that led up to this episode I knew it was going to be good but oh my god all of the moments between Mindy and Danny was so much more than I could have hoped. We’re so close to them being canon I can almost taste it.

After she can’t find her purse at work Mindy asks Danny If she can stay over at his apartment since it’s close to the office. He, of course, flat out refuses at first but ultimately Mindy gets her way. On the way there he can’t help but bombard her with the house-rules but she isn’t listening because she’s too busy mourning the fact that she doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend who could have picked her up. Didn’t we all groan here at Mindy’s sheer blindness? Darling, Danny is right there helping you out like a doting lover. Open your eyes, Lady. Forget about Cliff, I don’t care if Morgan thinks you and him are made for each other.

Fortunately though, Mindy’s crush on Cliff does prove to be useful when she tells Danny about it and he ends up thinking that she has a crush on him. Danny starts to get a bit tense around Mindy, who doesn’t help matter by standing really close to him and smelling him. Though when Danny’s neighbour that he slept with approaches him after he’s been avoiding her he doesn’t hesitate to ask Mindy to pretend to be his girlfriend. Mindy, the drama queen that she is, full on commits to her role and even goes as far as given herself an alter ego named Chloe who’s not only engaged to Danny and also with his child. Danny eventually pulls her away and they escape to his apartment.

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Back at work Morgan and Paul find Mindy’s purse. Her phone receives a text from Cliff and Paul convinces Morgan that they should text back because it wouldn’t look good for Mindy if they didn’t. They text back and forth and things get more and more raunchy until Paul decides that texting just isn’t enough and he just has to go see Mindy.

Mindy meanwhile is at Danny’s house getting a bit too comfortable with him than he likes. He tries to set some distance between them by making Mindy sleep on the couch while he stays in his room. It doesn’t take long before Mindy wanders into his room and sets herself on the bed to watch TV with him. Danny quickly changes it to a horror movie when the nature program he’s watching shows two frogs getting frisky but that plan backfires when Mindy starts cling onto him in fear. This is when Danny decides that they need to have a little discussion about “them” in the living room but when they get there his crazy neighbour Amy is waiting for them.

When Cliff gets to Mindy’s apartment Morgan and Paul are there and so are lots of other people because “Mindy’s” throwing a party. They try and distract Cliff all through the evening as well as texting him on Mindy’s phone to make it seem like she’s there. Cliff eventually gets fed up of not seeing her and almost leaves until Paul makes him talk to Mindy’s neighbour Heather, who takes an interest in him.

Danny is mortified by the stories Amy tells Mindy about their nights together and almost gets her to leave but not before she returns his key. This sets alarm bells ringing and Mindy talks to him privately about the fact that people don’t give their one-night stands keys to their house. Danny admits that he and Amy spent more than one night together and that ultimately he’s lonely.

Mindy makes him apologise to Amy for stringing her along and it’s all fine until he forgets to call Mindy Chloe and Amy beings to suspect their relationship. And what happens next, guys, is just too freaking cute. Mindy and Danny hug, and yeah it’s to prove to Amy that they’re in a relationship, but then it gets all too real for Danny, who even kisses Mindy on the top of her head. Even Amy sees just how much Danny cares about Mindy because she believes them just by the look on his face. Danny too realises that he has feelings for Mindy and everything is glorious in the world.

Well maybe not for Morgan and Paul who eventually have to confess to Cliff, after he’s discovered Mindy’s not at the party, that they’ve been sending him those texts the whole time and he is not pleased. He tells them delete it which would have happened had he not gone back to Heather’s place and it just so happens that Morgan likes her.

The next morning Danny cooks Mindy breakfast and he tells her to go for it and tell her crush how she feels only to find out that she was actually talking about Cliff. Then at work Mindy finds her bag on her desk and, when she looks through her phone, all those raunchy texts from Cliff last night.

Dun, dun, duuuun.

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